Phantasy Star Retranslation by SMS Power

Phantasy Star was the first in the series of Phantasy Star rpgs which had a wonderful blend of sci-fi and fantasy involved in the plot and gameplay. Released in 1987 for the Sega Master System in Japan, and in 1988 in the West, the Phantasy Star games were known for their mix of fantasy and sci-fi, along with magic and high end sci-fi ideas. The journey takes you across three planets of the Algol System on a quest of revenge for Alis Landale, one the few female protagonists at the time. One the concerts introduced in this series was evil being a sentient being, called Dark Force. You could of course save your game to return to it later via battery. Your party in this game consists of Alis, a talking cat named Myau, a warrior named Odin, and a wizard named Lutz. One big difference between this and Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior/Quest was the fact that the dungeons and towers consisted of 3d first person mazes, meaning you didn’t have the top-down view from outside, meaning you needed to map your way to find your way to finding treasures and traps. PS was later ported to other systems in the US and Japan, and later the Sega Ages collections for Playstation 2 in Japan, which improved the graphics and sound, quality of life features, and a mapping feature. As of this review, version 2.00 of this hack was released on May 25 2020.

Aside from this, I don’t have much experience with Phantasy Star. I fell in love with the series starting with 4, and dabbled around with 2 and 3 over the years. Currently is/was playing PS1 on the GBA Phantasy Star Collection port, currently (as of this writing) at the tower which I think(?) will lead me to the Air Castle for the endgame with Lassic.

How is it? So this hack improves a lot of quality of life features. A menu on the title screen lets you speed up the walking speed, change the music, Alis’ hair color and multiple the experience and mestea (money) you obtain from enemies from 2 to 4x. These improvements definitely save time grinding for money and xp, and makes going from point a to b faster and more streamlined. Grinding can be rough in this, especially at the start like most rpgs. The translation is a lot cleaner and makes more sense too, with names changed like Odin to Tylon and Noah to Lutz. The music is incredible and being able to listen to all of it on the title screen is great. Take a listen to the difference!

Get it here:

You can watch my gameplay of this up to un-stoning Tylon here:

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Mega Man X SNES Review

Mega Man X was released by Capcom in January 1994 in America. This is a continuation of the Mega man series, taking place in the future of the classic series. X retains the basic gameplay of the classic series with a number of improvements, along with the 16 bit graphics and music upgrades. In X, Dr. Cain discovered mega Man X sealed in a capsule by the long deceased Dr. light. X was to be sealed to insure his programing of free will would work properly and he wouldn’t turn against humanity. Cain used the basis of X to created the Reploids, robots with free will. Life was good until some Reploids turned against humanity and went Maverick, which a group led by Sigma called the Maverick Hunters were forced to fight them. Sigma eventually went Maverick and Mega Man X, feeling responsible, went out to stop the Maverick War.

Besides the graphical and music improvements, X sports a number of new moves and features. One of them being the 8 bosses you fight being called Mavericks and their names being based upon different animals and plants and are humanoid in appearance, and of course Sigma replacing Dr. Wily as the final boss. X can still gain new weapons from defeating the 8 Mavericks just like in the classic series. Another change are the upgrades to X’s helmet, armor, boots and gun which are found hidden in capsules around the 8 levels. The spirit of Dr. Light will upgrade X, the gun upgrade giving you a more powered up shot for your X Buster and the weapons you receive from the bosses. X now sports a dash move when you upgrade his boots, along with a wall jump move letting the player jump up walls and slide down them, along with doing dashes off walls themselves. Other upgrades found in stages include heart tanks which increase X’s life bar and 4 sub-tanks which replace energy tanks from the classic series. Unlike the classic series, you can fill these with energy until max, and use as needed, and keep refilling them with energy when your life bar is full. A password system like the classic series, saves your progress on fought Mavericks and other upgrades.

I never had this game, though I may try to get it now, but I did rent this and play it with friends often. Never finished it until recently, now gonna try to finish it in the ps2 mega Man X Collection. I loved the new graphics and music (the prologue stage slaps!!), along with the new abilities.

REVIEW TIME: I loved this game as a teen and replaying it now, I still love it! Finishing it finally I’ve only finished X, X2, and I think X4. The gameplay is solid and the graphics are very pretty as per Capcom’s usual high quality. The music is incredible! The story of X fighting Sigma, losing his buddy Zero during the Maverick War (the 1st of many), and X seeking vengeance from Vile and later Sigma is classic.

GRAPHICS AND SOUND: The graphics are Capcom’s usual high standard that longtime gamers know of. Very colorful and detailed, and everything even has different shades of color in them if you look closely. X, the Mavericks and other enemies stand out from the solid and colorful backgrounds. I also really like the way explosions are depicted after defeating a Maverick or other enemies throughout the stages. The music, wow! The soundtrack is a combination of rock and techno-ish and it works. My favorite tracks being Storm Eagle and the prologue stage, both of which are still iconic to this day.

PLAY CONTROL: Play control is tight, like with previous Mega Man titles and other Capcom games of the era. Really only tricky things will be trying to do wall dashes after skipping or sliding up walls to dash to the other side, or trying to get to an area for a powerup. If you’re bad at fighting games (like me) if/when you find Ryu’s Hadoken powerup might be tricky to get off.

CHALLENGE: A lot of the challenge at the start will be staying alive with a small lifebar, especially during Maverick fights. The Maverick fights take more strategy than the Robot Masters did in the classic series, and same with some mini-bosses. Like the classic series, each Maverick is weak to another Maverick’s weapon so the key is finding the order. Again trying to wall dash might be a chore, even if you change your button configuration. You’ll have to think ahead sometimes to what new ability or weapon may unlock the path to a powerup or ability, but that’s half the fun. Final fights with Sigma can be hectic.



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Phantasy Star Generation: 4 – A Relocalization Hack

Phantasy Star was released by Sega and is the final entry in the sci-fi Phantasy Star rpg series. I got this as a teen and loved it even though i had never played a previous PS title. The story, the characters, the battles, music all took me in and I was flooded with emotion as I played it. Anything I was curious about regarding the PS backstory I just looked up in the early days of Wikipedia. I also loved the macro and combo system for certain skills and techniques combining into something even stronger. I had macros set up for building up my defense and ones for going all out with my strongest attacks during the deadliest of boss fights. Traveling and fighting by the three different vehicles was a blast! PS4 is still one my top 5 16bit rpgs along with FF6, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG and Lufia 2.

This hack is by user GhaleonUnlimited. The goal of this hack was to bring the names, spells, etc closer to their Japanese counterparts, and what would have been used in a long canceled SEGA AGES release. There’s 2 different version sof this retranslation (as per

1. “Generation 4 – “Working Designs”

  • Expands upon NPCs’ dialog.
  • Added comments from main character on the world of PSIV
  • A few modified/added lines of story dialog

If you’re a fan of Working Designs-style RPG writing (specifically Lunar and Lunar: EB on SEGA CD), you might best enjoy this. Or, if you’ve played PSIV before and would like an expanded look at the universe, try this.

2. Generation 4 – “Purist”

  • Removed most editorialization added to NPCs from WD script
  • Removed a few added dialog exchanges
  • Removed some dialog that fits the characters but isn’t in the Japanese script.

If you prefer a more straight-laced localization, this version removes most of the added color, leaving the naturalized English dialog, fixed PS references, more accurate story translation, and added PS background and story. This is closest to the literal, original Japanese script. The screenshots below are from the “Working Designs” patch, as is the review below. I did play “Purist” for awhile on my own to get a full view of the work done on this.

This writing was done using version 5.0 of this hack, released 6/6/2020.

SO HOW IS IT? Wow is this good! Right from the start when you begin a new game you can see the changes with Chaz renamed to Rudy. The bickering between Rudy and Rune is more intense, which i actually enjoyed. NPCs and other dialog has a more creative flavor and color to it, which I like. I did enjoy Working Designs work, so this hack feels great to me. The retranslated lore of previous PS games makes a little more sense now too. Nothing really new when it comes to battle scenes and navigating your menus or building macros. Some of the comments are out of place, like regarding coffee or tapping a keg, but to me, I could come up with an in-universe explanation and I never minded stuff like that in other rpgs and WD’s works. Oh and you may need Google translate for a certain NPC with a Pittsburgh dialect. 😉

If you want a more re-translated vanilla version of PS4, go for the Purist edition. Everything is more straight-laced. The added PS lore is still there, but the dialogue and NPCs are less colorful. In general, this patch is great and really adds to PS4, either with the Working Designs or the Purist patches. I can’t wait to see what this team does with the other Phantasy Star games next!

The video is a playthrough of a few parts of this PS4 hack, from the beginning to Tomoe, and later crashing on Dezolis and meeting Raja:

Get it here:

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Castlevania 2 English Translation +Map Hack (The Bisqwit One)

Castlevania 2, the black sheep of the original NES trilogy. Not a pure platformer like 1 and 3, but more of an adventure game with rpg elements like Zelda 2. Also made famous by the bad translation of clues and townspeople gossip which made figuring out progressing through the game harder then it should have been unless you had friends who knew what they were doing. Or Nintendo Power. And that infamous Nintendo Power cover that gave kids nightmares. I don’t have many memories of playing this as a kid except off and on renting or with friends. That said, never finished it either. lol Sometime ago after discovering I heard about the Castlevania 2: Redacted hack which was a vast improvement to the original game with a better translation, better day-night and night-day transition and so forth. Then discovered another improvement to Redacted by user Bisqwit. He took what was done in Redacted and improved it even more! CV2 was originally on the Famicom disk system, so of course there were elements lost from the transition to cartridge like a save system along with the password. he also added a map. A map! Bisqwit’s hack brings back the map feature along with the save (and password) and improved the translation even more (no more graveyard ducks!) Another change is a faster transition to day and night minus the dialog box which is quite nice.

When I played this I added 2 other hacks to it: the Annoyance Fixes by tkempkes and the Game Over Penalty Reduction by NaOH hacks (links provided at the end of this post). The Game Over one reduces the amount of hearts lost at a game over to half instead of all of them. Annoyance Fixes gives a faster day and night transition, getting double hearts, and making the blocks that can be broken by holy water a different shade so you know which can be broken instead of throwing holy water around like it’s going out of style. A link will be later of the gameplay stream showing off this hack in action, along with links to get these hacks.

This writing was done using ver of this hack released 5/6/2019.

SO HOW IS IT? So I gave it a shot and loved it on-stream and on my own! I combined this with an Annoyance Fixes hack which gave you more hearts upon defeating enemies for less grinding, and the false floors look different. That and one which allowed you to lose only half your hearts instead of all of them upon a game over. This is the version of CV2 that I wish came out when I was younger. The original still is enjoyable and has a lot of charm to it. The password system (which I’ve yet to try out honestly) and the save is wonderful, saving anywhere and restarting anywhere is great, I originally expected it to restart you at the nearest town.  Being able to figure out what the clues from villagers and the books in the mansions mean is lovely. Adding to this hack with the better day-night transition, more hearts, and the floors that can break from holy water makes your journey to try to get one of the 3 endings easier. Loosing all your lives and continuing no longer means giving up all the hearts you gathered along the way! CV2 also has one my favorite versions of Bloody tears too.

Only downside I would really give is the fact that changing from the map back to the game itself will respawn all enemies in the area, leaving you to take damage you didn’t intend or want to. Not good when you’re trying to get from point A to point B to get to a church to heal. The difficulty itself of the game is still tough later, even with the quality of life changes, so you’ll still find a challenge.


So here’s the video of the showcase stream of me playing and discussing it as i went along:

Castlevania 2 English Re-translation (+Map):
Castlevania 2 Game Over Penalty Reduction:
Castlevania 2 Annoyance Fixes:



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Quick Famicom Reviews: Mad City, New Ghostbusters 2, Samurai Pizza Cats & The Goonies

So I’ve been playing a few Famicom games here and there on and off stream, found 4 I really enjoyed. I’ve been hoping to finish them at some point, and wanted to do some quick reviews of them instead full blown blog posts on them.

MAD CITY: Mad City is the Japanese version of Konami’s Adventures of bayou Billy. It’s a lot different, biggest change being the game is easier. When the game came out in America, the difficulty was kicked up a lot. You have beat-em-up stages, shooting and driving stages as you take a lovely adventure to save your girlfriend. mad City has 3 different endings. This game is great and i enjoy it more than bayou Billy. Graphics and music are so good! Fighting off enemies can be tricky in the later levels, resulting in you losing lives faster than you want, and has limited continues. I recommend this!

NEW GHOSTBUSTERS 2: This game was only released in Japan by Hal Labortories, while the US got a piece of crap Ghostbusters game from Activision. Chose one of the 4 Ghostbusters as your player (or Luis!) and your ai controlled Ghostbuster who will man the traps while you shoot the ghosts. The game is pretty easy and a lot of it is memorization of where enemies will appear and remembering how to dodge projectiles. The game can be janky at times with where enemies appear, resulting in unfair losing of lives and wasting of limited continues. Stage 3 is long and awful and can suck the momentum you’ve gained from the first 2 levels pretty fast. I recommend this!

SAMURAI PIZZA CATS: This game is based on the anime dubbed in the US and in Japan known as Kyatto Ninden Teyandee. Side-scrolling adventure where you pick one of the 3 Cats to journey across the levels and fight the forces of Bad Bird and Big Cheese. The graphics and music are very high quality and the challenge is enough for kids or someone just trying to blow off an afternoon. Except for the last 2 levels: levels 10 and 11, those are really tricky and loosing all your life restarts you from the beginning of the level, no checkpoints. Great cinema scenes and humor abound! You also have the 4 members of the Rescue Team to get past different obstacles like boulders, swimming, digging and flying sections of levels. I recommend this!

THE GOONIES: This game was only on the Famicom and is an adventure base don The Goonies film. Only US release of this was on Vs. Playchoice arcade machines, though you can find this on multicarts. Only US Goonies video game release was Konami’s Goonies 2. play as Mikey and travel different areas to rescue one of the Goonies per level, gain items and points, and find 3 keys to get to the next area. Hidden items are in each level to protect you from enemies or the environment that you have to find by kicking or shooting in certain spots. One hidden item will allow you to skip a level, but while skipping that level you can find one of the Goonies so you’re not missing any. Hidden diamonds are found the same way and will recharge your health when enough are found. Get bombs from enemies to open safes to find keys, items, or a Goonie. Rescue all the Goonies to get to the pirate ship final level. This game is a lot of fun and I’m glad i sat down with it recently and finished it. Most of the levels have a chiptune version of Cyndi Lauper’s “The Goonies R Good Enough” for the music on that level. I recommend this!


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What is RPG Hacks Showcase?

So I’ve been playing jrpgs and some western rpgs mos tof my gaming career. When i got into retrogaming and emulation I loved being able to replay old favorites if i didn’t have the game anymore or system wasn’t hooked up. We all know there’s many changes we’ve discussed with friends that we wish were in some games, be it new plot ideas or quality of life improvements in 8 and 16bit rpgs.

Enter the rpg hacks. has a large and wonderful collection of various hacks for all games including rpgs. Some the rpg ones include different plot elements introduced or a complete hack overhaul of said game, quality of life improvements and more! A few months ago i did a couple RPG Hack Showcases for 3 Final Fantasy 6 related hacks: Return of the Dark Sorcerer, A Complete Hack and Brave New World. Brave New World increases the difficulty some and cleans up plot elements and introduces a new way to learn magic from Espers. A Complete Hack overhauls the cast along with other elements including how magic is learned. Return of the Dark Sorcerer is a complete overhaul with the same(ish) plot, but new characters replacing our heroes, different way magic is learned from Espers and a completely different map! I had fun with them and I’ve recently gotten really into FF4 Ultima again, so I wanted to do some video showcasing different elements of some rpgs.

I have a small list of what I’d like to do, as of this writing which include:
Phantasy Star 1 by sms power
Phantasy Star 2
Phantasy Star 3
Phantasy Star 4 relocalization
FF4 Ultima
FF4 Darkness Within
Castlevania 2 bisquit
Secret of Mana
Chrono Trigger
7th Saga

I can add others over time if someone has suggestions. I’m sticking to ones that are more overhuals of the game with changes to the heroes, plot, equipment and such. I also want to do some with various quality of life improvements such as faster walking, cleaner menus and fonts, dialogue changes and such. Whenever I can, I’ll try to get a save state/save for later in said games to show off other changes. I’m considering adding any for the 2 SNES Breath of Fire titles and 7th Saga in the future. I’ll try to show off said hack for 20-40 minutes through the start to give an idea of what its all about, even with spoilers. Then do a blog review of said hack and embed the stream into the blog post.

So lemme know what you think!


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TMNT of Rage: The Final Shell Shock Streets of Rage 2 Hack Review

TMNT of Rage is a successor to previous TMNT/Streets of Rage 2 mods TMNT of rage and TMNT Remix. Final Shell Shock adds more to these previous mods for a better experience. The Sreets of ragers are replaced with the Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles as they fight their way to save Apirl and stop Mr X who enlisted the help of Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady! This mod is a total throwback to the Streets of rage series and the TMNT Arcade Game and Turtles in Time. So for some of the changes, let’s take a look from the changelog:

  • A throwback to the old 90’s arcade splash screens starts off your gaming experience.
  • A six sequence ending specific to this game, the first for any SoR2 hack out there, incorporates redesigned images from the classic TMNT II and III NES games. These images also put some artistic spins on the palettes / color schemes for a bit of extra fun.
  • Those bumbling buffoons, those moronic mutants, Rocksteady and Bebop, have now joined the Syndicate! Dumber than advertised, but stronger than ever, get ready to go toe to toe with them, Bebop making his first appearance in a Genesis / Mega Drive game.
  • An updated story in attract mode complements the new ending sequence.
  • A new title screen takes greater advantage of the Genesis / Mega Drive’s palette options.
  • Thanks to Yoni, gone are road apples in favor of a nice slice! Try not to smile the first time you hear Mikey calling out “Pizza Time!” as he grabs some grub.
  • With the additional Re-Shelled patch, play the game on a Terraonion MegaSD (or with any emulator that supports MD+ functionality) to enjoy that sweet soundtrack from eskayelle’s TMNT MD+ Remix. Grab that soundtrack here!
  • Regardless of your region, the same tubular Final Shell Shock / Re-Shelled title screen and story intro will display.
  • SNES Turtles in Time portraits provide your starring cast on the player select screen.
  • Name sprite tiles on the player select screen call out Mike, Leo, Don, and Raph.
  • Are you used to Leo being the most well-rounded turtle? Raph being the strong one? Each reptile remains rebalanced!
  • Tired of getting your head stomped in by your “buddy”? Ti’s friendly fire patch has been applied, limiting the damage players can do to one another in story mode to throwing enemies and weapons.
  • Duplicate turtles in duel mode have alternate palettes, putting them that much closer to their ‘80s cartoon counterparts.
  • Galsia/Garcia and Donovan finally get their due! Play far enough into the game, and on the right difficulty setting, and you’ll have to contend with each of them once as a mini-boss.
  • Thanks to savok, now all players can run in all directions, as well as start a run when turning around. With the added speed, how many more air/juggle combos can you create with your favorite turtle?
  • Shiva’s on a leave of absence given his multiple failures to protect Mr. X. Backing X up this time is… the Shredder!
  • Continues remain removed to balance the lives options and allow for greater difficulty. Choose your turtle, and your lives count, wisely; you’ve only got one shot to take down the big man with the cigar.
  • SCD’s restorations from the original SoR2 remain: Garcia, Garuda, and Mosquito names; enemy knockouts counter; plus Mr. X’s cigar and cigar animation

This writing was a review of version 1.999 of this hack released 5/24/2020.

This hack is FUN!! Final Shell Shock gives you no continues, but you have access to add up to 99 lives for your run, on any difficulty level. So you can make this as easy or hard as you want. All four turtles are open from the start and their animation and sprites look solid and fluid and blend perfectly into the SoR2 world. The Turtles have a basic slash attack, jump and special attack which takes a little life away. Suplex and grabs fill out your moveset and you can use them at any time fighting your way through the game. If you’ve played The Arcade Game or Turtles in Time, then the controls will be a breeze to learn and master. Health powerups are pizza slices, which prompts a “Pizza time!” cry from your player, and the large turkeys to fully restore health. Picking up a fallen weapon like a sword or steel rod changes your basic attack some.

If i had to say anything bad about it, it’s a few things but they’re mainly nitpicks anyway. I wish more of the SoR goons and some bosses changes to Foot Soldiers. Aside from Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady it just seems like the TMNT were pasted into SoR2. I wish the turkeys were whole pizzas. Some of the SoR2 bosses could easily be changed (well as easy as changing the sprites and coding) to other TMNT related enemies, like the Stage 7 boss robots to Metalhead(s), and Zamza into Slash. Outside of that I haven’t found much wrong with this hack!

I did a Donatello run on Normal with 30 lives to give this a try on-stream a few days ago, if you wanna see how it plays:

TMNT: The Final Shell Shock can be found here:


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Deadpool: The NES Hack with a Mouth

deadpool (ninja gaiden 1 hack)-0

Deadpool for the NES was released by Techmoon in October of 2019, and is available either by a rompatch or downloading the rom hack itself. Deadpool is a total and complete hack of Ninja Gaiden 1, and has elements from all 3 NG games. Everything was changed for Deadpool, even the cinema scenes! Techmoon put a lot of time and love into this and it’s worth playing even if you’re not a comic fan! The graphics are great and the remixed music is fabulous, even having 8-bit renditions of DMX “X Gonna Get Ya” and George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” This game is also not for kids considering foul language in the cinema scenes. Kinda wish there were little yellow dialogue boxes though. And Deadpool on a moped. There’s also 2 difficulty levels: mercy (easy mode) and merc (hard mode) for your choosing, and I think a boss rush mode when you finish the game and a music test option. What’s also great is the game will save where you left off, so just hit load game when you restart and you’ll be back where you left off! No save states needed! At the bottom of this post are a list of links to get this rom hack and Techmoon’s sites.

So the plot involves Deadpool getting beaten in a duel with DC’s Deathstroke, then being given the Infinity Gauntlet by a mysterious young woman. Trying to keep it safe he encounters a number of enemies, including some heroes and villains across the Marvel and DC universe. Still looking for Francis, Deadpool finds himself in a larger plot involving Death herself and Thanos. There’s more but don’t want to spoil the fun. 😉

NOW THE REVIEW: Holy crow is this good. This is what all hacks should be. It’s challenging but not insane with enemy placement and cheap ai or rng. This hack completely changes up Ninja Gaiden 1 to Deadpool. Everything was changed: cinema scenes, levels, power-ups, plot. The tutorial level to learn how to control Deadpool and his gear is even fun! It works as a level itself so when you begin the game itself, any extra goodies you acquired during the tutorial stays with you in Stage 1. This game isn’t for kids, like any Deadpool book. There is raunchy language and mature themes. Deadpool can collect food items and when he has enough can set off a bomb that blows up any enemies on screen, except for certain enemies and bosses. Deadpool’s special abilities include guns, a jumpslash, rockets, and a teleport slash. You wanna be invincible for a few moments, find yourself a nice meatsuit. So after I found this originally I played it on stream in merc (hard) mode and managed to limp my way to stage 5. Playing on my own as of this writing in mercy (easy mode).

GRAPHICS AND SOUND: Not much to say here, everything from NG is different. Deadpool and the various enemies throughout stages and the bosses look great! Throughout the game Deadpool changes outfits from his traditional red and black costume. The backgrounds have a great style to them and they’re not just empty fields of color, and obstacles and everything you climb and jump onto look great too. The graphics during the cutscenes have a lot of life to them as well, even some are animated. The developers really got the style of Deadpool from the comics and the movies! The bosses look like who they’re supposed to be depicting also. The music is great, with the aforementioned 8bit renditions of “X Gonna Get Ya” and George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” Boss music is about the same as it was in NG1, but that’s ok.

PLAY CONTROL: Deadpool controls as well as Ryu does in the ninja Gaiden titles, meaning he does what you want him to. He has his basic slash and jump abilities. the tutorial mode will show you how to activate his other special skills, along with the special bomb when you collect all food items. Hot boxes all seem logical though like NG, the knockback from getting hit by enemies can really mess you up if you don’t slash at the right time when jumping to take out an enemy.

CHALLENGE: This is a challenge even on easy mode. Easy mode you won’t have as many enemies around, but the ones that do remain are in places where you gotta think on your feet to defeat them and claim a platform or floating piece of land. Hard mode you’ll be dealing with enemies that will make your life hell, level design, and in some cases, dealing with the weather either wind blowing in different directions (think stage 2-2 in NG2), and ice physics (my fav!). Both modes there’s a number of spots where you’ll have to earn your way through the level due to the enemies in your way. The boss fights are fun once you learn their movesets! If you know your way through NG1, you’re gonna know many of these bosses as they move and attack the way their counterparts do in NG1, just not in the same order as NG1. Oh and try to figure out the secret code when you pause the game for maximum effort! And there’s more fun when you finish the game on normal/merc mode too!


TechMoon Facebook page
TechMoon Youtube
TechMoon on Instagram
Deadpool IPS patch @
Deadpool rom bundles


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Various Star Wars Retro Game Reviews

So after my Star Wars retro game variety night on the 4th into the 5th, and a second variety night to revisited a few titles and I figured I’d so a little more SW related content with a few little retro game reviews. Decided to add a mini review of Star Wars Trilogy Arcade too!

STAR WARS: DEATH STAR BATTLE (ATARI 2600): Not much to say about an Atari 2600 title. You fly the Millennium Falcon, blasting TIEs and Imperial Shuttles till a hole opens up in the shield. Fly through it you gotta destroy parts of the Death Star 2 to expose the core. Blast the core you win the round, but you can get blown up too. The laser also tracks you. graphics and sound are good for what they are, and everything looks like what you think it is. Challenge comes from the rng of it, one round you can do great and beat a personal high school, the next you get blasted by everything including the kitchen sink. Wish i had this as a kid cause its fun! Think I’m gonna buy a copy now…

STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (ATARI 2600): This I had as a kid and played for hours along with River Raid. You’re a snowspeeder blasting AT-ATs during the Battle of Hoth. A row of Walkers block your path and you gotta keep shooting at them to damage them till they explode. Your snowspeeder and the AT-ATs change different colors as they take damage, sometimes a glowing dot appearing that will grant you a OHKO on the Walker. Graphics are great and the sound effects aren’t annoying. Challenge comes from avoiding enemy shots and blasting the Walkers as they start slow and get faster as they march towards Echo Base.

STAR WARS (FAMICOM): This game belongs in the trash compacter on the first Death Star. I don’t think even the Dianoga would eat this! It would be forgivable if it was the one that came out for the NES, but i think Namco didn’t even watch A New Hope. graphics and music are decent at least, very challenging since you die in one hit and no continues. Oh and you travel to different planets with landscapes based on places on Earth for no reason to save your friends. Least the space battles with the Millennium Falcon are cool. Yes, this is THAT Star Wars game where Darth Vader turns into different animals when you fight him. Scorpion Vader still sounds like something from Super Sentai.

STAR WARS ARCADE (32x): Oh lord, the good about this is that it’s a very solid space flight sim, taking the basics of the pc Tie Fighter/X-Wing series. The graphics and music are ok, least the TIE’s and your X-Wing look like they’re supposed to. The 32x port has the original arcade and a 32x mode that’s harder, and you can play two players: one person as pilot and the other shoots. You go through a number of stages on your way to blast the first and then the second Death Stars through waves of TIEs. The voice acting of Darth Vader and Admiral Ackbar are atrocious.

STAR WARS EPISODE 1 RACER (PC/STEAM): I had this years ago on PC and played the hell outta it and was glad I found this on Steam. I wish I had the n64 version sometimes though. This is a racing game of the famous pod racing scene in The Phantom Menace. Play as kid Anakin or any other driver, replace and upgrade your pod racer parts at Watto’s shop, race to earn cash! The graphics in this still hold up, during the races, they’re BEAUTIFUL!! Game is fast and doesn’t hit any lag or gets jumpy when you blow up or other racers are on the field. Play via controller (if you can get one to work), or keyboard/mouse. Like most Star Wars titles, this one still holds up for pc.

STAR WARS TRILOGY ARCADE: Released in 1998, this is one of the definitive Star Wars titles. The graphics and amazing and crisp John Williams soundtrack still holds up! You play through flying and first-person shooter stages during the Battle of Yavin IV, the battle of Hoth, and destroying the shield generator on Endor during the Battle of Endor from the original trilogy. Bonus stages include a lightsaber fight with Boba Fett and Darth Vader, leading to another space battle sage flying into and destroying the second Death Star. All the graphics, sound and controls on this are tight! I played this finally getting a supermodel3 emulator working and fiddling with the stats a lot. Most time splaying this via emulator the game won’t be at full space, or the graphics will glitch, and lightsabers won’t be the right colors. But it’s nothing distracting enough to turn you off from spending 20-30 minutes blasting TIEs and Stormtroopers. I’m also amused there’s a Wampa room during the Hoth stage based on a a deleted scene from Empire Strikes Back.



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Willow Arcade Review


I remember seeing Willow in the movie theaters as a kid and loved it. It was a wonderful and charming fantasy movie with a likable cast, great action, and comedy. Capcom released 2 different Willow games in 1989. The arcade Willow is an action platformer title with some rpg elements with the stores. Willow released for the NES was a great action-rpg that took a lot from Zelda and titles before it. Willow was chosen by the holy baby Elora Danan to protect her. Setting off from his village and meets friends and enemies to battle the forces of the queen Bavmorda.

Arade Willow consists of 6 different stages depicting parts of the movie. You start the game as Willow himself. Willow jumps across obstacles and throwing his magic acorns to defeat enemies, mini-bosses and stage bosses. Some stages let you use the knight Madmartigan who plays more of a melee fighter considering he has a sword. The stages include: Crossroads, Cherlindrea’s Forest, Fin Raziel’s Island, Sorsha’s Camp, Tir Asleen Castle, and Nockmaar Castle. Some stages you’ll switch between using Willow or Madmartigan for the stage, with Stage 5 letting you choose one of the 2, and Stage 6 starts with Madmartigan and ends with Willow taking on the mad queen Bavmorda in one of the toughest final boss fights I ever experienced.

Shops run by gnomes with really creepy feather(?) eyebrows dot the landscape. Picking up gold from defeated enemies let you buy powerups, life bar increases (up to 6) and healing items. Willow’s powerups are more powerful ranged magics, Madmartigan’s are sword upgrades. Each powerup can be thrown at different levels by holding the attack button and charging the meter. All of Willow’s different magics consist of different types of attacks, including one the turns enemies to extra gold. The way the game works, you will need to get Willow’s best magic to even stand a chance against Bavmorda. So get to every shop you find, there’s normally 2 per stage.

REVIEW TIME: I had honestly never known there was a Willow arcade game until a few months ago when I was hunting down new MAME roms for streaming and playing on my own. Turning it on I loved it right away. Capcom hit it out of the park with the atmosphere and music, along with the enemy and stage variety. Except that cart stage at the end of Stage 2. It sucks. I had played this on stream and gotten up to the end after a lot of deaths and trying new things. I failed miserably against Bavmorda thanks to not knowing her attacks well, and not realizing how the magic/sword powerup system really worked. Watching some videos on youtube I realized I needed to concentrate more on Willow’s magic to get his ultimate magic for the final fight. Second time around after a very long and frustrating series of matches, I finally beat her and brought peace to the lands. I also didn’t realize the game had dipswitches after my first stream, so I messed with them some to give myself more of a chance, and changing the amount of lives from 1 quarter to 4. I also really wish the Brownies somehow made it into the game. XD

GRAPHICS AND SOUND: The graphics are gorgeous in Willow and hold to Capcom’s high standards. The foreground and backgrounds are very detailed and colorful, even all the enemies, human and otherwise, are bathed in different colors instead of being just one shade or color. Magic spells and Madmartigan’s attacks are very detailed as you upgrade your gear. The music is very good and fits the fantasy atmosphere of the game. Boss fight music will get you pumped up, and the whimsical tune playing when you’re sledding down the snowy hill collecting gold will make you smile. I do love the track playing fighting the final boss Bavmorda!

PLAY CONTROL: Play control is very tight. You have two buttons, one for attacking, one for jumping. Holding up as you jump gives you the high jump, and when high jumping to higher cliffs and platforms Willow and Madmartigan can climb up. Holding the attack button charges your magic or sword to one of its levels. The more magic or sword power the longer it takes to charge to max, but it’s pretty fast. Both buttons are quite responsive.

CHALLENGE: Game isn’t hard, it’s a platformer so you gotta be careful where you jump and attacking enemies. Some jumps can be tricky especially in the later levels. A lot of the challenge comes from the mini and boss fights, along with how upgraded Willow’s magic and Madmartigan’s sword are. The final fight with Bavmorda is HARD. If you don’t have Willow’s magic upgraded to the final magic Crystal, you’re gonna have a bad time avoiding her shots. Be sure to try saving your gold for the upgrades and life bar increases (up to 6, dafaq?!), get as many defensive items as you can before Bavmorda.

A friend of mine DariaPlaysRPGs also did an amazing video regarding NES Willow:



I wish these guys were in the game, even as a cameo.

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