RPG Hack Showcase: Final Fantasy 2: Born of a Dragon (SNES)

Hack Showcases and RPG Hack Showcases are a series where I show off various game and rpg hacks. I try to stick with hacks that improve gameplay or add quality of life features, completely or partially change the plot and characters, along with additional content, dialogue, graphical and sound improvements. Non-rpgs I try to give a full run to, or at least enough for a solid review. Rpgs I will stick with titles that have enough changes in the beginning to show off, and when I can, show parts later in the games where more differences appear. There may be spoilers in the reviews and videos. Some of these I may stream fully in the future or play on my own. Reviews are open to later revisions due to bug and content updates or me playing them and finding anything new I wish to bring up.

Created by MGE and his team, this is a difficulty hack of the US Final Fantasy 2. For the record, I’m not that big of a fan of these types of hacks, but I gave it a chance for review purposes. No storyline changes were made in this, but it intends to be tougher than the vanilla game where you’re forced not to grind to really high levels in areas, turning leveling sluggish when you reach the right levels for that area. Bosses are tougher with new moves, sometimes having commands such as jump, and they may have one big weakness. Items were revised as are gear to be more specific for heroes and their need, meaning you’ll be running out of inventory space often, but you can call the Big Chocobo with Cache on the menu screen, eliminating chocobo items.

With most romhacks, strongly suggested to check out the readme files for advice on the changes to hacks and any gameplay tips, especially with rpgs. Readme files for rpg hacks can contain additional gameplay advice, etc, and it’s worth subscribing to hacks you like on RHDN to keep up with updates for bug fixes, additional content, etc.

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