Final Fantasy 6: Beyond Chaos Randomizer (SNES)

Hack Showcases and RPG Hack Showcases are a series where I show off various game and rpg hacks. I try to stick with hacks that improve gameplay or add quality of life features, completely or partially change the plot and characters, along with additional content, dialogue, graphical and sound improvements. Non-rpgs I try to give a full run to, or at least enough for a solid review. Rpgs I will stick with titles that have enough changes in the beginning to show off, and when I can, show parts later in the games where more differences appear. There may be spoilers in the reviews and videos. Some of these I may stream fully in the future or play on my own. Reviews are open to later revisions due to bug and content updates or me playing them and finding anything new I wish to bring up.

The FF6 Beyond Chaos randomizer is one of the most in-depth randomizers for any game. BC was originally developed by Abyssonym, then maintained by SubtractionSoup, now maintained by DarkSlash88 and available on Github. Nearly everything is randomized, including treasure, enemies, colors, graphics, character abilities, music, sprites, and more. The program will give you a list when you load up the program of different flags to add to your seed. Flags being different changes from graphics, skills, magic, scenarios and more! The main game flags are as follows:

o Shuffle characters’ in-battle commands
w Generate new commands for characters, replacing old commands.
z Always have “Sprint Shoes” effect.
b Make the game more balanced by removing exploits such as Joker Doom, Vanish/Doom, and the Evade/Mblock bug.
m Randomize enemy stats.
c Randomize palettes and names of various things.
i Randomize the stats of equippable items.
q Randomize what equipment each character can wear and character stats.
e Randomize esper spells and levelup bonuses.
t Randomize treasure, including chests, colosseum, shops, and enemy drops.
u Umaro risk. (Random character will be berserk)
l Randomize blitz inputs.
n Randomize window background colors.
f Randomize enemy formations.
s Swap character graphics around.
p Randomize the palettes of spells and weapon animations.
d Randomize final dungeon.
a Organize rages alphabetically (default)
h Organize rages by highest level first
g Randomize dances
k Randomize the clock in Zozo

You can also set BC to different types of games as well along with playing the main game, such as an Ancient Cave type game based off the randomized Ancient Cave in Lufia 2, Only fight the 8 Dragons and more. This randomizer is highly customizable for a tough and possibly fun game!

With most romhacks, strongly suggested to check out the readme files for advice on the changes to hacks and any gameplay tips, especially with rpgs. Readme files for rpg hacks can contain additional gameplay advice, etc, and it’s worth subscribing to hacks you like on RHDN to keep up with updates for bug fixes, additional content, etc.

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Final Fantasy 6: World’s Collide Randomizer (ver 0.9.3 as of 11/14/2021)


Worlds Collide is an open-world randomizer for Final Fantasy 3/6. It follows the same features and format as other open-world randomizers FF4 Free Enterprise and FF5 Career Day. Set up your seed (seed being the type of randomizer you wanna play) by difficulty, randomizing heroes, Espers, monsters, gear and more! Your final goal in the game is to acquire the prerequisite heroes and Espers (which you can change the amount from 3 heroes or Esper, up to all 14 heroes and/or 26 Espers including the 8 Dragons) so you can enter Kefka’s Tower in the World of Ruin and win the game. You can play a normal open world game, or one set up with character gating. Character gating is when your starting hero(es) are limited to key events tied to them, to see if you get a new hero, Esper, or gear. For example Strago is tied to the Burning House, Ebot’s Rock and Fanatic’s Tower, and Edger is tied to the Ancient Castle and Figaro Castle in the WOB and WOR. A spoiler log can be generated with your seed (in a handy zip file with the smc rom and txt log) if you so wish if you get stuck. Only issues I’ve found with both style games, especially character gating, is that the key events tends to be geared more towards gear and Espers, so it may take a while going through everyone’s gating to pick up a new hero or two and make progress.

From the start you begin at Narshe with the airship Blackjack in the World of Balance and have access to all locations there, towns, dungeons, etc. Getting on the airship you have the option to fly around, do stuff in the airship, or go to the World of Ruin. Going to the Floating Continent when you have Shadow in character gating starts the trigger of forming a party of 3 and fighting your way through the Imperial Airforce and Ultros before plopping onto the Floating Continent.  The World of Ruin flips you to the World of Ruin with the Falcon at Narshe, and again, access to all locations. But Doom Gaze is still around somewhere and could strike at any time. You can also set to start with Moogle Charms, which eliminate random enemy fights.

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FF4 Free Enterprise Randomizer (ver 4.3.2 as of 11/14/2021)

Final Fantasy 4 Free Enterprise is a different kind of randomizer. This turns the world of FF2/4 into an open-world rpg/scavenger hunt type game. Right at the start you have the airship and can go anywhere you want and do whatever you want. The catch is you start with 2 random heroes from the game, and the boss fights and acquisition of key items are randomized. Where in the normal game you would fight the Mist Dragon in the Cave of Mist you may run into one of the 4 elemental fiends instead or even Bahamut! Where you would normally obtain the package at the start when Cecil and Kain leave Baron Castle you might end up with the Magma Key to open up the Underworld! Going to the website (linked below) you can see the latest version, and joining the Discord to see what all the latest updates are. Included are a couple other fun links to help your Free Enterprise experience like trackers.

Your goal is to obtain the crystal which can be found through the game, or obtained after accomplishing various objectives which range from finding various heroes, killing certain bosses, or doing key tasks. The crystal is what flips Zemus into Zeromus in vanilla so you can fight him. During your seed you can find or buy an item called the Pass, which when given to a woman in Toroia, takes you to the Moon right to fight Zeromus instead of going through the lunar dungeon, or just take the long path down to Zeromus, you can even set it up to finish the seed with the Giant of Bab-Il.

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