RPG Hack Showcase: FF2: Threat from Within Part 1 (SNES)

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FF2: Threat From Within part 1 is a hack that has been in the making for a long time by Chillyfeez of FF4 Ultima fame. The first part of a 4 part(?) series, this one takes place 40 years after the events of FF2/4, and 20 years after the events of The After Years, in a time where the crystals lost their power after Zeromus was defeated and the second moon left Earth’s orbit. In the years since, King Edge has been rebuilding Eblan and established the Royal Eblana Mercenary Army (REMA), a ninja force for hire, to help with problems around the world. Edge’s son Furio is about to set off on his first mission, which will set off a chain of events that will endanger the entire world, yet again.

More information from romhacking.net: The gameplay will be familiar but the story is brand new and there are many new gameplay mechanics, including:

  • Limit Breaks
  • Hirable Mercenary Characters
  • Chocobo “Hunting”
  • Epic Choices – Decisions the player can make to alter how the events of the game play out

… And more!

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So how is it?
This hack is fun, and isn’t easy at times. This hack adds a lot of new gameplay elements and adds other quality of life improvements from other ff2/4 into the package. The addition of a cache feature that works as a giant backpack to hold extra gear outside your inventory like a Fat Chocobo was great too! It’s also fascinating that this hack works as a canon sequel to The After Years as well as the original game, so you’ll meet people from TAY and remember events of that game here too! It’s interesting that we have a hack involving events after the main game, instead of a new re-imagining of the plot like most hacks, and taking beats from TAY really helps round this world out! The idea of Edge creating a ninja force for hire is a neat idea to get the plot going too. You’ll get to reacquaint yourself with your old friends and make new ones. Some events and dialogue regarding the FF4 and TAY cast that may turn off some players too. Player characters and mercenaries have a limit break attack when they become low on HP (think FF7) which will replace the attack command for a one shot special attack. I’m hoping saves transfer to later parts of the story!

Hiring mercenary characters can and make each playthrough of this 10ish hour quest different. Wanna do a boss fight with a White Mage, Black Mage, Bard, Ninja or Dragoon? Well make sure you got a recruitment card for that class and go back to the town you first found them and recruit one! Mercs start with no gear so you’ll have to buy them some, and they’ll give up their gear when you trade off one merc for another. Make sure you got money though, they’re not free! If you recruit a merc of a same class you had before, they’ll be the last level they were at! So if you ditched a level 20 Black Mage and recruit a new one later, the new merc will be level 20! The random names for them will bring a smile to your face too. Using different mercs either with just Furio or other playable characters adds a lot to the gameplay and different strategies for fighting bosses and other enemies.

Chocobos are found during fights. Beat the enemies with the chocobo and you can ride it. Be sure to speak to the Fat Chocobo in Eblan before and after you ride one to learn of a fun side-quest area that you’ll discover. There isn’t much to do outside of the plot, but there is some side-quest stuff you can do to extend the game longer and become overpowered for the finale of part 1. Only sidequests involve the chocobos if you’ve rescued any of them and rode them around, and something in Kaipo to get you some extra spending cash too.

Battles against enemies and bosses can range from easy to hard, and many boss fights you cannot just bulldoze your way through. It may take a few tries to learn the script of the boss and figure out its weaknesses and how to stop it from doing an attack that will kill you instantly. Save often and be sure to try all of the elemental darts too. Different fights can also be easier or harder depending on who your merc partner is, and their level. Also always try Furio’s steal skill! It’s a lot easier to steal here than the original title and you can stock up easily on consumables and even find some new equipment if you try stealing from enemies and even bosses! You can find great stuff from stealing and even find a piece of gear you’ll want for whatever the next boss might be! The Limit Breaks with characters can sometimes make or break a fight or a boss fight if triggered and that enemy has a weakness to their attack.



https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5487/ – Threat Within Part 1 patch on romhacking.net

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