Deadpool: The NES Hack with a Mouth

deadpool (ninja gaiden 1 hack)-0

Deadpool for the NES was released by Techmoon in October of 2019, and is available either by a rompatch or downloading the rom hack itself. Deadpool is a total and complete hack of Ninja Gaiden 1, and has elements from all 3 NG games. Everything was changed for Deadpool, even the cinema scenes! Techmoon put a lot of time and love into this and it’s worth playing even if you’re not a comic fan! The graphics are great and the remixed music is fabulous, even having 8-bit renditions of DMX “X Gonna Get Ya” and George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” This game is also not for kids considering foul language in the cinema scenes. Kinda wish there were little yellow dialogue boxes though. And Deadpool on a moped. There’s also 2 difficulty levels: mercy (easy mode) and merc (hard mode) for your choosing, and I think a boss rush mode when you finish the game and a music test option. What’s also great is the game will save where you left off, so just hit load game when you restart and you’ll be back where you left off! No save states needed! At the bottom of this post are a list of links to get this rom hack and Techmoon’s sites.

So the plot involves Deadpool getting beaten in a duel with DC’s Deathstroke, then being given the Infinity Gauntlet by a mysterious young woman. Trying to keep it safe he encounters a number of enemies, including some heroes and villains across the Marvel and DC universe. Still looking for Francis, Deadpool finds himself in a larger plot involving Death herself and Thanos. There’s more but don’t want to spoil the fun. 😉

NOW THE REVIEW: Holy crow is this good. This is what all hacks should be. It’s challenging but not insane with enemy placement and cheap ai or rng. This hack completely changes up Ninja Gaiden 1 to Deadpool. Everything was changed: cinema scenes, levels, power-ups, plot. The tutorial level to learn how to control Deadpool and his gear is even fun! It works as a level itself so when you begin the game itself, any extra goodies you acquired during the tutorial stays with you in Stage 1. This game isn’t for kids, like any Deadpool book. There is raunchy language and mature themes. Deadpool can collect food items and when he has enough can set off a bomb that blows up any enemies on screen, except for certain enemies and bosses. Deadpool’s special abilities include guns, a jumpslash, rockets, and a teleport slash. You wanna be invincible for a few moments, find yourself a nice meatsuit. So after I found this originally I played it on stream in merc (hard) mode and managed to limp my way to stage 5. Playing on my own as of this writing in mercy (easy mode).

GRAPHICS AND SOUND: Not much to say here, everything from NG is different. Deadpool and the various enemies throughout stages and the bosses look great! Throughout the game Deadpool changes outfits from his traditional red and black costume. The backgrounds have a great style to them and they’re not just empty fields of color, and obstacles and everything you climb and jump onto look great too. The graphics during the cutscenes have a lot of life to them as well, even some are animated. The developers really got the style of Deadpool from the comics and the movies! The bosses look like who they’re supposed to be depicting also. The music is great, with the aforementioned 8bit renditions of “X Gonna Get Ya” and George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” Boss music is about the same as it was in NG1, but that’s ok.

PLAY CONTROL: Deadpool controls as well as Ryu does in the ninja Gaiden titles, meaning he does what you want him to. He has his basic slash and jump abilities. the tutorial mode will show you how to activate his other special skills, along with the special bomb when you collect all food items. Hot boxes all seem logical though like NG, the knockback from getting hit by enemies can really mess you up if you don’t slash at the right time when jumping to take out an enemy.

CHALLENGE: This is a challenge even on easy mode. Easy mode you won’t have as many enemies around, but the ones that do remain are in places where you gotta think on your feet to defeat them and claim a platform or floating piece of land. Hard mode you’ll be dealing with enemies that will make your life hell, level design, and in some cases, dealing with the weather either wind blowing in different directions (think stage 2-2 in NG2), and ice physics (my fav!). Both modes there’s a number of spots where you’ll have to earn your way through the level due to the enemies in your way. The boss fights are fun once you learn their movesets! If you know your way through NG1, you’re gonna know many of these bosses as they move and attack the way their counterparts do in NG1, just not in the same order as NG1.


TechMoon Facebook page
TechMoon Youtube
TechMoon on Instagram
Deadpool IPS patch @
Deadpool rom bundles


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Willow Arcade Review


I remember seeing Willow in the movie theaters as a kid and loved it. It was a wonderful and charming fantasy movie with a likable cast, great action, and comedy. Capcom released 2 different Willow games in 1989. The arcade Willow is an action platformer title with some rpg elements with the stores. Willow released for the NES was a great action-rpg that took a lot from Zelda and titles before it. Willow was chosen by the holy baby Elora Danan to protect her. Setting off from his village and meets friends and enemies to battle the forces of the queen Bavmorda.

Arade Willow consists of 6 different stages depicting parts of the movie. You start the game as Willow himself. Willow jumps across obstacles and throwing his magic acorns to defeat enemies, mini-bosses and stage bosses. Some stages let you use the knight Madmartigan who plays more of a melee fighter considering he has a sword. The stages include: Crossroads, Cherlindrea’s Forest, Fin Raziel’s Island, Sorsha’s Camp, Tir Asleen Castle, and Nockmaar Castle. Some stages you’ll switch between using Willow or Madmartigan for the stage, with Stage 5 letting you choose one of the 2, and Stage 6 starts with Madmartigan and ends with Willow taking on the mad queen Bavmorda in one of the toughest final boss fights I ever experienced.

Shops run by gnomes with really creepy feather(?) eyebrows dot the landscape. Picking up gold from defeated enemies let you buy powerups, life bar increases (up to 6) and healing items. Willow’s powerups are more powerful ranged magics, Madmartigan’s are sword upgrades. Each powerup can be thrown at different levels by holding the attack button and charging the meter. All of Willow’s different magics consist of different types of attacks, including one the turns enemies to extra gold. The way the game works, you will need to get Willow’s best magic to even stand a chance against Bavmorda. So get to every shop you find, there’s normally 2 per stage.

REVIEW TIME: I had honestly never known there was a Willow arcade game until a few months ago when I was hunting down new MAME roms for streaming and playing on my own. Turning it on I loved it right away. Capcom hit it out of the park with the atmosphere and music, along with the enemy and stage variety. Except that cart stage at the end of Stage 2. It sucks. I had played this on stream and gotten up to the end after a lot of deaths and trying new things. I failed miserably against Bavmorda thanks to not knowing her attacks well, and not realizing how the magic/sword powerup system really worked. Watching some videos on youtube I realized I needed to concentrate more on Willow’s magic to get his ultimate magic for the final fight. Second time around after a very long and frustrating series of matches, I finally beat her and brought peace to the lands. I also didn’t realize the game had dipswitches after my first stream, so I messed with them some to give myself more of a chance, and changing the amount of lives from 1 quarter to 4. I also really wish the Brownies somehow made it into the game. XD

GRAPHICS AND SOUND: The graphics are gorgeous in Willow and hold to Capcom’s high standards. The foreground and backgrounds are very detailed and colorful, even all the enemies, human and otherwise, are bathed in different colors instead of being just one shade or color. Magic spells and Madmartigan’s attacks are very detailed as you upgrade your gear. The music is very good and fits the fantasy atmosphere of the game. Boss fight music will get you pumped up, and the whimsical tune playing when you’re sledding down the snowy hill collecting gold will make you smile. I do love the track playing fighting the final boss Bavmorda!

PLAY CONTROL: Play control is very tight. You have two buttons, one for attacking, one for jumping. Holding up as you jump gives you the high jump, and when high jumping to higher cliffs and platforms Willow and Madmartigan can climb up. Holding the attack button charges your magic or sword to one of its levels. The more magic or sword power the longer it takes to charge to max, but it’s pretty fast. Both buttons are quite responsive.

CHALLENGE: Game isn’t hard, it’s a platformer so you gotta be careful where you jump and attacking enemies. Some jumps can be tricky especially in the later levels. A lot of the challenge comes from the mini and boss fights, along with how upgraded Willow’s magic and Madmartigan’s sword are. The final fight with Bavmorda is HARD. If you don’t have Willow’s magic upgraded to the final magic Crystal, you’re gonna have a bad time avoiding her shots. Be sure to try saving your gold for the upgrades and life bar increases (up to 6, dafaq?!), get as many defensive items as you can before Bavmorda.

A friend of mine DariaPlaysRPGs also did an amazing video regarding NES Willow:



I wish these guys were in the game, even as a cameo.

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May the 4th Be With You Star Wars Day 2020


May 4th is Star Wars Day, with the familiar motto “May the 4th Be With You. Being a big Star Wars fan, i wanted to do something special this year so I turned to streaming. I went through what I had for emulators and found various Star Wars titles, and also took advantage of a Steam sale for some older titles I hadn’t played in years! Then I went for something different, I got the Sega supermodel3 emulator and fuddled around to get Star Wars Trilogy Arcade working! And it did!! It doesn’t run at full speed and there’s graphical glitches, but it’s very much playable, even the 2 bonus lightsaber levels.

Unfortunately due to trying to get the Star Wars games from Steam to work right in a windowed view for streaming purposes and other issues, some which stemming from the fact that SW games on Steam are quite hard to get to stream, I couldn’t do all the ones I wanted for a Star Wars games night Which left only Dark Forces and Episode 1 Racer, which is ok cause they were 2 favorites of mine. I think streaming them from purchases is supposed to be less a hassle. It sucks cause I really wanted to do Tie Fighter. I’m gonna revisit some more Star Wars content for that week being the SNES Super SW trilogy, Lego Star Wars Complete Saga, and Episode 1 Racer. I also want to do a Star Wars post regarding the various SW merchandise I own sometime.

So I played 12 different games, ranging from arcade, Atari 2600, 32x, Steam Dos classics, SNES, and Famicom ending the night with Star Wars Trilogy Arcade!

So I played:
Arcade: Star Wars, Empire, Jedi
Atari 2600: Empire and Death Star Battle
Sw Arcade 32x
Steam: Dark Forces and Episode 1 Racer
Star Wars Famicom
Super Star Wars Snes
Super Jedi Snes
Supermodel 3 star wars trilogy arcade

Check it out! Sorry about any muted video.

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RetroRevisited: MUSHA, Task Force Harrier EX, Silpeed (Sega Shmups)


So one night I decided to do a night of Sega shumps that i grew up with. I’ve never been that big on shmups or Sega games but these 3 are ones I’ve played or had at one point: M.U.S.H.A, Task Force Harrier EX, and Silpheed. Still wishing M.U.S.H.A. wasn’t going for so much or else I’ve make another run for it on ebay. I had a blast with them once I started remembering the controls and some muscle memory began to kick in. So here’s the video of it, Some mini-reviews follow.

M.U.S.H.A.: I wish I picked this up at Funcoland back when I was a teen like my friend did, i forgot how banging this game is!! This game has great play control and an amazing heavy metal soundtrack! You’re a flying mech fighting off invaders in the form of giant baby faces, planes, and other enemies. The bosses are large and colorful. You have your main weapon, add-ons that you can set in different directions and different sub-weapons that can be powered up in the form of lightning beams, bombs, and a shield. if you can get this at a reasonable price, do it, or play the rom!

TASK FORCE HARRIER EX: So I played this from my step-father and we both enjoy it. it’s base don the arcade game of the same title, minus the ex. You’re a lone fighter blasting your way through the enemy forces to save your country. The graphics are average and not very colorful, save for the cute anime girl who gives you your missions at the start of each level. The music on the other hand is great! Your plane has different shot options that you pick up, along with support planes and different types of bombs to drop between the air and the ground assault levels.

SILPHEED: This was one of the last ports of Silpheed made before the company went under and I very much enjoy this shooter! The graphics and fmv are definitely dated to today’s standards but they’re fun to watch. The music is great, I especially still love stage 1’s track to this day, and the voice-overs are clear, even if annoying after awhile. Your ship gains different options after each level, along with bombs. Fun game to kick back for an afternoon run!


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Final Fantasy 6: Worlds Collide


Worlds Collide is an open-world randomizer for Final Fantasy 3/6. It follows the same features and format as other open-world randomizers FF4 Free Enterprise and FF5 Career Day. Set up your seed (seed being the type of randomizer you wanna play) by difficulty, randomizing heroes, Espers, monsters, gear and more! Your final goal in the game is to acquire the prerequisite heroes and Espers (which you can change the amount from 1 hero or Esper, up to all 14 heroes and/or 26 Espers) so you can enter Kefka’s Tower in the World of Ruin and win the game. A recent feature added was besides a certain number of heroes and Espers, you can set it that all 8 dragons need to be defeated in the World of Ruin as well, 2 of which in Kefka’s Tower. Not defeating them all prohibits you from continuing further. A spoiler log can be generated with your seed (in a handy zip file with the smc rom and txt log) if you so wish if you get stuck. Going to the website (linked below) you can see the latest version, and joining the Discord to see what all the latest updates are.

From the start you begin at Narshe with the airship Blackjack in the World of Balance and have access to all locations there, towns, dungeons, etc. Getting on the airship you have the option to fly around, go to the Floating Continent, or go to the World of Ruin. Going to the Floating Continent starts the trigger of forming a party of 3 and fighting your way through the Imperial Airforce and Ultros before plopping onto the Floating Continent.  The World of Ruin flips you to the World of Ruin with the Falcon, and again, access to all locations. But Doom Gaze is still around somewhere and could strike at any time. In the World of Balance and Ruin, you’ll always start back at Narshe. You can also set to start with Moogle Charms, which eliminate random enemy fights.

Finding heroes, Espers and high-end gear can be located at key points in the game in the World of Balance and Ruin. Key points being any points in the game where a hero would join your party in both worlds as well as when you would gain a new Esper. You can tell if you’re gonna get an Esper or piece of gear if there’s a random npc at the spot where you would pickup a hero in the original title (example: an Imp sitting on Figaro’s throne where Edgar is). That also includes the Veldt where you would find Gau in the vanilla game, and a dried meat is still needed to trigger this. Other options to randomize include Strago’s Lores, Gau’s Rages, starting heroes, shuffling or randomizing the spells learned and level-up stat bonuses between the Espers, and even randomize the shops to the point where stuff costs free (my fav option!) or a completely random amount. Even the Colosseum in the World of Ruin! Global options include starting with a multiplier on xp, magic points, and gold gained. Enemies and bosses can be scaled to your party’s level, or higher! Enemy groups can be shuffled around too, so you may run into something you can’t handle yet the minute you walk out of Narshe in the WOB! Best thing is to find good grinding spots in the WOB and WOR for levels and/or magic.

Hero gating was recently introduced with version 0.5.0. When turned on, you’ll start with 2 random heroes (or 2 more for a total of 4) along with any other settings you made for the seed. Essentially to trigger getting a hero, Esper, or gear at key locations, you need a certain hero. If you’re familiar enough with FF6, you can logically start figuring out what hero triggers different locations. This turns Worlds Collide into an even more involved randomizer cause you’re stuck on a set path for certain spots to try to find new heroes or Espers, and progress further to hit your requirements to attack Kefka’s Tower. Gating can be turned on or off when you generate a seed, and the website has a nifty graphic chart or txt link showing the locations that are and are not gated. Bosses are now randomized as of version 0.6.0! Maybe you’ll run into the Phantom Train where you would normally fight Doomgaze! Or the Goddess Statue at Whelk! New challenges were added such as no learning Ultima, no free Paladin Shields and no starter Moogle Charms either!

So I’ve done a few seeds on stream, as well as on my own. I have to say I’ve been enjoying this as much as I do Free Enterprise! Fact that both worlds are open from the start is great, and depending on how lucky you are, or how you set your requirement for Kefka’s Tower, a seed can be short or as long as you want.Below is a run through of a recent World’s Collide seed I did on-air, exported from my twitch channel to youtube in multiple parts. I’ve done multiple seeds under the previous builds and started learning my way through the new gating system recently on and off stream. Videos linked are from version 0.6.0 of the randomizer.


Worlds Collide website
Beginners Guide
wob/wor character gating map w/ treasures
ff6wc Discord
A ff6wc Tracker

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Relearning Mega Man: Mega Man 1 (NES) Complete w/ Review

So I have a long history with the Mega Man games growing up. 2 was the first one I played thanks to a cousin, and 3 being the first I owned, and eventually 1, 2 and 4. Starting with 3 then going back to playing 1 was a struggle at first. Seeing how 1 isn’t as polished as the later games in the series from its play control, difficulty and the weird scoring system. But i still enjoyed it! I think first time finishing it long ago was via Game Genies codes. So when I began streaming I wanted to get back to some of my gaming roots with the mega man titles. I came up with Relearning Mega Man to do such a task. I’d start relearning and finally completing the early MM titles 1-7. I would do each part of the series as a possible 2-parter: first stream being fighting the Robot Masters, 2nd and any others going through Wily’s Castles, or whoever is the big enemy’s castle prior to Wily. Considering I know 3 the best, 3 is likely to be one stream and may play it with the MM3 Improvement hack. These are my adventures with Mega Man 1.


Mega Man 1 was released by Capcom in 1987. Comparing this to the later games is rough due to the differences between the first title and later games in the series. Mega Man puts you in the role of the super robot Mega Man as he fights Dr. Wily. To get to Wily, you need to beat the 6 robots that he reprogrammed for nefarious deeds first. Traveling through each world is a reflection of which Robot Master lives there. Guts Man’s area is a construction zone, Elec Man’s stage has many electric beams and so on. Beating one of the Robot Masters will gain you their special weapon and a ton of points. This weapon can be used against enemies throughout other stages and the other Robot Masters themselves. Each Mega Man game has an order, or multiple, to progress through the game to beat one Robot Master and use its weapon against the next one. The Robot Masters paths are compared to playing rock, paper, scissors. Finishing off the 6 Robot Masters will open up Dr. Wily’s castle where you’ll use all those weapons, and a special support item called the Magnet Beam, to fight your way through Wily’s horrors and stop him from trying to take over the world.

Graphics & Sound:
Graphics are clear and colorful, which is what we all came to expect from a Capcom title over the years. You can see the little details in the landscapes as you fight off robots and many of your enemies have a number of details too. The backgrounds look great and are not just a static field of color, even when you’re inside a Robot Master’s base or Dr. Wily’s castle. There is a lot of flicker and slowdown when there’s a number of objects on the screen but that tends to go fast. The music is the start of the kind of tracks we came to love from the Mega Man games. All the tracks are catchy, and I love the Robot master theme and the theme when you fight one of Wily’s beasts in his castle. You may find yourself whistling Cut Man’s theme often! All the music in this game has a mechanical flair to it. Sound effects are clear and make sense, Mega Man’s gun makes “pew pew pew” sounds, Elec Man’s beam sounds like electricity overflowing through a circuit, and so on. Hitting enemies result sin a mechanical pounding sound, which makes sense with the enemies you’re going up against, along with the explosion when you kill them off.

Play Control:
Here’s where things get rough. MM1 isn’t as polished and as tight as the later games. Mega Man doesn’t stop on a dime after a jump and slides slightly to the right or left, resulting in you falling off a platform or ledge or into an enemy if you don’t think about where you’re jumping to. You can lose control too easily if you keep getting hit by enemies and end up losing a lot of health or a life.

This game is hard, and that’s even if you use the “pause trick” when using larger weapons like Elec Man’s beam or Cut Man’s scissors. Game also has no energy tanks so you’re stuck trying to grind for life in places or taking on a boss in one shot. The final boss gauntlet of 4 of the Robot Masters before Wily is quite rough, and some of the enemies in stages will wipe you out before you realize it. In later MM titles, going through the passage to the Robot master is a safe zone where you can catch your breath, heal and have a drink of water. Not here. There’s enemies in the passageways to the Robot Masters so you can make it to a passageway at full health, and end up having one hit left in life if you’re not careful navigating up to the boss. Though some spots are grind areas to refill health and weapon energy.

In all I do recommend this for anyone loving the Mega Man games, just go into playing this knowing it’s not as polished and don’t try to do things you would in Mega Man 2 and later. Especially play this if you wanna see the evolution of the Mega Man Classic series on the NES.



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RetroRevisited: Tecmo Super Bowl (NES)

Tecmo Super Bowl was released on the NES in 1991. It’s a suped up version of the classic Tecmo Bowl. Now with all NFL teams (at the time), all players on teams, and great graphics, gameplay and music! This game means a lot to me. I don’t play many sports games and to this day hate the Madden series. Tecmo Super Bowl you can pick up easily, play a game, and go right back to it later. Setting defensive and offensive plays, changing players are all options along with playing full seasons and playoffs. I used to play this a lot as a kid and a teen and was happy to get a new copy some years ago. What’s also great is there’s a hacking team that updates the teams and rosters yearly!

So for the Super Bowl for the 2019-2020 season I decided to give this game a run after so many years. Took me a little while to remember how the controls worked but I had a blast! I ran this stream after my 49ers choked the recent Super Bowl *cries*, and ran the original 1991 game, along with the recent roster hack for the 49ers and Chiefs, under a preseason matchup. Later decided to add this to the RetroRevisited banner.

Above are my final scores, left is 1991 game, right with the 2020 roster hack.

So a review:
This game means a lot to me. You have all of the NFL teams (as of 1991), along with all the players. The graphics are clear and easy to see, and you get close-ups of big action scenes! Scoring a touchdown either by pass or running, field goals, catches and interceptions are depicted in the great cinema scenes that Tecmo is known for from the NES Ninja Giaden trilogy. The music is very catchy and gets you in the mood easily, especially the cheering and jeering music. You even get cinema scenes during halftime!

Game control is easy to figure out outside and in game. Choosing your defensive or offensive is easy, pushing the a or b button and a direction on the d-pad. In-game you can catch and throw the football, switch players and punch other players to knock them down and end a play. Game isn’t difficult at all, sometimes depending on your team and how good they were in 1991. Of course later in a season and the playoffs the difficulty ramps up to the Super Bowl as everyone is gunning for you.

Rating: 4.5 footballs out of 5!

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