Jrpg completes

So ordered those boxes for Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Ogre battle, along with box protectors. And here’s the completed product.


secret of mana, chrono trigger and ogre battle

Links for where i got these boxes and the protectors:
Ocean State Games
Retro Protection, they’re also on ebay!


Protect me White Mage!

So in many of my photos I have plastic boxes holding the cib’s and some carts. These are clear plastic boxes from retroprotection. They come in all shapes and sizes for systems themselves, game boxes, cart bags, and they even have protectors for non game merchandise like figures, cds and dvds, funko pops and more. Ive been using them for protecting some of my stuff for a few years now and never had issues.

Links for their online store and ebay. Some stuff that is sold out in the store itself may be on ebay and vice-versa:

Retroprotection Store
Retroprotector ebay store

How I Retro

I do still have all my old systems, but only have my current hdtv. I normally hook up one at a time, or sometimes 2 depending on which wires are needed. Yeah the older stuff doesnt look at good as on a crt or rgb connectors, but I do what I can with my resources and older hdtv, that and switch box issues.

So Ive been doing emulation as well as buying games for years. Back in the 90’s 200s when emulation started I did what I was able to do on my current pc(s) at the time, going with keyboard controls. Worked best for rpgs. 🙂 Over time did more and got into MAME as well. Continue reading

Of Maps and Monsters 8 and 16 bit

One my favorite things of rpgs and adventure games bit era were the extra material. Maps, spell and item lists, monster and skill charts and more. Always fun to open up the box ready to dive into the adventure and skimming over the information. and this was before gamefaqs remember! sometimes we have to buy grid paper and draw our own maps and scribble notes on them! The artwork and information was always a treasure to look at and admiring the artwork.

So I went through a few things I had to take photos of, inspired by HungryGoriya.

Continue reading

Game collecting

So I have an atari 2600, nes, snes, sega cdx, n64, dreamcast, ps2 and ps3. Ive enjoyed video games most my life and never considered myself a collector until some years ago when i won a dreamcast in an online contest. Thats when the bug really hit. Ive always enjoyed adventure games and jprgs the most. Give me good gameplay and a good story and im hooked. Even with the boring grinding. XD

Edit 11/19: added Lunars, psx, ps2 and ps3 games. Oops.






Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here’s Ill post photos of my game collection, convention photos, mental health stuff, comics and more.

Im just a guy from NJ who enjoys comics, video games, gardening and the like. Ive been gaming most my life starting with an Atari 2600. I dont have any of the modern systems but I have an Atari 2600, nes, snes, sega cdx, dreamcast, n64, ps2 and a ps3.

For comics Im more marvel than DC. Always enjoyed spider-man, x-men and such. Gotten into ms marvel and the current star wars run as of late. for DC green arrow and the green lantern books and some batman.

I enjoy the outdoors and gardening since I was a kid. Planting flowers and puttering around the yard relaxes me and love taking nature photos of what blooms. I do a veggie and herb garden yearly too.