Happy New Year 2022

Another year of streaming and gaming in the books! This year i didn’t finish as much as the previous year, but that’s ok. I added a number of new games to my belt I finished, including some hacks. Had a blast finishing some on my own and in stream and made progress catching up to finish older favorites. So here’s the list for 2021:
mario advance – SMB2
castlevania legends

mad city famicom
new ghostbusters 2 famicom
castlevania 2 (vanillia and bisquit hack best ending)

zelda link to the past
Starfox 2
SMB3 no warp (mario all-stars)

Ghouls & Ghosts – 1st loop

castlevania dracula x chronicles – richter and maria 74%

dead or alive 2
soul calibur
capcom vs snk

mega man 3 revamped/improvement hack
Final fantasy C2
Beatles adventures in pepperland smb2 hack

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My History with the Zelda Series

I’ve loved the Zelda games ever since playing the 1st one as a kid! I’ve only played most of the older titles up to the 2 N64 titles, and having recently finished GB Link’s Awakening DX via emulation and needing to finish GBA Minish Cap. I still have my copies of Zelda 1 and 2 for the NES, Ocarina of Time for N64, and Link to the past for SNES! I could never quite get into N64’s Majora’s Mask sadly. I figured for the series 35th birthday this year in 2021, I’d write out my thoughts on those 4 titles i still have, and some thoughts on Link’s Awakening and Majora’s mask as well! One my next goals is to finally play the Game Boy Oracle series since those are the last of the older games I haven’t sat down with. In the future I may finally give Majora’s Mask another try and try Wind Waker via the Dolphin emulator if my pc can handle it! At the end of this post will be a few snapshot of pages from the Nintendo Power comic trade, and the Hyrule Historia to share.



Zelda 1 I received with my NES and other games in 1989(?) I think I had played it briefly before with friends, but after receiving it I was able to get down and dirty and discover everything this quest had to offer. I loved it! I loved figuring things out with and without maps from Nintendo Power for both quests, and learning a few little tricks here and there, and making up a few of my own to nail down how i would play both quests! Finishing both quests as a kid was a big accomplishment to me! I wanted to try something more, so I tried runs through both quests getting only the White Sword and the Blue Ring, not bothering with the Master Sword or the Red Ring in Death Mountain. Took many many lives but i did it, and did this feat many times before. Earlier in 2021 I finally did a 1st quest run with only the White Sword and Blue Ring, and as of this writing, prepping for a 2nd quest run in the same way!

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Happy New Year 2021!!

Happy New Year everyone!! let’s throw 2020 in the dumpster fire it belongs and break on through to the other side for 2021! This year I finally took the plunge in streaming and found a liking to it even with my personal issues, finished some more rpgs and more! Not much was done outside of other interests like conventions and photo taking due to covid, but more on that later. And I’ve had this blog little over 2 years now too!

So that said, here’s the list of games i finished between streaming and on my own. I’m honestly surprised i had more than I expected to. Kirby 1 & 2 were the first ones I finished on stream! I normally wouldn’t include hacks or arcade games (due to their nature), but I wanted to include the 2 of each for completion purposes. That and those 2 arcade games were the longest ones I played. Wow 24 games between streaming and on my own! Continue reading

My Final Fantasy 6 Collection (Updated 6/24/2020)


So I’ve mentioned before i love the Final Fantasy titles, 6 is actually my favorite. My top 4 being 6, 9, 4, and 7. I really got into 6 at a teen with friends. The storylines, the heroes, the villain Kefka being one of the few to actually succeed in destroying the world and so on. Offhand only faults I have are that the game can be linear at a couple points and very open ended at another, and how every party member can learn all of the same magic from Espers. You can logically keep spamming the powerful Ulitma spells to bulldoze through the later half of the quest. And Gau still sucks like Edward in FF4.

I still ship Locke x and Celes forever. ❤

So over the years I’ve been trying to build a FF6 collection. I’m still working on the games themselves, mainly the snes FF3, and the US and Japanese gba FF6 Advance ports. Aside from those 3, I’ve built a nice little set of any supplemental guides and such. Feel free to click on the photos to enlarge the FF6 goodness.

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Happy New Year 2020!!


So 2020 was when I really got back to gaming. I’m finishing 2019 with 16 new games under my belt, most recent being Y’s 2 Chronicles on mobile. I’ve upgraded and revised my own collecting goals, and my setups too. Also learning more to record gameplay on my emulators and learning streaming!

So, here’s the list of games I knocked off:
wizards & warriors
river city ransom
wizards & warriors 3
robin hood prince of thieves
final fantasy mystic quest
soul blazer
Y’s 1 & 2 Chronicles (finished 1 and 2 separately)
Y’s 3
Y’s 4
vice project doom
mega man 2
xak: art of visual stage
zelda: link’s awakening
ff5 gba

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My Sad Time With FF8


I’ve always loved the FF games starting with the first. My fav titles are 4, 6, 7, and 9. FF1 and Dragon Warrior 1 were my first rpgs! I even found some enjoyment in the 2 unreleased in the US titles 2 and 3. I’m planning to return to 2 via Dawn of Souls sometime, and 3…who knows. Have I finished a lot of them? Well no, I think last one was 6. I do have 10, 10-2, and 12 on PS2. Aside from the online 11 the only PS era FF I’m missing is 8, and i do have tactics through its a Greatest Hits re-release (all others black label). Now with the PS3 I can see what the love-hate relationship with the 13 trilogy is all about.

8 is the only one I’m missing from the PS era, along with a guide, and the guide for FF Anthology…which I’m not sure how I missed that one. 8…I never really got along with. I’m planning a post on my history with the FF titles, but with last week’s 8 Remastered and 7 Remake in a few months, I figure Id share why i never got into 8, and if i should revisit it once I own a new copy and/or PS3 PSN download.

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Final Fantasy 6 Guidebook Extras

So I finally got the last of the 3 FF6 Japanese guidebooks recently and gonna try to scan and/or take photos of some of the beautiful artwork and screenshots in them. Included in 2 of them was some extra papers with additional stuff from Square, and something on Super Mario games(?). Included is info on cd soundtracks, books, guides, SMB(?), and something about that weird FF5 sequel anime with the wind crystal in the girl’s butt (I’m really not kidding.)

So decided to try the scanner on my printer and slowly been scanning these extra goodies. I scanned at 600dpi so very high quality, so may need to zoom in for more details.

Hopefully these won’t murder my free site storage so far. I may also upload these, and the later stuff, to my google photos and do a new link to said album in later post and revise this one (I think the google photos link of the scans may be more high quality too).

and here’s the google photos album link for these:
Google photos: information card scans

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Protect me White Mage!


So in many of my photos I have plastic boxes holding the cib’s and some carts. These are clear plastic boxes from retroprotection. They come in all shapes and sizes for systems themselves, game boxes, cart bags, and they even have protectors for non game merchandise like figures, cds and dvds, funko pops and more. Ive been using them for protecting some of my stuff for a few years now and never had issues.

Links for their online store and ebay. Some stuff that is sold out in the store itself may be on ebay and vice-versa:

Retroprotection Store
Retroprotector ebay store

If you enjoy reading any of my content and hearing of my nerdy adventures, feel free to share my posts on social media or leave me a comment. I would be forever grateful if you supported me via my Cash App or buy me a coffee via Ko-Fi. All donations are very welcomed and appreciated. I earn no income from this blog and this will help me continue in providing content and fulfilling my dreams.

Of Maps and Monsters 8 and 16 bit

One my favorite things of rpgs and adventure games bit era were the extra material. Maps, spell and item lists, monster and skill charts and more. Always fun to open up the box ready to dive into the adventure and skimming over the information. and this was before gamefaqs remember! sometimes we have to buy grid paper and draw our own maps and scribble notes on them! The artwork and information was always a treasure to look at and admiring the artwork.

So I went through a few things I had to take photos of, inspired by HungryGoriya.

So here’s some Ultima 4 for the nes, dragon warrior 1 and 4, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and Ogre Battle. I dont have Final Fantasy 2 or 3, or Dragon Warrior 3 so they’re not included.

Ultima 4 was interesting as it came with tons of information, though the NES edition wasn’t as in-depth as the Sega Master System or early pc versions.

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