My History with the Zelda Series

I’ve loved the Zelda games ever since playing the 1st one as a kid! I’ve only played most of the older titles up to the 2 N64 titles, and having recently finished GB Link’s Awakening DX via emulation and needing to finish GBA Minish Cap. I still have my copies of Zelda 1 and 2 for the NES, Ocarina of Time for N64, and Link to the past for SNES! I could never quite get into N64’s Majora’s Mask sadly. I figured for the series 35th birthday this year in 2021, I’d write out my thoughts on those 4 titles i still have, and some thoughts on Link’s Awakening and Majora’s mask as well! One my next goals is to finally play the Game Boy Oracle series since those are the last of the older games I haven’t sat down with. In the future I may finally give Majora’s Mask another try and try Wind Waker via the Dolphin emulator if my pc can handle it! At the end of this post will be a few snapshot of pages from the Nintendo Power comic trade, and the Hyrule Historia to share.



Zelda 1 I received with my NES and other games in 1989(?) I think I had played it briefly before with friends, but after receiving it I was able to get down and dirty and discover everything this quest had to offer. I loved it! I loved figuring things out with and without maps from Nintendo Power for both quests, and learning a few little tricks here and there, and making up a few of my own to nail down how i would play both quests! Finishing both quests as a kid was a big accomplishment to me! I wanted to try something more, so I tried runs through both quests getting only the White Sword and the Blue Ring, not bothering with the Master Sword or the Red Ring in Death Mountain. Took many many lives but i did it, and did this feat many times before. Earlier in 2021 I finally did a 1st quest run with only the White Sword and Blue Ring, and as of this writing, prepping for a 2nd quest run in the same way!

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