Retrorevisited: Super Star Wars Trilogy (SNES)

Retrorevisited is a stream series where I revisit a game or a game series I haven’t played in over 10 or 20+ years. I’ll go through to try see what I remember until a game over or I run out of continues. In some cases muscle memory may slowly return, in others probably not. This is a chance for me to revisit games of my youth that I still have or had at one point, playing them with and without nostalgia goggles, and do with mini-reviews of them too. If I decide to play any fully later and do a full review, parts of the mini-review would be incorporated into it. Depending on the playstyle or system, games reviewed will either be mini-reviews or one about all games in this session.

So since May 4th was Star Wars Day I decided to devote some streaming to Star Wars content.  For a recent Retrorevisited I decided to do the SNES Super Star Wars trilogy (which happened late thanks to a series of events). For this Retrorevisited, I ran through each game till I hit a game over/continue, and sometimes kept going for a little longer, and used passwords to jump around a few levels in Empire and Jedi. I don’t have much history playing these as a teen, mostly renting or playing them with friends. Never owned this trilogy of SNES games until recently when I’ve been on a Star Wars kick as of late. XD And i know it’s August when I finally did this and posted this, I know I’m late. 😛


(Review is gonna be for all 3 games together seeing they’re all about the same.)
GRAPHICS AND SOUND: The graphics in all three games are beautiful and high quality! Your heroes look like who they’re supposed to be as do the various aliens and villians of the Star Wars galaxy. Explosions are very large and colorful. Many of the backgrounds on the planets and places you travel to are quite detailed and beautiful. Jabba’s palace in particular in Jedi has a lot going on in the background and foreground between where you are. Same with Hoth in Empire. Cinema scenes of important events are great for 16bit! All the music is straight from the movies so you can experience the John Williams orchestra in full 16-bit glory from the Imperial march to others.

PLAY CONTROL: The controls are quite tight and you can shoot your blasters in 8 directions. Spears and lightsabers can only go in 4 directions unless you’re spin jumping. You can lose your control for a few seconds due to enemy pushback when you get hit by them or a projectile, or if you lose control when you’re trying to spin jump. Controls can be a little slippy when you’re trying to navigate small platforms or jumps in all 3 games.

CHALLENGE: Oh boy, all three of these games are hard and require a lot of practice and hoping you hit enemies perfectly and making jumps correctly. Pushback from enemies and projectiles can ruin your day and find you losing more health than you want or push you into a pit. Enemies do drop hearts to replenish life, and sometimes drop point bonus and a health sword to make your life bar longer. Some stages are side-scrolling and following the plots of the movies depends on who you play as, sometimes being able to choose. The vehicle stages will require practice since you can get janked around a lot. It’s also ridiculous Jedi starts out with a driving level on a speeder with no weapons to avoid the rocks, and the last level escaping the 2nd Death Star makes no sense. Boss fights can be frustrating as well. You only have 3 lives and 4 continues total in all 3 games. Super Star Wars has no passwords, but Empire and Jedi do have passwords for each level and difficulty setting.


and the gameplay video:

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