Of Maps and Monsters 8 and 16 bit

One my favorite things of rpgs and adventure games bit era were the extra material. Maps, spell and item lists, monster and skill charts and more. Always fun to open up the box ready to dive into the adventure and skimming over the information. and this was before gamefaqs remember! sometimes we have to buy grid paper and draw our own maps and scribble notes on them! The artwork and information was always a treasure to look at and admiring the artwork.

So I went through a few things I had to take photos of, inspired by HungryGoriya.

So here’s some Ultima 4 for the nes, dragon warrior 1 and 4, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and Ogre Battle. I dont have Final Fantasy 2 or 3, or Dragon Warrior 3 so they’re not included.

Ultima 4 was interesting as it came with tons of information, though the NES edition wasn’t as in-depth as the Sega Master System or early pc versions.

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