Happy New Year 2022

Another year of streaming and gaming in the books! This year i didn’t finish as much as the previous year, but that’s ok. I added a number of new games to my belt I finished, including some hacks. Had a blast finishing some on my own and in stream and made progress catching up to finish older favorites. So here’s the list for 2021:
mario advance – SMB2
castlevania legends

mad city famicom
new ghostbusters 2 famicom
castlevania 2 (vanillia and bisquit hack best ending)

zelda link to the past
Starfox 2
SMB3 no warp (mario all-stars)

Ghouls & Ghosts – 1st loop

castlevania dracula x chronicles – richter and maria 74%

dead or alive 2
soul calibur
capcom vs snk

mega man 3 revamped/improvement hack
Final fantasy C2
Beatles adventures in pepperland smb2 hack

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Happy New Year 2021!!

Happy New Year everyone!! let’s throw 2020 in the dumpster fire it belongs and break on through to the other side for 2021! This year I finally took the plunge in streaming and found a liking to it even with my personal issues, finished some more rpgs and more! Not much was done outside of other interests like conventions and photo taking due to covid, but more on that later. And I’ve had this blog little over 2 years now too!

So that said, here’s the list of games i finished between streaming and on my own. I’m honestly surprised i had more than I expected to. Kirby 1 & 2 were the first ones I finished on stream! I normally wouldn’t include hacks or arcade games (due to their nature), but I wanted to include the 2 of each for completion purposes. That and those 2 arcade games were the longest ones I played. Wow 24 games between streaming and on my own! Continue reading

Happy New Year 2020!!


So 2020 was when I really got back to gaming. I’m finishing 2019 with 16 new games under my belt, most recent being Y’s 2 Chronicles on mobile. I’ve upgraded and revised my own collecting goals, and my setups too. Also learning more to record gameplay on my emulators and learning streaming!

So, here’s the list of games I knocked off:
wizards & warriors
river city ransom
wizards & warriors 3
robin hood prince of thieves
final fantasy mystic quest
soul blazer
Y’s 1 & 2 Chronicles (finished 1 and 2 separately)
Y’s 3
Y’s 4
vice project doom
mega man 2
xak: art of visual stage
zelda: link’s awakening
ff5 gba

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