Happy New Year 2021!!

Happy New Year everyone!! let’s throw 2020 in the dumpster fire it belongs and break on through to the other side for 2021! This year I finally took the plunge in streaming and found a liking to it even with my personal issues, finished some more rpgs and more! Not much was done outside of other interests like conventions and photo taking due to covid, but more on that later. And I’ve had this blog little over 2 years now too!

So that said, here’s the list of games i finished between streaming and on my own. I’m honestly surprised i had more than I expected to. Kirby 1 & 2 were the first ones I finished on stream! I normally wouldn’t include hacks or arcade games (due to their nature), but I wanted to include the 2 of each for completion purposes. That and those 2 arcade games were the longest ones I played. Wow 24 games between streaming and on my own!

kirby dream land 1
kirby dream land 2
who framed roger rabbit
castlevania aria of sorrow

mega man
mega man 2
mega man 3
the goonies famicom
the uninvited
monster party
gureilla war
splatterhouse wanpaku graffiti
tmnt arcade game famicom
tmnt manhattan project famicom

front mission: gun hazard


ff4 ultima
ff4 threat from within

D&D shadows of mysteria

Streaming: I got out of one of my comfort zones and started streaming last January. First streams were arcade games and Kirby before i settled into things. Wasn’t until march that I made twitch Affiliate. I’m still struggling a lot getting started streaming, figuring what and how i want to stream and all. I made some amazing friends and humbled by the help and love from the community. I have some great plans for this year and hoping to go back to rpgs in the future, and my theme nights. Of course I get another job streaming schedules will be out of wack for awhile.

Other Interests: Still enjoying comics, though going to conventions is on hold with covid obviously. Still love gardening. Will be finishing up old pre-covid photos soon once I track them down. Still got a lot of NYCC stuff to go through. Been able to condense and redo parts of my game collection this past year. Almost have all the NES black box titles, and i finished getting all versions of Final Fantasy 6 over the past year! Now just to build that media case…

Mental Health: Still working on things. Streaming helped me out of my comfort zone and i do enjoy it. When i have the energy after work or nights, and can get myself to hit the ‘start streaming’ button on obs after getting everything set up. needing to do better with money after some mistakes last year, especially with the pandemic stimulus’. Hoping this year pick myself up, get to one the health offices nearby and begin a mental health journey to figure out what’s going on with my brain, and wha ti can do about it and with it. Still finding myself not having time or mental blocks to turn on my consoles, though having fun with my phone emulators (and streaming). Need to push myself more to do productive things and not let executive disorder own me.

Later Goals: Get better and more confident with streaming, get more of an audience. Would be amazing for more regular Twitch checks but whatever. That can go back into streaming, especially for that set of headphones I want. Need to get better at saving money since older. 2020 stimulus checks helped but i screwed up along the way. Have some last larger things to upgrade: bed, TV and pc. Maybe finally get the urge for another game system, probably a Switch. Big gardening plans this year! Hopefully get back to photography too, and reorganize my blog and streaming more instead of trying to be more adamant on a schedule.