Mega Man Derusting: Mega Man 3 (NES)

So I have a long history with the Mega Man games growing up. I came up with the Mega Man Derusting series to do such a task. The goal is to play and finish Mega Man 1-8, and possibly 9-11 later, along with Mega Man X1-4. I still have my Mega Man 1-4 carts and hadn’t really played them in years but I wanted to share my adventures on stream of relearning my way through the classic titles, and in some cases finish the later games to completion! 

THE REVIEW: Mega Man 3 is my favorite of the classic series and the one i have the most experience with. I still love it to this day even with its faults. The story goes Dr. Wily and Dr. Light are working together to build a peace keeping robot(?) named Gamma. They needed extra material so they sent Mega Man out to acquire them and he has to fight 8 new Robot Masters. There’s also the fights with the mysterious Break Man who shows up in some levels to test you. This is also the first of the Mega Man games where after the 8 Robot Masters you don’t go straight to Wily. You have to fight the might 8 Doc Robots in 4 of the previous stages. The Doc Robots have the powers of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 2! Wily was behind everything all along! In Dr. Wily’s newest castle, you’re gonna find yourself fighting a rebuilt Yellow Devil too! Dr. Light also built Rush, a robotic dog to assist Mega Man instead of using utility items. Rush can fly, bounce you higher, and act as a submarine. This is the first MM title with Rush, who becomes a recurring helper in the later games, and the second MM title (and last) where the password system also carries your up to 9 Energy tanks too. Learning a lot about this title recently I’ve discovered there was quite a bit about MM3 that was unfinished or unpolished.

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