Golden Axe Series (Arcade/Sega Genesis)

So inspired by a friend discovering the Sega Genesis for the first time in years, I decided to do a Golden Axe theme night! I planned on playing both the arcade brawlers through MAME, and the 3 Golden Axe titles for the Genesis in Fusion. I think I finished the arcade Golden Axe on stream one time months ago, but never heard of Revenge of Death Adder! I never really got into the Golden Axe games: I loved the high fantasy concept of them but the stiff controls and archaic style never really got to me, even as a teen. Plus I kinda suck at most brawlers anyway. lol But i figured lemme give these a try with some mini-reviews like i did with the Famicom games a few months ago! I skipped the arcade Golden Axe: The Duel fighting game due to not working so great on MAME (and I suck at fighting games, lol).

ARCADE GOLDEN AXE: This game is old and it shows, it’s still fun though! You have your cast of 3 and they all have a basic moveset of attacking, jumping, jumpkicks, throwing, and using magic. Magic is stronger by getting more magic jars. All enemies are the same as you travel to fight Death Adder, just different colors. Controls are clunky, resulting in taking damage that you don’t want, and getting crowded too easily. Graphics are colorful enough, even if being kinda drab for this high fantasy setting.

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