Hack Showcase: Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Redux ver 10.1 (Updated 9/21/2022) (SNES)

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Zelda Link to the Past Redux is another lovely hack released by Shadowone333 and his team. This one is a combination of his team’s work and that of the Link to the Past DX hack by Con and qwertymodo. This one added improvements to the graphics, quality of life features, and restored some censored content from the original release. The FMV opening was also restored!!

A Link to the Past Redux provides two main patches (either of which can be applied without the need of the other):

  • New inventory GFX starting from version 7.0, which gives individual slots to every item, including one per each bottle and the shovel is handled as a separate and permanent item. Ocarina and Golden Bee names have been fixed manually for this too.
  • New Retranslation patch, a companion to main Redux. This patch provides a completely new and unique retranslation of the game’s script provided by the Translation Quest team that is primarily faithful to the Japanese text. (NOTE: This is an independent patch and should NOT be patched over the main Redux patch, but all optional patches should be compatible with it.)

As for the main changes for Redux:

  • Max consumables for Bombs and Arrows are now 60 for Bombs and 99 for Arrows
  • Change Link’s hair and hat to closely match his original artwork.
  • Change Agahnim colors to match the original red robe and blue skin artwork.
  • Changed Uncle’s sprite to match official artwork.
  • Change the Flute’s name to Ocarina (I don’t know in what world that instrument is a flute). This includes in-game text and Credits name changed too.
  • Change the Good Bee’s name to Golden Bee.
  • Change Faerie to Fairy. This includes in-game text too.
  • Change Pegasus Shoes to Pegasus Boots. This includes in-game text too.
  • Change all the references of the “Wise Men” to “Sages”.
  • Change the layout of the Ice Palace to that of the GBA port. No more going around the entire palace just to get to the next room. As of v2.0, the Ice Palace new layout has been fixed to have 3 movable blocks in the new section. There was one movable block unused in one other Dungeon layout found in Room 240. (Why was it there?)
  • King of Hyrule now has a red outfit instead of green to match the rest of the franchise’s Kings of Hyrule (Like Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule from WW).
  • Permanent Shovel, as well as being able to dig up items with it in the overworld.
  • Skip the Title Screen sequence by pressing Start, you no longer have to wait until the Triforce and title screen finish their animation.

There’s also a number of optional patches to add!

SO HOW IS IT? This is another very well done hack! First of all, the changes made from the Link to the past DX hack are great and really do add to the quality of life playing this, and streamline gameplay. Switching gear with the L and R buttons, breaking pots with your sword and collecting items with it and more! Dash in all directions with the Pegasus Boots too! Much needed! That said, to start off with the Redux hack, I love the new look of the inventory screen and the changes to have the 4 bottles with their own allotted spots. The retranslation feels like playing LttP all over again! Agahnim is considered an evil bishop now, the sages and more. I didn’t catch this during my showcase, but check out when you open a treasure chest and find something…Link talks in 1st person! Really adds a deal of personalization to the hack and the game itself and helps to make you feel like you’re in Hyrule with Link.

Other changes for the names are good, the permanent shovel is a great idea if you enjoy just going around and digging up goodies, I liked the outfit color changes too. Restored content with religious images and death were restored flawlessly and don’t distract from the gameplay. Like having bombs and arrows, well now you can carry A LOT more!! I’m glad the ice Palace was changed to the more streamlined version from the GBA port, that place is annoying with the amount of backtracking.

The hack also comes with a number of optional patches to enhance your gameplay too! I love the original subtitle of “Triforce of the Gods” and changing the colors back, including Link’s weird pink hair. Removing the low health beep should be part of the hack itself, we all know how annoying that is and starting at full health when starting I won’t say makes the game easier, but saves on farming that’s for sure! The shortcut from Link’s House to Kakariko Village is easy to notice and you’ll be surprised where it takes you once you can start lifting rocks. Another patch that’s great is being able to move blocks indefinitely help out with some of those pesky puzzles.

I think my favorite is using the Mirror back and forth from Light to Dark and Dark to Light. This alone is a sequence breaker! of course when you first try it you’ll be a bunny until you get the Moon Pearl. After that, try things out and see how much you can sequence break!

Give this hack a try with and without the optional patches for a smoother and more fun Zelda Link to the past experience!



https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2594/ – Link to the Past Redux
http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2234/ – Link to the past DX hack

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