New Ghostbusters 2 (Famicom) Review

New Ghostbusters 2 was released in Japan and Europe by Lal Laboratories. This game is much different and a lot better than the crappy ghostbusters games that came out in the US. It’s likely thought licensing issues is what stopped this hidden gem from a stateside release. You proceed through 5 levels based on the movie and trap ghosts which appear and fight some bosses in levels. You can pick from the 4 Ghostbusters: Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston (who is blue) and even Louis. Your partner is controlled by the ai and controls the ghost traps while the player traps ghosts with the proton packs. your player loses a life with one hit and there’s limited continues, so a lot of proceeding through the game is memorization of where ghosts appear, avoiding any attacks, and how they move. This game is really fun! I discovered this last year but couldn’t finish it, but recently did in 2021!

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