Mega Man Derusting: Mega Man 4 (NES)

So I have a long history with the Mega Man games growing up. I came up with the Mega Man Derusting series to do such a task. The goal is to play and finish Mega Man 1-8, and possibly 9-11 later, along with Mega Man X1-4. I still have my Mega Man 1-4 carts and hadn’t really played them in years but I wanted to share my adventures on stream of relearning my way through the classic titles, and in some cases finish the later games to completion! 

THE REVIEW: This was the last of the Mega Man classic games I had as a kid. I think I had gotten 1, 3, and 4 for Christmas various years and got 2 much later when I got into game collecting. I loved this one as much as the others, and the new mega buster was great! I was disappointed that the passwords didn’t save energy tanks either, and the game was rough to get through compared to the others. I never finished this one when I was younger cause i would get snagged up in Wily’s Castle with little weapon and energy left. Mega man 4 is also the start of the second NES trilogy where you fight your way through a villain’s castle, before fighting Dr Wily (again), which adds to the difficulty, and new gameplay elements and older ones changed are in 4-6 too.

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