Legend of Zelda 1 White Sword/Blue Ring Both Quests Run

When I was a kid I was able to do a run of Zelda 1 in both quests only getting the White Sword and Blue Ring upgrades, instead of going for the Red Ring in Death Mountain and the Master Sword in the Graveyard. It was tough, but I managed to do it. Years later I remembered I used to do this and wanted to stream me preforming this feat for prosperity. I did a Zelda 1 1st Quest run and 2nd Quest run on stream and now I can share the full videos of the run and how I won for the record.

Both runs had their ups and downs. I had a few dumb deaths in the first half of the First Quest, and managed to not get a game over again until Death Mountain. Was nice with the First Quest that I can go get bombs early, 2 Heart Containers and the White Sword before i even start the dungeons! Can’t do really do that with the Second! The Second Quest I forgot how especially rough it could be even out of the gate. Hit some walls at the 2nd and 7th Dungeons, and of course Death Mountain in both Quests.



If anyone’s interested also, I made a victory video for fighting and beating Ganon in both quests:

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