Theme Night: Spider-Man games

So I’m a big Spider-Man fan from the comics and various movies and cartoon shows. When i came up with the Theme Night ideas, doing one of various Spider-Man games throughout the years was one of my first ideas. I started reading Spider-Man on and off as a teen when the infamous Clone Saga was revving up, and later officially added the book to my comic pull list when the Big Time arc started when Brand New Day was winding down. I think my fav Spider-Man movies are the 2 MCU films, the animated into the Spider-verse (I’m also a big fan of Spider-Gwen), and Spider-Man 2 of the Sam Raimi trilogy. Kinda a tossup between my favorite cartoon series of the Fox Kids 90’s Spider-Man, and Spectacular Spider-Man (a show cut off prematurely in its prime). I’ve enjoyed the later animated series since marvel took over to a point. I like what they’ve done adapting classic stories and making new ones, but some of the animation and gags are really lame. So this is gonna be me trying out 10 various games across systems, including Spider-Man the arcade game.

Games played:
spider-man (arcade)
amazing spider-man (gameboy)
spider-man web of fire (sega 32x)
spider-man vs kingpin (sega cd)
spider-man lethal foes (super famicom, translation patch available)
spider-man return of sinister six (nes)
spider-man the movie (gba)
spider-man & venom: maximum carnage (snes)
ultimate spider-man (gba)
spider-man 2: enter electro (psx)

SPIDER-MAN ARCADE (arcade): This game is a lot of fun! Really captures the comics in great detail with the option to play as Spider-Man, Black-Cat, Hakweye or Namor(?!). Bosses include Dr Doom and other member sof his rogue gallery, goons include thugs and what looks like Hellfire Club goons. The game is a brawler, but has platforming aspects when the game zooms out which is a nice change. The platforming areas include killing enemies and you can gather extra hearts for your life too. Like most brawlers, this game is a quarter muncher when it comes to bosses. Give this a try on MAME!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (gameboy): This was the first Spider-Man game on Gameboy. Graphics and control are decent enough as is the music. Side-scrolling game where you punch and kick your way fighting Spider-Man’s enemies. Nothing really stands out.

SPIDER-MAN WEB OF FIRE (sega 32x): This game is trash. The graphics, controls, music and all over presentation is sloppy. Only plus side I found was the animation and how fluid Spider-Man moves. Avoid this one, or keep it since it goes for a lot on ebay.

SPIDER-MAN VS THE KINGPIN (sega cd): On the other hand, this game runs beautifully and has a kickass soundtrack! The cinema scenes progressing the story are in a cartoon style and feels like the comic books (and Mary Jane looks like the Little Mermaid, what’s with that?).

SPIDER-MAN: LETHAL FOES (super famicom): This was never released in the US and I came across this by accent looking up games for Spider-Man night, and found an English translation patch for it too. This plays more of a side-scrolling adventure rather than a brawler like Maximum Carnage.

SPIDER-MAN: RETURN OF THE SINISTER SIX (nes): This was based loosley on the storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #334-339. You fight Doc Octopus, Electro, Sandman, Mysterio, Vulture and Hobgoblin through straightforward platforming levels. Game is well done for a NES title but the controls are really loose and janky. You can prepare a perfect punch and end up jumpkicking by accident. Hard to knock off goons and the Sinister Six that way which may cause additional frustration.

SPIDER-MAN THE MOVIE (gba): This game is based on the first of the Tobey Maguire movie trilogy. Game has its own plot that incorporates a lot from the movie’s plot into it. The animation is great and punches and kicks are delivered with comic book action balloon sound effects. The webswinging levels are genius, the normal side-scrolling levels are ok at most, nothing really special. Play control is a bit tricky sometimes as well as hit boxes. Decent enough challenge if you decide to play this one afternoon.

SPIDER-MAN & VENOM: MAXIMUM CARNAGE (snes): Growing up in the 90’s I’ve met a number of people with history with this game. Either renting or owning it and playing it for hours, with it’s great soundtrack by the band Green Jelly. The high difficulty factor and few continues really make this game to crack. The controls are great and presentation is very colorful, and the game continues the story of Maximum Carnage with comic book animated cutscenes straight from the books. Some levels you’re fighting goons, some you’re climbing up buildings and others you fight a boss. Recommended even with its high difficulty.

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (gba): Ultimate is based on the Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker from Earth 1610, going by the Ultimate Venom storyarcs.   You start playing as Spider-Man and can switch heroes with Ultimate Venom later in the game. The game follows the plot of the comics loosely, of course being a video game you have a number of other missions to perform. Play control is easy to master, and on screen direction for Spider-Man and Venom will show you how to perform their moves. Definitely a game for fans of the comics.

SPIDER-MAN 2: ENTER ELECTRO (psx): This game is a continuation of the first PSX Spider-Man title, picking up where it left off after defeating Doctor Octopus in the previous game. If you played the first game, then this is more of the same, with more Stan lee voiceovers! Some new moves were added and a new set of costumes to unlock were added also, some canon some aren’t. The costumes from the first game are still there from the black suit to amazing bagman. The camera angles are still crappy but if you enjoyed the first game then you’ll enjoy this one!

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