Retrorevisited: Sports Night

Retrorevisited is a stream series where I revisit a game or a game series I haven’t played in over 10 or 20+ years. I’ll go through to try see what I remember until a game over or I run out of continues. In some cases muscle memory may slowly return, in others probably not. This is a chance for me to revisit games of my youth that I still have or had at one point, playing them with and without nostalgia goggles, and do with mini-reviews of them too. If I decide to play any fully later and do a full review, parts of the mini-review would be incorporated into it. Depending on the playstyle or system, games reviewed will either be mini-reviews or one about all games in this session.

So for this edition of Retrorevisited I wanted to do something different. I’m not that big into sports games, or sports in general. I enjoyed some sports games growing up and now if they get my interest and easy to pick up and not complicated. For this Retrorevisited, I thought about the various sports games I’ve played growing up for Atari 2600, NES, and SNES, and wrote them down. This edition will be mini-reviews of each game I played, from what I remember of it then and revisiting it now. From the following list I put them into a randomizer wheel and played which game came up:

Tennis – Virtua Tennis (Dreamcast)
Racing – Mario Kart 64 (N64)
Bowling – Bowling (Atari 2600)
Racing – F-Zero (SNES)
Golf – Golf (NES)
Basketball – NBA Jam TE (SNES)
Football – Tecmo Bowl (NES)
Golf – Nes Tournament Open Golf (NES)
Hockey – Blades of Steel (NES)
Baseball – Ken Griffey Presents Major League Baseball (SNES)

Virtua Tennis (Dreamcast) – I’m not a big tennis fan whatsoever, but I still really enjoy this! The graphics and music are still top notch for the Dreamcast, even if the player models are blocky looking. The action is what you’d expect from a tennis game and is fast paced. Different modes, courts and players let you choose your playing style, favorite courts and more and there’s an arcade mode where you can try to win it all! I don’t have much bad to say about this, it does hold up quite well! At least with this you can pause mid-match to scratch your nose when a game is going longer than expected. 4 out of 5 stars.

Mario Kart 64 (N64) – My first Mario Kart title and still my favorite to this day! graphics still hold up when with the limitations of the n64, and the music is still memorable! The tracks are great and always fun to drive around on in the game modes! You still drive around the course and can pick up special weapons to eliminate the competition and get 1st place like previous games. Not much bad I can really say about this, as the Mario Kart games are pretty timeless! 4 out of 5 stars.

Bowling (Atari 2600) – One of my first video games as a kid for the Atari 2600. Not much I can really say in regard to the graphics and the few sounds except that they do the job well. Hit the button and let the ball go, and you can make it go left or right to hit more pins or eliminating splits. Game does tend to give you splits a lot during a match which kind sucks. Scoring a strike or spare causes your bowler and the score to flash in different colors. Pretty basic bowling game for a quick fix. 3 out of 5 stars.

F-Zero (SNES) – This game looks good and still plays good! The graphics and music is still incredible, and the tracks are still challenging. The play control is pretty tight, though if you get bumped around it may take a little longer to get back on course, so to speak. I suck at the original F-Zero, but I do love F-Zero X for N64! 4 out of 5 stars.

Golf (NES) – This was one of the first NES games in the black box series, and it does show. The graphics are pretty basic for a golf game, but they do still hold up. Not much in the way of music and only sound effects are really just hitting the ball. Choose your club, hit the button to charge your swing, hit again to stop, and hit a third time to try to keep your shot as straight as possible. Personally, I suck at it and need to practice again since it’s been years since I played a golf game. 3 out of 5 stars.

NBA Jam TE (SNES) – BOOMSHAKALAKA!! This game still holds up! Play 2-on-2 basketball with the greats of the 90’s era of all the teams, or put in secret codes for Bill Clinton and others! pass, dribble, shoot 2 or 3 pointers and outscore the other team like normal basketball. Score 3 times in a row you’re on fire! Graphics and music still holds up, same with the control! I think i sucked at this then and now. I may have to practice some more! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Tecmo Bowl (NES) – So I went for Tecmo Bowl instead of Tecmo Super Bowl since I’ve played a lot of TSB on and off-stream in the past few years. Choose your team out of a small roster and pick your plays out of a small lineup. The graphics and music are still great and I can see where some music from Tecmo Bowl was brought into TSB! The ai can still be really cheap at times making passes and interceptions out of nowhere, and getting bursts of speed out of nowhere. I still enjoy this! 4 out of 5 stars.

Nes Tournament Open Golf (NES) – A late NES title which takes everything about the original golf game and makes it much better and stars Mario and the SMB gang! Choose your course, clubs and more on the 16 courses and get the ball in the hole! The courses are challenging and this game gives you a lot to customize. Shooting the ball is the traditional way in golf titles: hit the button 3 times to swing, power and as straight as possible. I sucked at this one too and out of practice. Peach looks kinda high when you’re at the green trying to put the ball in the hole, just sayin. 4 out of 5 stars.

Blades of Steel (NES) – First hockey game I ever played, and first one with fights! Being by Konami the game still holds up and the graphics, music, and sound effects still hold up! Outscore the other team and try not to get into fist fights from someone on the other team! Even on easy mode, the AI is still pretty smart, and games run in the traditional 3 periods, complete with Zamboni between periods! 4 out of 5 stars.

Ken Griffey Presents Major League Baseball (SNES) – I don’t play many sports games, but I loved this as a kid and rediscovered my enjoyment for it with this stream. The AI is quite challenging and least the game options gives you auto fielding, which I need personally. The graphics are cartoony but everyone has character and some batters will yell at you when they strike out or crack the bat in disgust. The game has MLB licenses, but not for the players, so every baseball club’s player names are based on a theme, and you can rename them to the players of your favorite team, or your friends! The music is great and the fields are almost as accurate to the real ones as possible. I think I need to relearn this.4 out of 5 stars.


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