Retrorevisited: Sports Night

Retrorevisited is a stream series where I revisit a game or a game series I haven’t played in over 10 or 20+ years. I’ll go through to try see what I remember until a game over or I run out of continues. In some cases muscle memory may slowly return, in others probably not. This is a chance for me to revisit games of my youth that I still have or had at one point, playing them with and without nostalgia goggles, and do with mini-reviews of them too. If I decide to play any fully later and do a full review, parts of the mini-review would be incorporated into it. Depending on the playstyle or system, games reviewed will either be mini-reviews or one about all games in this session.

So for this edition of Retrorevisited I wanted to do something different. I’m not that big into sports games, or sports in general. I enjoyed some sports games growing up and now if they get my interest and easy to pick up and not complicated. For this Retrorevisited, I thought about the various sports games I’ve played growing up for Atari 2600, NES, and SNES, and wrote them down. This edition will be mini-reviews of each game I played, from what I remember of it then and revisiting it now. From the following list I put them into a randomizer wheel and played which game came up:

Tennis – Virtua Tennis (Dreamcast)
Racing – Mario Kart 64 (N64)
Bowling – Bowling (Atari 2600)
Racing – F-Zero (SNES)
Golf – Golf (NES)
Basketball – NBA Jam TE (SNES)
Football – Tecmo Bowl (NES)
Golf – Nes Tournament Open Golf (NES)
Hockey – Blades of Steel (NES)
Baseball – Ken Griffey Presents Major League Baseball (SNES)

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