Who Framed Roger Rabbit Gameboy & NES Review

The NES and Gameboy Who Framed Roger Rabbit games were released in 1989 and 1991 as tie-ins to the Disney Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie. Rare programmed the NES game and it was published by LJN, the Gameboy title was designed by Capcom. Both game play differently through the events of the movie. The NES game taking control of Eddie Valiant to solve the mystery of Roger Rabbit, the Gameboy title you take control of Roger himself to fight the Weasels and then confront Judge Doom. I’ve recently played and finished the Gameboy title for the first time and revisited the janky NES game after not playing it since I was a kid. Mistakes were made.

GAMEBOY ROGER RABBIT: The Gameboy Roger Rabbit has you playing as Roger trying to figure out who killed Marvin and get the deed to save Toontown from Judge Doom. Each chapter of the game has you solving a puzzle or 2 to get items to fight one of the 4 weasels. You’ll meet up with other people from the movie who help you out, and your life consists of 3 hearts. Losing all 3 hearts mean a game over and you start over at the start of the chapter again. Carrots are found around the overworld which will restore a heart, but they don’t regenerate until you game over and restart. Graphics in this game are very large and well-drawn and the music can be annoying at times. Controlling Roger can be janky sometimes, but other than that Roger will do what you instruct of him. This game is actually fun! Each chapter is a bit different with a puzzle or gameplay element, from shooting weasels with a toon gun to driving Benny the Taxi. Judge Doom’s warehouse is a maze to solve before fighting Judge Doom at the end. Graphics when you finish a chapter are vibrant and resemble a comic book or cartoon. It’s not very hard, but getting to the end of a chapter by finding the right person or item to get can be annoying and involve a lot of backtracking. A password is given when you finish a chapter for continuing your adventure. Losing to a weasel at the end of a chapter means restarting the chapter from the start, but each chapter isn’t very long but going from point a to b to fight the weasels can be annoying.


NES ROGER RABBIT: So this was programmed by Rare and published by LJN. This game is janky as hell and I’m surprised Rare created this. LJN being involved doesn’t surprise me at all. You control Eddie with Roger in tow and you need to find the 4 pieces of the deed to Toontown, then fight Judge Doom. The 4 pieces of the deed are random in each game between 1947 LA, the outskirts, and Toontown. I like the idea of the pieces of the deed being random in each game to go with the detective aspect of Eddie valiant, but the execution is quite poor. Items found around the world and the shop are random too, so there’s a chance you will have to hunt a lot to find an item that you need to make progress. Everything can kill Eddie from cats, dogs, snakes, flower pots, and being run over, and you lose a life if birds carry Roger away (wtf?). You got 3 lives and 2 continues and your progress is saved by a long password. You can lose a life if you get caught by the weasels and fail to make them laugh with the right punchline to their bad jokes. At first it’s easy to find the right one but as you make them laugh, Eddie gets stronger and the list gets longer. It doesn’t help that switching items and finding the right punchline takes hitting 2 buttons on the controller. Punching with Eddie is annoying too where you have to keep hitting the b button to charge up his punch. Having a whistle lets you call Benny the Cab to drive around places and take the tunnel to Toontown once you open it up. This game is also known for the phone number that Jessica Rabbit would give you to get clues, which was a real phone number at the time! Graphics are quite colorful though and everyone resembles who they’re supposed to from the movie and the music you may find yourself enjoying. LA, the outskirts and Toontown are quite large, but aside from Eddie’s office, the store, the Ink & Paint Club and Maroon Cartoons, all the buildings are the same in LA, as well as AToontonw. A Map would have been nice so you know where you’ve already been would have been wonderful. Don’t forget the Magic House in Toontown! Controlling Eddie is easy, selecting items or punchlines as i mentioned before, is a chore. This game is only kinda fun if you can deal with the fact that everything wants your dead and the randomness of each game.



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Legacy of the Wizard NES Review

Legacy of the Wizard is the only game in the Dragon Slayer series localized outside of Japan. LotW was originally titled Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family and was released on the Famicom, MSX and MSX2 systems along with the NES in the United States by Brøderbund. It was release din Japan in 1987, the NES port came out in 1989. This is an open world dungeon exploration action-RPG game, and could be likened to what were later called “Metroidvania” type games in recent years. This game follows the adventures of the Drasle family, a family of woodcutters descended from a great wizard destined to defeat an evil dragon that was returning to life after a number of years. You will end up using and needing all members of the family to explore the underground dungeon, as only certain members can get to some areas and use certain items. You’ll buy items and shops scattered in the dungeon along with finding some in treasure chests along with finding health and magic restoration items and inns to restore all your health and magic. Saving the game involves a long password of random letters and characters, something made infamous back in those days on the NES where writing one character down incorrectly locks you out of your progress. Thankfully most of us have phones with cameras now so we don’t have to write anything down.

Your family includes Xemn, the father who’s tough and strong and can push blocks, the mother Meyna who can fly and use magic, Roas, the son who is the only one capable of using the Dragon Slayer sword, lyll the daughter who can jump really high. Then Pochi the family pet who monsters cannot harm and is a lovable ball of destruction who smiles as he murders his own kind. Going through each part of the dungeon requires one of these family members and you’ll be looking for one of the 4 Crowns. Finding a Crown result sin a tough boss fight. Finding all 4 Crowns means Roas can find the Dragon Slayer sword and fight the evil dragon Keela.

So this was actually one of the first NES games I owned when I got my system in uh…1989? I saw it on QVC and it looked lots of fun! Playing it often I really didn’t know what I was doing, even with making scattered maps and notes. Really wishing Nintendo Power did a feature on this. This game is really a hidden gem once you sit down with it and I’m glad I picked this game up again in the past year and finished it. I think between when I was a kid and now I can think things out more with games like this, not to mention looking up maps if I get really stuck enough. Very special thanks to the amazing Therenesance for giving me the motivation to give this game another try so many years later, and big congrats to Hungrygoriya for recently playing and finishing this on stream!

GRAPHICS AND SOUND: For a late 80’s NES title the graphics are pretty colorful. Heck, take a look at the castle in the background before you go into the dungeon for inspiration! All of the tiles and patterns in the dungeon look different, but until you step on them you can’t tell if they’re real or an illusion. Your family members all have their own color scheme and look when you choose them and they put on their Dungeons & Dragons cosplay to go explore the dungeon. You’ll spend most of your time shooting at, avoiding, and trying to use monsters as stepping stones too. All the monsters in different parts of the dungeon look different, from ogres, flying lizards, rock people, cat girls(?), to something that looks like Frankenstein’s monster sucking its thumb (wth). The boss monsters are in their own special part of the dungeon and pretty large in size. Large amounts of monsters on some screens will cause screen flicker, which can cause you to take unwanted damage cause you didn’t realize something w20200417_142646as there.

The music is quite whimsical. The tracks in this are from Yuzo Koshiro and Mieko Ishikawa. Outside the dungeon you’ll have happy charming music, going into different parts of the dungeon trigger different tracks ranging from dark and forbidding to whimsical. Boss fight music will trigger a rush as you try to fight the boss off before it kills you. Family members using their magic, restoring life or magic, collecting keys each have their own sound effects. The more annoying effect is when you’re taking damage either by enemies or floor spikes.

PLAY CONTROL: Everyone controls the same quite easily jumping, pushing blocks, using magic. You may find yourself stuck trying to navigate riding on monsters over areas as you take damage (unless you’re Pochi). Moving blocks with Xemn can be tough and you’ll find yourself pushing a block where you don’t want often and cursing till you get used to how his glove item works. You’re gonna find yourself stuck trying to jump to ladders and trying not to take fall damage more often than you may like when you get deeper into the dungeon.

CHALLENGE: Remember i said this game was hard? I wasn’t kidding. Majority of this game is pure exploration, mapping, and trying not to die. This game really needed some feature in Nintendo Power. I dunno how I would finish this as a kid unless I came across a number of passwords. This is one those games you would have had to pass along notes with friends on the playground with, which reminds me of when I played Shadowgate as a kid. At least now we have gamefaqs, websites with amazing looking maps and strategywiki. Game gives you no clues as to where to go for the 4 crowns, and the manual just tells you the basics on what all the items do. Game over means all the way back home and trying again, only way to save any progress you might have made is warping home with a crystal and getting a password from Grandma.

The block puzzles for Xemn can drive you bananas, and I hate block puzzles personally. Messing up means resetting the room, or resetting your NES depending how deep into a room you are, if you don’t throw your controller first. Remember, this was before save states folks! One area you may run out of magic to use an item or run out of keys to progress, and find yourself dead from invisible enemies if you don’t realize they’re there. Boss fights can be hectic as you try to do more damage to them before they kill you, until you learn the pattern and find a spot where they can’t hurt you, and you can’t use healing items in boss fights either. Though the boss fights and dragon fight trigger a neat life bar for the boss and for you. After finding the crowns you can take Roas out and use a crown to warp to different areas by touching a painting of the Princess throughout the dungeon to find the Dragon Slayer sword, but that takes more trial and error too.


So in short, I do recommend this if you love dungeon exploration and puzzle solving with little help and lots of trial and error. The music and graphics are decent enough, though you may find yourself dead too often before you can get home to find a password to save your progress. Google searches provide lovely maps and advice, and here’s a link for a full color dungeon map: full dungeon map.

I’m gonna give this 3.5 out of 5 Pochis!



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Finished Kirby Dream Land 1 & 2 on Stream and Review!

So spur of the moment inspired by Hungrygoriya playing Kirby Super Star on her Meatstick Monday streaming series, I got inspired to finally play the first 2 Kirby games: Kirby Dream Land 1 and 2. Before this I had only played the NES title and Nightmare in Dreamland for gba, so I was excited to go back to Kirby’s roots!

Took 2 streams, but I finished both games! I finished Dream Land the first night and got more than halfway through Dream Land 2 before calling it a night. Rest of Dream Land 2 was a combination of failures and successes, but I made it in the wee morning hours, beating King Dedede a second time. I know Dream Land 2 has a hidden final boss upon collecting the Rainbow Drops, so I might go back to get some or all of them off-stream. Final percentage for Dream Land 2 was 78%. Review of games following videos.

So here’s the videos:

Kirby’s Dream Land 1 and 2 were released by Hal Laboratory in 1992 and 1995 and both games are platforming titles. The Kirby games are just plain fun! Not too hard and not too easy. Kirby floats, jumps and sucks his way to victory across many worlds to save Dream Land from King Dedede and his minions. It’s weird playing these early titles when my first Kirby games were the later ones, mainly Kirby’s Adventure on the NES, where some of the gameplay elements baked into the later titles aren’t a thing yet. Like inhaling enemies to gain abilities. The first two games you can suck enemies and their ammo to shoot back at them, its not until the second one that you can start gaining abilities from certain enemies. The second game also features Kirby’s animal friends who help you fly, swim and hop across various worlds. The first game has four worlds, culminating in a boss gauntlet of the previous 4 bosses before a frantic battle with King Dedede. Dream land 2 has 7 worlds of adventure and the game is feature din more of an adventure game format. Saving your progress as you go through each level in a world and adding to your completion percentage. A second good ending awaits after gaining all the Rainbow Drops and fighting the real final boss after another frantic fight with King Dedede.

Graphics and sound:
Graphics are large and easy to see in both games against the Game Boy’s grayscale. Dream Land 2 is beautiful when you put its Super Game Boy palette! Kirby, health items, and enemies are all easy to see in both games. The music is worth listening to, and you may find yourself whistling to some of it or finding mp3 files of them on your own later! I especially enjoy the boss themes, and the music fighting King Dedede in both games.

Play control:
Kirby is easy to control in both games. Even when Kirby is riding one of his animal friends and swimming, flying or hopping to victory in Dream Land 2 they’re easy to control. Trying to keep Kirby flying in air sometimes when he has an enemy in his mouth can be tough. Some of the bosses you need to keep maneuvering to be able to hit them with a learned ability, or to inhale their ammo to do damage to them.

The Kirby games aren’t that hard and they’re not so easy you’ll blow right through them either. Some of the boss fights can be tricky and will require patience waiting for the boss to release its ammo that you can inhale and shoot back at it to damage it. Getting one of your animal friends in Dream Land 2 require beating a mini-boss, which can be tricky, and you’ll have to fight all these mini-bosses again on your way to King Dedede. Dream Land 1 you have a boss gauntlet of the 4 bosses before king Dedede, but thankfully if you lose at Dedede you don’t have to fight the 4 of them again. Both titles have unlimited continues, so you can keep trying. Dream Land 2 saves your progress after each level along with unlimited continues, so you can pick up where you left off between long car trips even.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Kirbys for both games!!



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Roll-Chan 3 (NES)

Hack Showcases and RPG Hack Showcases are a series where I show off various game and rpg hacks. I try to stick with hacks that improve gameplay or add quality of life features, completely or partially change the plot and characters, along with dialogue, graphical and sound improvements. I try to stick with games that have enough changes in the beginning to show off, and when I can, try to show parts later in titles. Some of these i may stream or play on my own.

Alternate titles for this post being Roll-Chan 3 (or WOW did I suck at MM3 last night! lol)

So last night I finally decided to do that Roll-Chan 3 stream I’ve really wanted to get out of my system since I started streaming. Roll-Chan 3 is the 3rd in a series of hacks for the Mega Man games replacing Mega Man with his sister Roll instead. All graphics for Mega Man in-game, openings, and endings were changed as well as her animations. When getting the hack, you can choose to add Roll’s classic look in a dress, or her battle outfit in Mega Man 8. I always chose her classic look.

So I paired Roll-Chan 3 with the Roll-Chan version of the MM3 Improvement hack, which adds a very nice opening with graphics to the game, and a lot of graphical touches in backgrounds and gameplay. Very much worth getting!

So I’ve mentioned before MM3 is my fav and one I’m best at. Things went well at first, then fell right into the toilet when I hit the Doc Robots and their stages. Then things went poopy again in parts of Dr. Wily’s Castle, especially fighting his Pinbot and Gamma. I’m chalking it up to being out of practice or it was just getting late too. lol Hopefully I’ll do better when I hit MM3 in my Relearning Mega Man series. lol

So you can get the Roll-Chan 3 Improvement hack here:

And the normal Mega Man 3 Improvement hack is here:

And here’s the run itself:

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FF4 Free Enterprise


Final Fantasy 4 Free Enterprise is a different kind of randomizer. This turns the world of FF2/4 into an open-world rpg/scavenger hunt type game. Right at the start you have the airship and can go anywhere you want and do whatever you want. The catch is you start with 2 random heroes from the game, and the boss fights and acquisition of key items are randomized. Where in the normal game you would fight the Mist Dragon in the Cave of Mist you may run into one of the 4 elemental fiends instead! Where you would normally obtain the package at the start when Cecil and Kain leave Baron Castle you might end up with the Magma Key to open up the Underworld! Going to the website (linked below) you can see the latest version, and joining the Discord to see what all the latest updates are.

Your goal is to find or buy an item called the Pass, which when given to a woman in Toroia, takes you to the Moon right to fight Zeromus instead of going through the lunar dungeon. of course you could do that. Or set a flag to finish the game with the Giant of Bab-Il.

Key items are randomized, as well as obtaining new heroes where you would normally gain a new one in the normal game. Shops in the towns and the Moon are randomized as well as treasure chests. Its a different game each time! Going to the website you can begin making your ff4fe seed, or randomized game. You can set the flags automatically as an easy, intermediate or hard game, or set different ones individually. Flags able to be set include stuff like changing the names of spells to their Japanese counterparts, keeping certain glitches from FF2 intact (like the item duplication), randomizing shop items or making everything free, gaining duplicate heroes, and even changing Zeromus’ sprite after using the Dark Crystal on him. On heroes you can end up obtaining duplicates of who is currently on your team. You could end up with 2 Cecils or 2 Edwards. Cecil can be upgraded to paladin as normal, and Rydia to her adult form and Tellah learning all his spells at Mt. Ordeals.

http://ff4fe.com/ – Free Enterprise website
https://discord.gg/AVeUqkb – FE Discord
http://schala-kitty.net/ff4fe-tracker/ – SchalaKitty’s fe Tracker
https://fftracker.dunka.net/ – Another tracker v1.9.3

So I’ve been doing a number of seeds and streaming them on Twitch, and exported to my youtube. Here’s the link for my Free Enterprise playlist:

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Mega Man 3 Endrun Stream

I have a long history with Mega Man 3. First MM game I played was 2 from a cousin and loved it. Received 3 one year for Christmas, I think. I devoured it and played it for hours, learning the order for fighting the 8 Robot Masters, learning the Doc Robots, and figuring my way through Wily’s Castle, along with help from Nintendo Power issues. MM3 is the MM title I’m best at, with MM2 a close 2nd. I also own MM1 and 4 and don’t remember them as well as I used to.

So since I started streaming I figured my first Twitch stream would be redoing my MM3 endrun video, and it was a success. I wanted to redo it from the phone emulator video since I had forgotten i have the bluetooth controller at the time and the video has the full vitual gamepad. Here’s the uploaded MM3 endrun video now. I’ll likely edit this post, and video links, if/when I do a full MM3 longplay via Twitch or Youtube. Actually this post may just get tossed when I reach MM3 during my Relearning Mega Man series. Who knows.



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Y’s Chronicles 1 & 2 Mobile Review


Y’s 1 and 2 Chronicles are the modern remakes of the classic action RPG Y’s 1 and 2, originally released for the PC-8801, MSX, Famicom and Sega Master Systems during the 1980’s by Nihon Falcom. Chronicles 1 was released for mobile in April 2015, with 2 coming out February 2016.  for It became a cult hit when the enhanced remake was released for the TurboGrafx-CD in 1989. The mobile editions were produced by Dotemu, and are based on the Y’s 1 & 2 Chronicles Playstation Portable enhanced remakes. Y’s 1 and 2 begin the adventures of the red-headed Adol Christin, a man who lives for adventure and always finds himself discovering lost civilizations, fighting demons, having women chase after him, and battling wannabe Gods. Y’s is a popular series with the original games on various systems, and some not released in other countries translated (like the Super Famicom/SNES titles), and were later given enhanced remakes of the original games, as well as continuing the series on modern systems.

The mobile and PSP remakes include an option to play in Complete or Chronicles mode, which really only change the character portraits from an old JRPG style to a more modern anime style, only available when you start a game. Another new option is changing the music from the Chronicles, Complete to the original PC-8800 editions. You can play Y’s on easy, normal, hard, or nightmare modes. All of which change the amount of damage Adol can inflict and receive from enemies. Nightmare mode does exactly what it says on the tin. A time attack for the boss fights is an option after finishing the game too.

ys1-4How I’m playing: This is a review of the android mobile version, played on a Samsung Galaxy Edge 9 phone, using my Bluetooth gamepad. For the record I finished Normal mode in both games.

Story: Adol sets off to explore the Stormwall surrounding the island Esteria. Getting caught in a storm, he’s shipwrecked and nursed back to health on the island in a quaint little village. Learning the Stormwall appeared at the same time demons showed up; Adol takes out his sword to investigate. As time goes on he finds himself wrapped up in an even deeper plot. By the time 2 begins (after sitting through the AMAZING opening!!), Adol is left injured after his fight at the end of 1 on the floating island of Y’s. Being nursed back to health (again) Adol starts to discover there’s a lot more to the demons and the Goddesses then what’s on the surface.


Graphics and Sound: This game looks and sounds pretty! The game is very pretty and colorful, and so many little details really fill things out so you really feel like you’re in this world and not just a redheaded stranger. All the little details on Adol’s outfit, the flowers, the npcs, and the demons you fight all have little details and full of color. Even when you kill a demon and they explode in pieces! Landscapes out in the open fields will have flowers and blades of grass blowing in the wind and you can even see the shows of clouds as you run from place to place. Underground, towers, and ice caverns all have little details too, including your footprints in the snow slowly disappearing as you run. You can even see your reflection in pools of water and the ice along the floors! Even using magic has a number of beautiful graphics to it when using it. The character portraits of important npcs who sell items and others you have dialogue with are very pretty!

Y’s Chronicles sounds amazing! The soundtrack was composed by Yuzo Koshiro, and arranged version by Yukihiro Jindo. One of the options available is to change the music from the Chronicles version (which I hope you’re playing), the Complete, to the pc88 soundtracks. Each track has their strengths and weaknesses in each version, but all sound great. The boss music has a heavy metal feel and you’ll want to run around aimlessly headbanging to it instead of figuring out the key to defeating a boss (which will happen). The music in the fields will get you wanting to fight the demons and the music in towns is soothing and relaxing. You can hear every footstep against the cold snow, hard stone, or soft grass as you explore. Blades of grass will rustle as you run through them and your sword swings with a familiar metal sound.


Play Control and Gameplay: Here’s where things get a little iffy. You have full control over Adol in any direction via a touchscreen control. Move your finger onto the screen, a directional pad shows up and Adol will go in that direction either walking or running depending how you set it in the options menu. You can lose the accuracy you need for Adol to go from place to place along with combating the hordes of evil very easily this way. A static onscreen directional pad would have been more helpful like in the mobile version of the Dragon Quest games from SquareEnix. Playing this I highly recommend getting a good Bluetooth controller.

Combat is done by ramming demons off-center to make them take damage instead of you. I call it “bumper car fighting.” Hitting your enemies off-center make them take damage, hitting them head on you take damage. There’s no mapped attack button, meaning fights with enemies in the fields and caves involve ramming into each other to watch Adol strike them with his sword. I actually don’t mind it, one less button to press. Boss fights in Y’s games range from tough to near impossible unless you know the key to victory. Find the right time to strike, ram the boss for some damage or use your magic, go back somewhere safe until there’s another opening. There’s one boss in particular I need to discuss, the Vampire Bat in Y’s 1.


How i felt fighting the Vampire bat and Dark Fact in 1

I don’t mind tough bosses, but the Vampire bat is mostly luck based, where it starts as a swarm of bats chasing you around its room, then turning humanoid where you have a small window to clip it with your sword. You never know when it’s gonna turn humanoid again after being chased by the bats. This guy alone made me almost throw my phone. If you think he’s bad wait till Dark Fact.

All the boss fights in 1 involve finding the right time to attack and hurting the boss with your sword. There will be a lot of trial and error involved. Magic becomes a thing in 2, so many of the boss fights at least until the final ones, involve using your magical abilities to the fullest to injure the boss. Y’s 1 you cannot use healing items during a boss fight, Y’s 2 you can use 1 healing item in a boss fight, along with any of the magic wands. So you need to have them equipped before entering the boss room or you’re stuck. A number of bosses in 2 are nightmare fuel that Lovecraft would be proud of.


Is it worth it: Big fat yes, especially if you’re a fan of action rpgs or have played any of the og Y’s titles along with the remakes of 3-5 and the more recent titles on game systems and Steam. I had a blast with Y’s 1 and 2! There will be times during your adventure where you won’t be sure where to go or who to talk to, but you can add to your display your current location along with a hint of where to go, what to do next. Another fun part in 2 is having an item to turn you into a demon so you can slip into enemy territory. Hearing the thoughts of the demons as they patrol for Adol is funny to read. Y’s 1 is a short game, maybe 10 hours at most and you won’t be traveling to a lot of locations during the adventure. In fact most of 1 takes place in the dreaded multi-leveled Darm Tower! 1 feels like it sets up for the larger and more full game of 2. 2 has magic and being able to use a healing item during a boss fight is a big quality of life feature. 2 also doesn’t have you going through a dreaded mirror maze, which became a staple in later titles. Adol will be fighting more demons during the journey, meaning you’ll be leveling up a lot more than you did in 1.

4 out of 5 Stars

So where can I get this:
Y’s 1 Chronicles on Google Play
Y’s 2 Chronicles on Google Play
Y’s 1 Chronicles on Apple Store
Y’s 2 Chronicles on Apple Store
Y’s 1 & 2 Chronicles Bundle on Apple Store

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Happy New Year 2020!! Finished 16 Games in 2019!


So 2020 was when I really got back to gaming. I’m finishing 2019 with 16 new game sunder my belt, most recent being Y’s 2 Chronicles on mobile. I’ve upgraded and revised my own collecting goals, and my setups too. Also learning more to record gameplay on my emulators and learning streaming!

So, here’s the list of games I knocked off:
wizards & warriors
river city ransom
wizards & warriors 3
robin hood prince of thieves
final fantasy mystic quest
soul blazer
Y’s 1 & 2 Chronicles (finished 1 and 2 separately)
Y’s 3
Y’s 4
vice project doom
mega man 2
xak: art of visual stage
zelda: link’s awakening
ff5 gba


Really hoping to do more content here and recording videos now that i brought my youtube back to life. Along with beating my own lacks of time and mental blocks to turn on my consoles.


Want to thank all my friends in the retrogaming community for the support, game help, and everything in-between!



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Final Fantasy 5 gba done (some ending spoilers)


So the other day I got around to finishing the main story of Final Fantasy 5 Advance for gba. I forgot i had this sitting around, mostly cause i use a different emulator than the John emulators for it thanks to a quirk where the games don’t properly save. When I moved my games and the .sav files over a few months ago to restart them and remake the save states i couldn’t with FF5. *sad face* But it’s ok!

So I did 2 runs fighting the final boss, the evil tree Exdeath: One of my main run and watching the ending and setting up for the sealed temple bonus content, and one where i would see how fast i could murder Exdeath with my party. My main run took longer thanks to a few deaths and took some time to steal a 2nd Ragnarok sword. For the record I did win, all 4 party members lived and best ending. Continue reading

New Super Mario Land SNES Homebrew & Quick Review (Updated 2/26/2020)

Note: I’ve recently learned that there have been updated versions of this homebrew released with graphical and control fixes, along with improved features closer to the Game Boy original Super Mario Land. This review and gameplay video has been updated to reflect the version 1.2 of New Super Mario Land as of 2/26/2020.

So I came across this little homebrew completely by accident, a SNES homebrew version of the Gameboy classic Super Mario Land. I had never played SML before or had a giant brick Gameboy save for playing emulators back in the day or borrowing a friend’s (I think that’s how i finished the og Link’s Awakening and Pokemon Red). Finding the rom, I fired it up on my phone emulator and had a blast with it! This project was originally a homebrew of SML as a Christmas gift for the anonymous programmer’s friends. Of course this being 2019 the rom got dumped online and can easily be flashed to a cart, or played on your favorite SNES emulator. i recommend Snes9x or Bsnes. Reading the below articles you can find out how to get a copy. I won’t be linking the rom here for security purposes. Late January 2020 an update to the homebrew was released as version 1.2, fixing gameplay elements and improving the boss difficulty closer to the original game. I won’t be hosting a link directly to a copy of the rom here.

More information can be found here:
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So the question is, how does it play? I started streaming recently, and I’ve wanted to redo my previous gameplay video. Which I’ve included embedded with this post, I did poorly. First run got up to level 3 before game over, then somehow got lucky to least level 4 before a second game over. I’ll take it. I never played the original SML so I don’t have much to compare it to.

The superball replaces the Fire Flowers in SML, but you still get the superball from Fire Flowers. The superball bounces off walls and ricochets a few times before disappearing. So you can’t just walk up to something and hit it, you gotta jump since they travel on a diagonal motion. So sometimes you gotta figure out how to get the superball to ricochet off the walls properly to hit an enemy in an enclosed area. The graphics are gorgeous and look like something between Donkey Kong Country and New SMB for the WiiU, and the backgrounds are very detailed especially in the Egyptian pyramid levels.  These graphics are DS levels of quality! The bonus game between levels was included too! The play control and gameplay are much improved in the v1.2 of this homebrew.

In the original version the play control can be janky at times, resulting in missing jumps or getting hit by enemies, or even accidentally wall jumping/sliding which take time to get used to. The controls feel like they want to be a Mario game, but it’s not polished enough like a true Mario title. It feels more raw like playing Mega Man 1 after you’ve played the more polished MM2-6 titles. The difficulty for the bosses was turned up also, so you would find yourself dying a lot due to something unexpected. The music are remixes of the normal various level music from Super Mario Land, which you may find yourself whistling to yourself once it gets stuck in your head.

After playing the v1.2 for awhile, and then recently finishing it in one run on-stream (which surprised me!), I have to say these improvements are terrific! The play control is tighter, though I still kinda hate the wall slide and wall jump aspect. Music is the same, and Mario doesn’t yell YAHOO every single time he jumps. The boss fights seem easier too, more down to that of the Game Boy title from my understanding. Now I can really up my review and stars of this fun little project. I highly recommend this to any Mario fan looking for something new. I do want to play the original SML on-stream sometime. This homebrew is highly recommended.

4.5 out of 5 stars
Gameplay video of the full game done on 2/26/2020 on Twitch with ver 1.2:

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