Mental Health and stuff

Hi im Chris and I am a mental health advocate and have mental health issues myself. I have neurological issues from growing up, went to a private school. Have ADHD, anxiety and some depression, and I think i’m fighting with executive disorder as well. I have trouble getting moving to do things I have or want to do at time, like turn on a console for my video games, make important phone calls or texts, read or study, go outside, etc. Video games and gardening help balance me as my self-care. I’m wishing ive done more in the past to fix and check my brain out more in the past and struggling now to figure things out, even financially. Finding doing emulation on my phone is really chill and i can play anywhere. Alternative for me for now till I have time/can turn on my consoles, or even im out. And wishing I had, or could figure out the money to get help even with my UNH insurance. lol

That said May is mental health month. Earlier in the month was RPGLimitBreak convention for speedrunning rpgs, in which this year they were doing donations for NAMI, National Alliance for Mental Illness. I happily donated and if/when i can start streaming, i plan to set up my paypal or cashapp for donations. Then if/when i go affiliate I’ll set up subs for that purpose too, as well as donations to animal care.


So here’s some links:
NAMI main page
Donate to NAMI

I also found that they have a NJ chapter, so gonna explore their site later.

Thanks for letting me share this.