Castlevania Gameboy Mini-Reviews

I never really sat down with any of the Castlevania Gameboy titles before past or present, so I figured October would be a good time to round out playing all the CV games between the console, Gameboy and the gba titles, I had done the Nintendo console titles as a Castlevania Retrorevisited, streamed the gba titles to show them off, and did full reviews of them last year. I tried out Castlevania Adventure 1 and 2, the often hated Castlevania legends, and the spin-off Kid Dracula.

All games played with normal SGB color enhanced improvements on Retroarch. It’s worth noting that in Europe the GB Konami Collections vol 1 and 4 had Castlevania Adventure 1 and 2 in full color. For the sake of the reviews I played the normal versions, but at the end of these mini-reviews, I’ll show some screencaps of the ports for the Konami Collections.

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