FF4 Free Enterprise Randomizer (ver 4.3.2 as of 11/14/2021)

Final Fantasy 4 Free Enterprise is a different kind of randomizer. This turns the world of FF2/4 into an open-world rpg/scavenger hunt type game. Right at the start you have the airship and can go anywhere you want and do whatever you want. The catch is you start with 2 random heroes from the game, and the boss fights and acquisition of key items are randomized. Where in the normal game you would fight the Mist Dragon in the Cave of Mist you may run into one of the 4 elemental fiends instead or even Bahamut! Where you would normally obtain the package at the start when Cecil and Kain leave Baron Castle you might end up with the Magma Key to open up the Underworld! Going to the website (linked below) you can see the latest version, and joining the Discord to see what all the latest updates are. Included are a couple other fun links to help your Free Enterprise experience like trackers.

Your goal is to obtain the crystal which can be found through the game, or obtained after accomplishing various objectives which range from finding various heroes, killing certain bosses, or doing key tasks. The crystal is what flips Zemus into Zeromus in vanilla so you can fight him. During your seed you can find or buy an item called the Pass, which when given to a woman in Toroia, takes you to the Moon right to fight Zeromus instead of going through the lunar dungeon, or just take the long path down to Zeromus, you can even set it up to finish the seed with the Giant of Bab-Il.

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My Sad Time With FF8


I’ve always loved the FF games starting with the first. My fav titles are 4, 6, 7, and 9. FF1 and Dragon Warrior 1 were my first rpgs! I even found some enjoyment in the 2 unreleased in the US titles 2 and 3. I’m planning to return to 2 via Dawn of Souls sometime, and 3…who knows. Have I finished a lot of them? Well no, I think last one was 6. I do have 10, 10-2, and 12 on PS2. Aside from the online 11 the only PS era FF I’m missing is 8, and i do have tactics through its a Greatest Hits re-release (all others black label). Now with the PS3 I can see what the love-hate relationship with the 13 trilogy is all about.

8 is the only one I’m missing from the PS era, along with a guide, and the guide for FF Anthology…which I’m not sure how I missed that one. 8…I never really got along with. I’m planning a post on my history with the FF titles, but with last week’s 8 Remastered and 7 Remake in a few months, I figure Id share why i never got into 8, and if i should revisit it once I own a new copy and/or PS3 PSN download.

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Final Fantasy 6 Guidebook Extras

So I finally got the last of the 3 FF6 Japanese guidebooks recently and gonna try to scan and/or take photos of some of the beautiful artwork and screenshots in them. Included in 2 of them was some extra papers with additional stuff from Square, and something on Super Mario games(?). Included is info on cd soundtracks, books, guides, SMB(?), and something about that weird FF5 sequel anime with the wind crystal in the girl’s butt (I’m really not kidding.)

So decided to try the scanner on my printer and slowly been scanning these extra goodies. I scanned at 600dpi so very high quality, so may need to zoom in for more details.

Hopefully these won’t murder my free site storage so far. I may also upload these, and the later stuff, to my google photos and do a new link to said album in later post and revise this one (I think the google photos link of the scans may be more high quality too).

and here’s the google photos album link for these:
Google photos: information card scans

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Of Maps and Monsters 8 and 16 bit

One my favorite things of rpgs and adventure games bit era were the extra material. Maps, spell and item lists, monster and skill charts and more. Always fun to open up the box ready to dive into the adventure and skimming over the information. and this was before gamefaqs remember! sometimes we have to buy grid paper and draw our own maps and scribble notes on them! The artwork and information was always a treasure to look at and admiring the artwork.

So I went through a few things I had to take photos of, inspired by HungryGoriya.

So here’s some Ultima 4 for the nes, dragon warrior 1 and 4, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and Ogre Battle. I dont have Final Fantasy 2 or 3, or Dragon Warrior 3 so they’re not included.

Ultima 4 was interesting as it came with tons of information, though the NES edition wasn’t as in-depth as the Sega Master System or early pc versions.

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