Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Arcade Review


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released to arcades in 1985 by Atari Games, and the first Atari System 1 game to include digitized speech. This game follows the movie faithfully when Indy makes it to the Thuggee Lairs. This was one my favorite arcade games as a kid, and one i used to always toss quarters into in hopes of getting farther. Finding this years ago in emulation when MAME became a thing made me very happy! One the big things about this game is that it’s not a quarter muncher you can toss extra coins into to get a little farther. Inserting 2 coins give you the option to start with 3 or 7 lives. Anyone who played this as a kid or even now will tell you 3 lives isn’t gonna be enough.

Starting the game you can select 3 difficulty levels between easy, medium, and hard. Each level consists of 3 levels: the mines where you rescue children from cages, the mine cart where you race to the end, whipping everything and anything and trying not to fall off the track, then the Temple of Doom itself. Here you recover one of the three Sankara Stones and escape. This runs through 3 times, adding more dangers and pitfalls. During the 4th run, you go through the first 2 stages, and the Temple is replaced by the rope bridge finale of the movie where you take on Mola Ram. Finishing the game takes you to a bonus stage where you collect golden statues and keeps going till you lose all your lives.

So how’s it play?

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