Happy New Year 2022

Another year of streaming and gaming in the books! This year i didn’t finish as much as the previous year, but that’s ok. I added a number of new games to my belt I finished, including some hacks. Had a blast finishing some on my own and in stream and made progress catching up to finish older favorites. So here’s the list for 2021:
mario advance – SMB2
castlevania legends

mad city famicom
new ghostbusters 2 famicom
castlevania 2 (vanillia and bisquit hack best ending)

zelda link to the past
Starfox 2
SMB3 no warp (mario all-stars)

Ghouls & Ghosts – 1st loop

castlevania dracula x chronicles – richter and maria 74%

dead or alive 2
soul calibur
capcom vs snk

mega man 3 revamped/improvement hack
Final fantasy C2
Beatles adventures in pepperland smb2 hack

Thanks everyone who joined me on another year in my journey of streaming. 2022 is year 2 and I hope to fix many of my own issues with streaming and go to bigger things. 2021 was when I finally upgraded a lot for my streaming with adding channel pt redemptions and videos and sounds through Triggerfye, and upgrading my layout with an overlay for the majority of what I play. Big thanks to Kakalakola for the Fire Luigi gif too! I also do enjoy capping screencaps and other images for the image of what I’m playing or doing, especially editing ones for my themed stuff like Retrorevisited and the Hack Showcases. I also finally upgraded my emulation systems to retroarch for the majority of them, with standalones due to my system being slow-ish for dreamcast, psx, psp, gamecube, n64 and still using MAME standalone.

Things go right, a few themed stuff will be ending this year unless I come up with new things to add to them like Retrorevisited. Retrorevisited last stream will be returning to playing the classic Links 386 Pro! Mega Man Derusting may continue past Mega Man 8 with 9 through 11 on Steam, and of course the Mega Man Viewer’s Choices and possibly Mario Mania finishing too. Still may pick up and give the Short Adventure Theatre idea a try sometime. Monthly themed games for the Metroid, Dragon Quest, FF4 (Ultima hack, Interlude, After Years), and Earthbound series still possible. I’ve got some fun hack showcases lined up, though I may hold off on some rpgs where I play through some of it for additional new content since it’s getting to be a chore. probably after the current FF6 stuff. I do really want to get back to a rpg and non-rpg randomizing wheel to decide what to play outside themed stuff. March will be mega Man and my 2 year affiliate anniversary. Star Wars May I promise to be more organized with starting on May 4th like I usually do with solid games, and stripping things down for Kainetober in October too. I should start putting a trailer together for Mega March.

Mental issues still suck…lack of motivation sometimes, just wanting to veg and watch tv and not do things for people. Executive disorder when I want/need to do something but can’t push myself to do it. My other favorite feeling tired but wanting to stream after work, setting up retroarch, OBS, getting my going live message in twitter ready, then sitting down to motivate myself to start watching tv and eating pre-stream…and losing track of time watching or doing something or I fall asleep. Don’t get me wrong the sleep is nice, but it’s so annoying. Part of that, motivation, and work wrecking me (I work nights remember) is how my streaming got so sporadic over the past few months between night and afternoon streams to kill time and catch up. That and makes me sad sometimes I’m not too popular, though I’m well known in general and for playing hacks, I know they say ‘fuck the numbers, go stream dude!’ but tends to be a guy punch sometimes, you know? Since I’ve loved gaming since I was a kid with my Atari 2600, and later Commodore 64 and Atari XE before hitting the road running with a NES.

So that’s all my thoughts so far. Lemme know your thoughts on twitter, comments, etc. Thanks for understanding my issues, etc. Sorry this New Years post was later than I normally do them! Game on!!



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