Mega Man X SNES Review

Mega Man X was released by Capcom in January 1994 in America. This is a continuation of the Mega man series, taking place in the future of the classic series. X retains the basic gameplay of the classic series with a number of improvements, along with the 16 bit graphics and music upgrades. In X, Dr. Cain discovered mega Man X sealed in a capsule by the long deceased Dr. light. X was to be sealed to insure his programing of free will would work properly and he wouldn’t turn against humanity. Cain used the basis of X to created the Reploids, robots with free will. Life was good until some Reploids turned against humanity and went Maverick, which a group led by Sigma called the Maverick Hunters were forced to fight them. Sigma eventually went Maverick and Mega Man X, feeling responsible, went out to stop the Maverick War.

Besides the graphical and music improvements, X sports a number of new moves and features. One of them being the 8 bosses you fight being called Mavericks and their names being based upon different animals and plants and are humanoid in appearance, and of course Sigma replacing Dr. Wily as the final boss. X can still gain new weapons from defeating the 8 Mavericks just like in the classic series. Another change are the upgrades to X’s helmet, armor, boots and gun which are found hidden in capsules around the 8 levels. The spirit of Dr. Light will upgrade X, the gun upgrade giving you a more powered up shot for your X Buster and the weapons you receive from the bosses. X now sports a dash move when you upgrade his boots, along with a wall jump move letting the player jump up walls and slide down them, along with doing dashes off walls themselves. Other upgrades found in stages include heart tanks which increase X’s life bar and 4 sub-tanks which replace energy tanks from the classic series. Unlike the classic series, you can fill these with energy until max, and use as needed, and keep refilling them with energy when your life bar is full. A password system like the classic series, saves your progress on fought Mavericks and other upgrades.

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