Final Fantasy 6: World’s Collide Randomizer (ver 0.9.3 as of 11/14/2021)


Worlds Collide is an open-world randomizer for Final Fantasy 3/6. It follows the same features and format as other open-world randomizers FF4 Free Enterprise and FF5 Career Day. Set up your seed (seed being the type of randomizer you wanna play) by difficulty, randomizing heroes, Espers, monsters, gear and more! Your final goal in the game is to acquire the prerequisite heroes and Espers (which you can change the amount from 3 heroes or Esper, up to all 14 heroes and/or 26 Espers including the 8 Dragons) so you can enter Kefka’s Tower in the World of Ruin and win the game. You can play a normal open world game, or one set up with character gating. Character gating is when your starting hero(es) are limited to key events tied to them, to see if you get a new hero, Esper, or gear. For example Strago is tied to the Burning House, Ebot’s Rock and Fanatic’s Tower, and Edger is tied to the Ancient Castle and Figaro Castle in the WOB and WOR. A spoiler log can be generated with your seed (in a handy zip file with the smc rom and txt log) if you so wish if you get stuck. Only issues I’ve found with both style games, especially character gating, is that the key events tends to be geared more towards gear and Espers, so it may take a while going through everyone’s gating to pick up a new hero or two and make progress.

From the start you begin at Narshe with the airship Blackjack in the World of Balance and have access to all locations there, towns, dungeons, etc. Getting on the airship you have the option to fly around, do stuff in the airship, or go to the World of Ruin. Going to the Floating Continent when you have Shadow in character gating starts the trigger of forming a party of 3 and fighting your way through the Imperial Airforce and Ultros before plopping onto the Floating Continent.  The World of Ruin flips you to the World of Ruin with the Falcon at Narshe, and again, access to all locations. But Doom Gaze is still around somewhere and could strike at any time. You can also set to start with Moogle Charms, which eliminate random enemy fights.

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