Night of Shaq Fu Mini-Reviews

Night of Shaq Fu was a channel point redemption challenge that got filled out awhile ago on my stream. I said I would play all 4 of these miserable games, so I did. These 4 games came out in 1994 for the Genesis and SNES, and 1995 gave us the Game gear and Game Boy editions. All games are 2D fighters staring basketball great Shaquille O’Neal. The plot follows Shaq as he finds himself in a mystical and magical realm, taking down fighters to stop the evil mummy Sett Ra in Second World. These are known as some of the worst games ever made. Even with the digitized graphics and sprites and decent music, the play control of the games were awful. Games have a story, duel and tournament modes, except the GB port. Normally I wouldn’t give mini-reviews a rating, but these were so bad I kinda felt I should.

SHAQ FU GAMEBOY: This game is trash, but it’s impressive what the programmers could pull off with the graphics and the backgrounds. Play control is ok with the 2 buttons, but not sure even how to pull off any special moves. backgrounds are decent as are the graphics and animation for the GB. Music stinks. Wouldn’t recommend.
2.5 out of 5 stars

SHAQ FU GAME GEAR: This is the worst of the ports. The digitized graphics are ok but look really flat and look like toothpicks. This one has the story mode where you run around a world map to fight the other opponents. Music is trash, graphics and the backgrounds in levels are just awful. Between fights there’s bantering and trash talking between Shaq and whoever he won or lost against. Don’t get me started on how bad the play control is. 2 out of 5 stars

SHAQ FU GENESIS: I actually found the Genesis port the best and my favorite of the 4. It’s funny this, one has the most characters you can use in tournament or duel mode of the 2 home console ports. The graphics are really well done and the backgrounds are very pretty. The North/South gate level backgrounds are my favorite! This one has Shaq running around a world map to fight opponents on his way to Sett. The Genesis port you’ll also fight the kidnapped kid you’re trying to find on the way to Sett. Graphics for the pre-fight shots are quite nice. Play control is decent for the Genesis’ 3 button controller. I find this one the best of the trash, which isn’t saying much. This one I actually finished! 3.5 out of 5 stars

SHAQ FU SNES: This one is IMO almost as good as the Genesis one. For me I’ve always found SNES ports the better between Genesis and SNES, sometimes Genesis for the music. The SNES port isn’t well done. The colors, graphics and backgrounds don’t look as bright and vibrant as the Genesis port and look kinda flat. Music isn’t as good. The SNES port has less characters to fight in story mode than the Genesis port, some of them you can unlock with codes. Nice graphics again like the Genesis version for the story scenes. Play control seems better between the SNES’ 6 buttons and the Genesis since you have separate buttons for the weak and strong attacks. Even on easy some of the earlier enemies are very cheap. 3 out of 5 stars


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