Hack Showcase: Mega Man 2 Sliding & Charging Hack (NES)

Hack Showcases and RPG Hack Showcases are a series where I show off various game and rpg hacks. I try to stick with hacks that improve gameplay or add quality of life features, completely or partially change the plot and characters, along with additional content, dialogue, graphical and sound improvements. Non-rpgs I try to give a full run to, or at least enough for a solid review. Rpgs I will stick with titles that have enough changes in the beginning to show off, and when I can, show parts later in the games where more differences appear. There may be spoilers in the reviews and videos. Some of these I may stream fully in the future or play on my own. Reviews are open to later revisions due to bug and content updates or me playing them and finding anything new I wish to bring up.

Mega Man 2 Sliding & Charging by Kujakiller adds a Mega Buster charge and sliding mechanic to Mega Man 2 and Rock Man 2. The Buster charge works and looks as it does in Mega Man 5, and the sliding mechanic works based on Mega Man 3. You can also change your weapons hitting the select button. As of this writing, version 1.2 is out with the additional fixes:

  • Various bugfixes, added support for the MM2 randomizer
  • Flashman battle, opening/closing menu while he freezes you
  • Switching Flash Stopper to other weapon at Mecha Dragon boss autoscroll
  • Touching energy drops when sliding won’t “auto jump”
  • Fixed graphics corruption with select button

For the record, when I streamed this, I patched my copy of Mega Man 2 with the “don’t lose e-tanks at game over” patch already on and worked perfectly!

SO HOW IS IT? This hack is really well done and the new mechanics flow perfectly with Mega Man 2. It’s adding new mechanics to older games of a series like this that can change your playing experience. The sliding mechanics are based on Meg Man 3, where the slide was introduced. The Mega Buster charge is the one from Mega Man 5 and uses the same graphics from MM5.

Sliding can definitely speed things up in some areas of the game, though there aren’t a lot of spots where you would want or need to. Also try sliding for fun in the little section when you’re climbing up Wily’s Castle in Wily Stage 1! What’s also nice is you can *sorta* slide under Air Man’s tornados like you can when you fight Doc Robot Air Man in MM3.

The charged Mega Buster is the biggest game changer here. One shotting most enemies around stages is pretty rewarding and saves having to change weapons. The charge shot works excellent on the Robot Masters and Wily bosses too! Usually 4-5 charged shots will do it and many times the charged shot works better than their weakness weapon! Especially try it on the Mechadragon! I’m not sure if the charged shot works on the boo beams (I forgot to try when I streamed this), but don’t try it on Alien Wily.

Being able to change your weapons on the fly hitting select without going to the menu is a big change too. In conclusion, I do recommend this if you want a different experience with Mega Man 2!



https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4099/ – Mega Man 2 Sliding/Charging RHDN link


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