Whatcha playing?

(Pic is not me, honest. XD)

So I havent posted for awhile, figured id update on what ive been playing via nes, snes and gba:

Finished Wizards & Warriors 1 recently and at the final bosses for River City Ransom and wizards & warriors 3. w&w1 was fun, though all those wacky jumps made it a chore at times! Rcr is fun! even grinding and beating people up for money is fun hearing them yell “BARF!” when defeated. W&W3 is average garbage, game had a lot of potential and lack of continues and passwords killed that..May finally try Faxanadu again, along with Willow, Destiny of an Emperor also. Finished those first 2 when i was doing emulation via my Dreamcast. Maybe restart Legacy of the Wizard and Ultima 4 too. And enjoying Adventure Island 2 somehow! Continue reading


2018, Zelda, and Stuff

So to close out 2018, it was a total Meteor dumpsterfire of a year. But I got back into retrogaming starting with GBA and snes. Managed to finish 6 games…one day ill write reviews of them:

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
Metroid: Zero Mission
DBZ: Legacy of Goku 2
Zelda 2

Yes Zelda 2. I never finished this as a kid and always got stuck on the damn Thunderbird before Dark Link. Inspired by a fellow streamer I nailed through the game faster than I expected and finished it tonight to close out 2018.


Any Zelda games past the 2 n64 titles Ive never played seeing my last Nintendo system was the n64. So of earlier Zelda titles:
Zelda 1 (finished both quests, can even finish both with just the blue ring and/or white sword)
Zelda 2 (finished)
Link to the Past (finished)
Link’s Awakening (finished,may return to this)
Oracle of Ages/Seasons (haven’t played but want to)
Minish Cap (playing now)
Ocarina of Time (Finished, fu water temple)
Majora’s Mask (aka groundhog day the video game. Never quite got into it)

and been finding myself rediscovering Super Mario Bros 2. XD

and started catching up on my DC books, mostly the maxi series Heroes in Crisis and Doomsday Clock, and finished Tom King’s Mister Miracle run, highly recommended.

Also been inspired a lot by new friends and my new retro family on twitter, discord and fb. I’m hoping 2019 I can break my mental blocks and turn on my consoles and go back to my dreamcast, ps2 and other systems.


Protect me White Mage!

So in many of my photos I have plastic boxes holding the cib’s and some carts. These are clear plastic boxes from retroprotection. They come in all shapes and sizes for systems themselves, game boxes, cart bags, and they even have protectors for non game merchandise like figures, cds and dvds, funko pops and more. Ive been using them for protecting some of my stuff for a few years now and never had issues.

Links for their online store and ebay. Some stuff that is sold out in the store itself may be on ebay and vice-versa:

Retroprotection Store
Retroprotector ebay store

How I Retro

I do still have all my old systems, but only have my current hdtv. I normally hook up one at a time, or sometimes 2 depending on which wires are needed. Yeah the older stuff doesnt look at good as on a crt or rgb connectors, but I do what I can with my resources and older hdtv, that and switch box issues.

So Ive been doing emulation as well as buying games for years. Back in the 90’s 200s when emulation started I did what I was able to do on my current pc(s) at the time, going with keyboard controls. Worked best for rpgs. 🙂 Over time did more and got into MAME as well. Continue reading

Of Maps and Monsters 8 and 16 bit

One my favorite things of rpgs and adventure games bit era were the extra material. Maps, spell and item lists, monster and skill charts and more. Always fun to open up the box ready to dive into the adventure and skimming over the information. and this was before gamefaqs remember! sometimes we have to buy grid paper and draw our own maps and scribble notes on them! The artwork and information was always a treasure to look at and admiring the artwork.

So I went through a few things I had to take photos of, inspired by HungryGoriya.

Continue reading

Game collecting

So I have an atari 2600, nes, snes, sega cdx, n64, dreamcast, ps2 and ps3. Ive enjoyed video games most my life and never considered myself a collector until some years ago when i won a dreamcast in an online contest. Thats when the bug really hit. Ive always enjoyed adventure games and jprgs the most. Give me good gameplay and a good story and im hooked. Even with the boring grinding. XD

Edit 11/19: added Lunars, psx, ps2 and ps3 games. Oops.