Theme Night: SNES Anime Games

I’ve been a big anime fan for a long time, though I’ve lessened my consumption over the years off and on. Grew up on Transformers, Voltron and Robotech. My first modern anime being Sailor Moon, then got into it more with DBZ, Gundam Wing, Bleach, One Piece, Attack of Titan, and more. The NES and SNES had a large assortment of games related to various anime encompassing various genres of fighting games, brawlers, rpgs, and shooters. This Theme night I decided to give a handful of games a try, a few I had played in the past, some of them new to me. A few of these will be added to my longplay lists, like the rpgs and possibly some of the action titles! With the exception of Mazinger Z, all games are translated. UN Squadron and Ranma 1/2 hard battle US releases.

Games played:
Cyborg 009
Gundam Wing Endless Duel
Tenchi Muyo Rpg
Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle (US)
DBZ Hyper Dimension
Mazinger Z
Magic Knight Rayearth Rpg
Sailor Moon R
UN Squadron
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Rpg
Ranma 1/2 Chougi Ranbu Hen
Mobile Suit Gundam: Cross Dimension 0079



Cyborg 009: This one is a side scrolling action game. Besides 009 you can pick 2 other teammates who have different abilities to get through the maze of stages. Graphics and music are pretty and top notich for the SNES era. Doesn’t seem too hard, but may need trial and error to find the right partners for each stage to find the direct route to bosses, or find shortcuts and hidden areas. Play control is a bit stiff though.

Gundam Wing Endless Duel: This is a great fighting game based on Gundam Wing! This is what the G Gundam fighting game should have been! Graphics look straight out of the show from the fights to the cutscenes. Pick a Gundam or other mobile suit and fight your way through to save the colonies your way! Fighting game system doesn’t seem difficult to understand. Each mech has its own moves along with some general abilities like the vulcan cannons. One my favs!

Tenchi Muyo Rpg: This is an isometric style strategy rpg (I think) based on the OAV universe. This doesn’t seem hard, go through battles, pick up new allies based on the Tenchi characters each with ranged or melee abilities. This game is short, so i don’t think there’s a way to replay battles for grinding. Graphics and music are great and look just like the show, following a storyline base don the characters. I’m gonna have to play this on stream again!

Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle (US): Another in a long line of fighting games based on anime franchises back in the 90’s. This was a fighting game based on Ranma with a number of characters. The fighting system isn’t deep at all, so it’s easy to get into and pretty fun! I still have this game from when I was a teen before i had even seen Ranma 1/2! Graphics are stright from the show and the plot of each character makes sense with their backstories, etc.

DBZ Hyper Dimension: This is the last of the DBZ fighting games and the most complex of them. You have the normal versus mode along with the story mode where you fight as one of the heroes against a villain out of the story arcs of DBZ starting with Frieza taking the field during the Frieza saga. Complex fighting system and a lot to figure out and understand, good variety of moves and great graphics like that of a late-era SNES title.

Mazinger Z: One of the first super robot series! This is a side-scrolling action game where you go through stages as Mazinger Z and fight mutants and enemy robots sent by Dr. Hell. Graphics are decent, play control is a bit stiff and may take time to figure how to use the super robot’s special abilities. I found this one ok.

Magic Knight Rayearth Rpg: Another short but hard rpg based on the Rayearth series from CLAMP which really does fit into the rpg category. Play as the 3 Magic Knights as you save the kingdom in a traditional rpg. Battles are in an isometric style and turn based and you can attack, use items, magic or run. Really pretty graphics and music that look right out of the series! Gonna have to explore this one some more!

Sailor Moon R: This one is a side-scrolling brawler based on the R season of Sailor moon with the Dark Moon Family as the enemies. Pick a Senshi and fight monsters up until the boss. Nothing really special about this one. Picking lower difficulty levels won’t let you finish the game and you get shamed for it lol. There’s also a fighting game included with this.

UN Squadron: One of the first SNES titles, this one is from Capcom and based on the Area 88 series. Pick a pilot and plane and fly through stages to beat your enemies. Earn money from vicities to upgrade your equipment to hit hard and faster against the enemies and large planes, submarines and more as bosses! Not an easy shooter at all, takes a lot of trial and error and hoping rpg goes your way. great graphics and soundtrack which is expected from a Capcom title.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Rpg: This rpg takes place during Part 3: Stardust Crusaders and loosely follows the plot from Joseph recruiting Jotaro up until the final fight with DIO in Egypt. This one is weird as in you walk around aeras and talk to people, recruit the other Stardust Crusaders in a cinema style. Battles begin by picking a tarot card to either help or hinder your fight, and the battles aren’t anything special. Fight with your Stands and earn money and experience. Parts of the game follow a different path than the anime did so there’s some surprises even if you know Jojo part 3 well. And you can use the toilets. gonna play more of this.

Ranma 1/2 Chougi Ranbu Hen: This one was only released in Japan unlike the first game and has a more complex fighting system like that of Street Fighter and other fighters. Large cast from throughout the Ranma series to follow that person’s plot. Great graphics and music in this one.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Cross Dimension 0079: A decent rpg based on the events of the One Year War. Battles are more in a strategic style and you can use the Gundam, and later the Core Fighter as support, Guntank, and Guncannon. Move your mech around and decide wheter to end your turn, heal or attack. Battlegrounds are quite detailed and even the space scenes have some interesting spots to them. Takes some getting used to for moving and attacking, and upgrading your team between missions. Gonna have to revisit this even though I’m not big on strategic style rpgs.

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