Hack Showcase: Sonic 1 Megamix (Genesis)

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The Sonic 1 Megamix hack is an ongoing project by Team Megamix with the goal of enhancing and improving Sonic 1 for Genesis in the best ways possible! This hack showcase is for the current 3.0 for Genesis, there is an unstable beta 4.0 for Sega CD, use it your own risk. A later edition was released after files were stolen. Currently the project is on hold or dead, with the team members going their own ways and some who worked on Sonic mania. The Sonic 1 Megamix adds the ability to save and continue your adventure, and use Mighty the Armadillo or Shadow the Hedgehog throughout the adventure of new stages and using abilities from later Sonic games. Other highlights of v3.0 include:

  • All level layouts edited (some complete; others pending).
  • Each character now has a unique set of moves (though Sonic and Shadow share the homing attack).
  • Most levels (not all) have a small intro, ala S3K, where they perform some sort of action when starting the level i.e, running in from the left.
  • Loads of music edits.
  • There is now a “preferences” screen, where you can customize certain aspects of the game (suggestions are welcome).
  • Cheat codes have been changed – figuring them out will grant you access to a new, special level select
  • “Original Mode” allows you to play the original levels from Sonic the Hedgehog, using all of the additions from Sonic Megamix (such as bug fixes, moves, preferences, etc). There is also a separate save slot for a character’s original mode.
  • Title screen demos have been edited. Credits demos have not.
  • Super forms have been added.
  • Elemental shields, ala S3K, have been added.
  • Credits have been edited; each character has a unique end pose on the ending sequence.

SO HOW IS IT? This hack is so well done! The Sonic hacking community constantly puts out great stuff and this is one of them! Shame it was unfinished. The graphics are great and in line with the other Sonic games. Great music tracks in the new levels and some music was remixed for this one like the boss themes. Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal even plays in one of the later levels! The hud for your score, time and amount of rings each changes whether you use Sonic, Mighty, or Shadow. Sonic, Mighty, and Shadow can all use their basic moves and use the Shields, Mighty and Shadow each have a unique abilities too. You can also either play the new hack, or play the original Sonic 1 with all the gameplay changes of Megamix!

Being able to use Sonic’s abilities from Sonic 3 is a great change and really adds to it, especially being able to charge a spin dash which you couldn’t do in Sonic 1. The stage new layouts all have the different power-up monitors and you can find the lightning, water, fire, and basic shields throughout the level, sometimes in spots where you’ll need them in the water and fire based levels. Sonic, Mighty, and Shadow can each use them. The level designs are larger than that of Sonic 1, and more dangerous too. Sometimes their too long, and they use the design of Sonic 1 where Act 3 has you go through a level before fighting Robotnik. For the record, I never liked the Special Stages in Sonic 1, Megamix changes up the designs of the Special Stages so they’re more manageable. The music and design is the same, but there’s more to do and it’s not as hectic.

If I had to come up with some negatives it’s the aforementioned longer levels. Sometimes just trying to get through them is a chore and like Sonic 1, there isn’t many opportunities to go fast since you’re avoiding the environment and enemies, Misty Maze Zone is a great example. The Robotnik fights seem about the same as from vanilla, except the final fight is harder. The save feature is a great addition, but it saves where you left off and how many lives you had at the start. So if you make it to a later zone with 1 life, you’re kind of in trouble.



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http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_Megamix – SonicRetro Wiki page

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