Theme Night: Spider-Man games

So I’m a big Spider-Man fan from the comics and various movies and cartoon shows. When i came up with the Theme Night ideas, doing one of various Spider-Man games throughout the years was one of my first ideas. I started reading Spider-Man on and off as a teen when the infamous Clone Saga was revving up, and later officially added the book to my comic pull list when the Big Time arc started when Brand New Day was winding down. I think my fav Spider-Man movies are the 2 MCU films, the animated into the Spider-verse (I’m also a big fan of Spider-Gwen), and Spider-Man 2 of the Sam Raimi trilogy. Kinda a tossup between my favorite cartoon series of the Fox Kids 90’s Spider-Man, and Spectacular Spider-Man (a show cut off prematurely in its prime). I’ve enjoyed the later animated series since marvel took over to a point. I like what they’ve done adapting classic stories and making new ones, but some of the animation and gags are really lame. So this is gonna be me trying out 10 various games across systems, including Spider-Man the arcade game.

Games played:
spider-man (arcade)
amazing spider-man (gameboy)
spider-man web of fire (sega 32x)
spider-man vs kingpin (sega cd)
spider-man lethal foes (super famicom, translation patch available)
spider-man return of sinister six (nes)
spider-man the movie (gba)
spider-man & venom: maximum carnage (snes)
ultimate spider-man (gba)
spider-man 2: enter electro (psx)

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Signed Comics

So I’ve mentioned before i attend a few comic and anime shows a year, still trying to get to retro and gaming shows too. New York Comic Con, as much of a hassle and exhausting as it is, is my big one yearly since around its first year. A few years ago i decided to get a few comics signed, and then i got the comic signing bug. So attending shows i take a look at guest lists and see what i have to get signed, some free, some cost.

I’m more then happy to attend shows and not buy much, save for food, and get a few books signed and pay for others depending on the guest. I have a large collection from over the years, mostly being Dan Slott’s Spider-Man run. All of them are shared on my facebook, I do have a dump of them all on my Google photos, Ill share the link at the end of this post. But I wanted to share a number of them here today.

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