Theme Night: Spider-Man games

So I’m a big Spider-Man fan from the comics and various movies and cartoon shows. When i came up with the Theme Night ideas, doing one of various Spider-Man games throughout the years was one of my first ideas. I started reading Spider-Man on and off as a teen when the infamous Clone Saga was revving up, and later officially added the book to my comic pull list when the Big Time arc started when Brand New Day was winding down. I think my fav Spider-Man movies are the 2 MCU films, the animated into the Spider-verse (I’m also a big fan of Spider-Gwen), and Spider-Man 2 of the Sam Raimi trilogy. Kinda a tossup between my favorite cartoon series of the Fox Kids 90’s Spider-Man, and Spectacular Spider-Man (a show cut off prematurely in its prime). I’ve enjoyed the later animated series since marvel took over to a point. I like what they’ve done adapting classic stories and making new ones, but some of the animation and gags are really lame. So this is gonna be me trying out 10 various games across systems, including Spider-Man the arcade game.

Games played:
spider-man (arcade)
amazing spider-man (gameboy)
spider-man web of fire (sega 32x)
spider-man vs kingpin (sega cd)
spider-man lethal foes (super famicom, translation patch available)
spider-man return of sinister six (nes)
spider-man the movie (gba)
spider-man & venom: maximum carnage (snes)
ultimate spider-man (gba)
spider-man 2: enter electro (psx)

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Star Wars Day & Mini-Reviews 2021


May 4th is Star Wars Day, with the familiar motto “May the 4th Be With You. Being a big Star Wars fan, I wanted to try to make a yearly Star Wars may 4th variety streaming night a thing. This year I played a bunch of games that I played last year, and some other ones! I was also running out of game ideas, lol I also forgot being i had work that day to try again with buying some games cheap off Steam and fussing around with getting them windowed and blowing up the dosbox window. lol i also played a neat little hack i found of Galaga but with Star Wars ships!

So this year I played a bunch on more modern systems as well, this year’s list was:
arcade (MAME) star wars
famicom star wars
atari 2600 death star battle
gba episode 3
32x star wars arcade
nes star wars galaga hack
gba star wars trilogy apprentice of the force
psx masters of teras kasi
psx rebel assault 2
n64 shadows of the empire
dreamcast jedi power battles

I’m gonna add a few mini-reviews of a handful of these later in this post like I did with a few games I played last year. If i longplay any of these there may or may not be a full review of them.



STAR WARS EPISODE 3: REVENGE OF THE SITH GBA: This game is a GBA version of the Episode 3 PS2 game. That said, this is very well done. The graphics, animation, and music are beautiful for the GBA’s look and feel. Character portraits are well done, though some facial expressions leave a lot to be desired. Force powers are controlled by one of the shoulder buttons and directional pad. Gaining force points in levels let you build up your main stats along with your force powers, so it adds an rpg element. Plot pretty much follows Episode 3. Decent challenge, seems like boss fights you need to fight and defend instead of taking them out with brute force. I may have to give this another play!

STAR WARS TRILOGY APPRENTICE OF THE FORCE GBA: I believe this game follows all the major story beats of the original trilogy and it looks well done as well. Animation is pretty fluid and the graphics are decent as is the music.Controls are easy enough to figure out too.

MASTERS OF TERAS KASI PSX: This game is trashy. I see what they were trying to accomplish with a Star Wars fighting game, but it really feels phoned in. Music is the same John Williams tracks we all know and love, backgrounds for fighting arenas are familiar Star Wars locations. Character models look something between Legos and blocky action figures and the controls are quite stiff. You got the main cast of the OT here along with some new folks and even Boba Fett. Play this if you really want to or drunk.

REBEL ASSAULT 2 PSX: This game has the distinction of being the first (at the time) new Star Wars footage filmed after Return of the Jedi was completed. That said, this game feels like a Star Wars version of Dragon’s Lair where you go from a sequence of hiding and shooting Stormtroopers, to flying scenes where you control your craft through a small tunnel trying to avoid running into things. The space battle scenes are really nice! The FMV has an old “this is so bad it’s good charm” but then again that was the case of most FMV in the 90’s.

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City Connection (Arcade/NES) Review

City Connection was a platformer arcade game released in the 1980’s by Jaceco, and ported to a number of consoles. You play as a driver who stole a number of paint cans and traveling the world to paint the streets. Enemies include cop cars and a darn cat that shows up out of nowhere and the occasional road spikes. You can cause the cop cars to spin out by shooting oil cans at them and knocking them off the screen for points. You can’t stop, but you can jump and make fast 180 degree turns to avoid the police and jump to the next part of the roads. I never played the arcade game or NES title, so after the suggestion of a friend, I gave them a try on stream one night.

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Ninja Gaiden: Arcade, Gameboy, Game Gear, Sega Master System Reviews

So to keep going on my Ninja Gaiden kick, I decided to do a couple of streams playing the other NG games for the arcade, Gameboy, Game Gear, and Sega Master System. They were fun streams and decided to do some short reviews of the four as well!

ARCADE: The arcade game is quite janky. The game stars The Ninja, later retconned to be Ryu, traveling from Japan to stop the cult of Bladeadomus (I’m not making this up). You travel through different cities to get to their lair, fighting about the same 3-4 types of enemies in each area, just palette swapped. One the goons include guys in hockey masks like Jason Voorhes! You only have punches and kicks as your attacks, along with a weird jumping neckbreaking move that’s hard to pull off. You can hang off signs and attack enemies, and breakable objects scatter the landscape, only breakable if you’re thrown or an enemy is thrown on them. The controls are still and jumping and hanging from ledges takes getting used to. In the arcade there was a button on top of the joystick to hang on objects. The graphics are very pretty and sound is good, the cinematic scenes at the end of the levels are worth seeing, especially with Ryu wearing his mask in a suit playing the tables at Vegas! You can get overwhelmed by enemies very easily and you can’t break their combos when they begin attacking you. I give this 3.0 out of 5 ninja stars!

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Golden Axe Series (Arcade/Sega Genesis)

So inspired by a friend discovering the Sega Genesis for the first time in years, I decided to do a Golden Axe theme night! I planned on playing both the arcade brawlers through MAME, and the 3 Golden Axe titles for the Genesis in Fusion. I think I finished the arcade Golden Axe on stream one time months ago, but never heard of Revenge of Death Adder! I never really got into the Golden Axe games: I loved the high fantasy concept of them but the stiff controls and archaic style never really got to me, even as a teen. Plus I kinda suck at most brawlers anyway. lol But i figured lemme give these a try with some mini-reviews like i did with the Famicom games a few months ago! I skipped the arcade Golden Axe: The Duel fighting game due to not working so great on MAME (and I suck at fighting games, lol).

ARCADE GOLDEN AXE: This game is old and it shows, it’s still fun though! You have your cast of 3 and they all have a basic moveset of attacking, jumping, jumpkicks, throwing, and using magic. Magic is stronger by getting more magic jars. All enemies are the same as you travel to fight Death Adder, just different colors. Controls are clunky, resulting in taking damage that you don’t want, and getting crowded too easily. Graphics are colorful enough, even if being kinda drab for this high fantasy setting.

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Willow Arcade Review


I remember seeing Willow in the movie theaters as a kid and loved it. It was a wonderful and charming fantasy movie with a likable cast, great action, and comedy. Capcom released 2 different Willow games in 1989. The arcade Willow is an action platformer title with some rpg elements with the stores. Willow released for the NES was a great action-rpg that took a lot from Zelda and titles before it. Willow was chosen by the holy baby Elora Danan to protect her. Setting off from his village and meets friends and enemies to battle the forces of the queen Bavmorda.

Arade Willow consists of 6 different stages depicting parts of the movie. You start the game as Willow himself. Willow jumps across obstacles and throwing his magic acorns to defeat enemies, mini-bosses and stage bosses. Some stages let you use the knight Madmartigan who plays more of a melee fighter considering he has a sword. The stages include: Crossroads, Cherlindrea’s Forest, Fin Raziel’s Island, Sorsha’s Camp, Tir Asleen Castle, and Nockmaar Castle. Some stages you’ll switch between using Willow or Madmartigan for the stage, with Stage 5 letting you choose one of the 2, and Stage 6 starts with Madmartigan and ends with Willow taking on the mad queen Bavmorda in one of the toughest final boss fights I ever experienced.

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Star Wars Day & Mini-Reviews 2020


May 4th is Star Wars Day, with the familiar motto “May the 4th Be With You. Being a big Star Wars fan, i wanted to do something special this year so I turned to streaming. I went through what I had for emulators and found various Star Wars titles, and also took advantage of a Steam sale for some older titles I hadn’t played in years! Then I went for something different, I got the Sega supermodel3 emulator and fuddled around to get Star Wars Trilogy Arcade working! And it did!! It doesn’t run at full speed and there’s graphical glitches, but it’s very much playable, even the 2 bonus lightsaber levels.

Unfortunately due to trying to get the Star Wars games from Steam to work right in a windowed view for streaming purposes and other issues, some which stemming from the fact that SW games on Steam are quite hard to get to stream, I couldn’t do all the ones I wanted for a Star Wars games night Which left only Dark Forces and Episode 1 Racer, which is ok cause they were 2 favorites of mine. I think streaming them from purchases is supposed to be less a hassle. It sucks cause I really wanted to do Tie Fighter. I’m gonna revisit some more Star Wars content for that week being the SNES Super SW trilogy, Lego Star Wars Complete Saga, and Episode 1 Racer. I also want to do a Star Wars post regarding the various SW merchandise I own sometime.

I played 12 different games, ranging from arcade, Atari 2600, 32x, Steam Dos classics, SNES, and Famicom ending the night with Star Wars Trilogy Arcade!

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Arcade Review


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released to arcades in 1985 by Atari Games, and the first Atari System 1 game to include digitized speech. This game follows the movie faithfully when Indy makes it to the Thuggee Lairs. This was one my favorite arcade games as a kid, and one i used to always toss quarters into in hopes of getting farther. Finding this years ago in emulation when MAME became a thing made me very happy! One the big things about this game is that it’s not a quarter muncher you can toss extra coins into to get a little farther. Inserting 2 coins give you the option to start with 3 or 7 lives. Anyone who played this as a kid or even now will tell you 3 lives isn’t gonna be enough.

Starting the game you can select 3 difficulty levels between easy, medium, and hard. Each level consists of 3 levels: the mines where you rescue children from cages, the mine cart where you race to the end, whipping everything and anything and trying not to fall off the track, then the Temple of Doom itself. Here you recover one of the three Sankara Stones and escape. This runs through 3 times, adding more dangers and pitfalls. During the 4th run, you go through the first 2 stages, and the Temple is replaced by the rope bridge finale of the movie where you take on Mola Ram. Finishing the game takes you to a bonus stage where you collect golden statues and keeps going till you lose all your lives.

So how’s it play?

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