Streaming Theme Nights (Updated 10/15/2021)

So I’ve done a number of streaming theme nights over the year when i remember, etc. I’ve had fun doing all of them and gonna continue them and managed to write the 5 down so I can consolidate any ideas into them and so on. The 5 main ones are the following:

  • Retrorevisited
  • Mega Man Derusting
  • System Discovery
  • Hack/RPG Hack Showcases
  • Variety Theme Nights

On the side there will be:

  • Arcade Night
  • Short Adventure Theatre
  • Mario Mania
  • Mega Man Viewer’s Choice

Obviously some of these have a limited life until I finish my listings for them. Will they be replaced with something else? I don’t know yet. Some descriptions are actually from the italic intros for some of those blog posts so they’ll look the same, I just expanded a number of them. The ones that will have posts related to them are: Retrorevisited, Mega Man Derusting, Hack Showcases, Short Adventure Theatre. Some variety theme nights will have a blog post attached.

Will try to do a week of the main 5 monthly, or longer depending on how long some streams may last like Mega Man. Other 4 was thinking of doing on weekends. maybe I’ll bring back FF4 Free Enterprise for an even 10.

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