Tecmo Super Bowl Sundays 2020 Hack (NES)

So for fun I streamed a season playing the Tecmo Super Bowl 2020 hack as the 49ers. This hack is an updated roster for the start of the 2020 NFL season, some improved ai and more. I’m a big fan of the orginial 1991 Tecmo Super Bowl and it was fun playing this! Many games went better than others, worse games due to opponent ai and some bad choices and limped my way into the playoffs. Everything changed in the playoffs and tore my way to a Super Bowl victory against the Raiders! Also did a Pro Bowl game as the NFC and tore it up there too.

You can see all the game results here and my final record for the 2020 season here:

Here’s the playlist for the 2020 season from my youtube videos:

You can get the rom hack here:

Tecmo Super Bowl 2020 – SBlueman Edition (Updated 8/4/20)

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