E3 Stuff

I really should have posted this last week. Good grief I keep forgetting to do stuff.

So E3 was last week and it was fabulous. So he’s a few of my thoughts.

Still never been too sold on Micro$oft and X-Box, but seeing Keanu Reeves and Cyberpunk 2077 was awesome!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 looks great. I miss that series. And video footage of Square’s Avengers game. Oooo!!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake looks amazing. May get me to finally get a PS4. That and finally get Spider-Man. You know, for reasons. 😉


Aeris is way too beautiful. ❤

Banjo-Kazooie and DQ Hero in Smash? Awesome! and more Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing.

I hope Star Wars: Fallen Jedi redeems EA after their track record with the Star Wars license.

Zelda: Breath of the Wind sequel!

Much as FF8 isn’t my jam, I’m thrilled about the FF8 Remastered.

OMG TRIALS OF MANA ON SWITCH, A REAL VERSION OF SEIKEN DENSETSU 3 IN THE STATS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!! I think i do need a Switch now, more so then a PS4. Secret of Mana is still a favorite of mine back when I was a teen. I’m finishing a Hawkeye run in Seiken 3 now on my phone emulators, and I finished FF Adventure years back when I did emulation of my Dreamcast. This is great.

I think this Jojo Part 3 video Joseph Joestar “Oh No,Oh My God,Holy Shit,etc” compilations says it all on my E3 thoughts.



Mental Health and stuff

Hi im Chris and I am a mental health advocate and have mental health issues myself. I have neurological issues from growing up, went to a private school. Have ADHD, anxiety and some depression, and I think i’m fighting with executive disorder as well. I have trouble getting moving to do things I have or want to do at time, like turn on a console for my video games, make important phone calls or texts, read or study, go outside, etc. Video games and gardening help balance me as my self-care. I’m wishing ive done more in the past to fix and check my brain out more in the past and struggling now to figure things out, even financially. Finding doing emulation on my phone is really chill and i can play anywhere. Alternative for me for now till I have time/can turn on my consoles, or even im out. And wishing I had, or could figure out the money to get help even with my UNH insurance. lol

That said May is mental health month. Earlier in the month was RPGLimitBreak convention for speedrunning rpgs, in which this year they were doing donations for NAMI, National Alliance for Mental Illness. I happily donated and if/when i can start streaming, i plan to set up my paypal or cashapp for donations. Then if/when i go affiliate I’ll set up subs for that purpose too, as well as donations to animal care.


So here’s some links:
NAMI main page
Donate to NAMI

I also found that they have a NJ chapter, so gonna explore their site later.

Thanks for letting me share this.




NES cibs

So got my new Faxanadu box and manual today, along with some extra protector boxes for my cib nes titles that i still didnt have protectors for.

And here they are: Faxanadu, Micro Machines, Crystalis, Life Force, Blades of Steel and Captain America and the Avengers.




Still trying to finish games and see my rpg backlog! Boo-urns


Yup I have been Zidane, sorry about that.


So ive got 4 games at the endgame via emulating on my phone: Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, Legacy of the Wizard, Soul Blazer, and Y’s 3. With those, gonna concentrate on Y’s 3, cause i really hate that final boss, and soul blazer, and work my way to Aria of sorrow since after i finish it i wanna sit down for a bit with the hard and Julius modes. Still sucks im missing 1 soul and its one from a damn boss too.

Queded up more of less is me trying to get through the last bosses in Y’s 4, and deciding on starting Destiny of an Emperor, Crystalis and Faxanadu. Taking an Earthbound break.

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Whatcha playing?

(Pic is not me, honest. XD)

So I havent posted for awhile, figured id update on what ive been playing via nes, snes and gba:

Finished Wizards & Warriors 1 recently and at the final bosses for River City Ransom and wizards & warriors 3. w&w1 was fun, though all those wacky jumps made it a chore at times! Rcr is fun! even grinding and beating people up for money is fun hearing them yell “BARF!” when defeated. W&W3 is average garbage, game had a lot of potential and lack of continues and passwords killed that..May finally try Faxanadu again, along with Willow, Destiny of an Emperor also. Finished those first 2 when i was doing emulation via my Dreamcast. Maybe restart Legacy of the Wizard and Ultima 4 too. And enjoying Adventure Island 2 somehow! Continue reading

2018, Zelda, and Stuff

So to close out 2018, it was a total Meteor dumpsterfire of a year. But I got back into retrogaming starting with GBA and snes. Managed to finish 6 games…one day ill write reviews of them:

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
Metroid: Zero Mission
DBZ: Legacy of Goku 2
Zelda 2

Yes Zelda 2. I never finished this as a kid and always got stuck on the damn Thunderbird before Dark Link. Inspired by a fellow streamer I nailed through the game faster than I expected and finished it tonight to close out 2018.


Any Zelda games past the 2 n64 titles Ive never played seeing my last Nintendo system was the n64. So of earlier Zelda titles:
Zelda 1 (finished both quests, can even finish both with just the blue ring and/or white sword)
Zelda 2 (finished)
Link to the Past (finished)
Link’s Awakening (finished,may return to this)
Oracle of Ages/Seasons (haven’t played but want to)
Minish Cap (playing now)
Ocarina of Time (Finished, fu water temple)
Majora’s Mask (aka groundhog day the video game. Never quite got into it)

and been finding myself rediscovering Super Mario Bros 2. XD

and started catching up on my DC books, mostly the maxi series Heroes in Crisis and Doomsday Clock, and finished Tom King’s Mister Miracle run, highly recommended.

Also been inspired a lot by new friends and my new retro family on twitter, discord and fb. I’m hoping 2019 I can break my mental blocks and turn on my consoles and go back to my dreamcast, ps2 and other systems.