TMNT Rescue-Palooza Fangame Review

TMNT Rescue-Palooza is a fangame released in 2019 using the OpenBOR engine. Sporting over 60 playable characters as you unlock them and over 17 stages this game is a love letter to anyone who grew up watching any of the TMNT cartoons, and/or played any of the brawler arcade or NES games. You can play this as a single player or up to 4 players! The latest version of this game was released in July 2019 and is version 1.11.

You can download this game here.

– 60 playable characters
– 17 stages
– 4 Bonus stages
– 4-player local coop
– Improved graphics
– Voice clips from the TV show
– Rideable vehicles
– Countless references to the original TMNT cartoon and toyline!

SO HOW IS IT? This game is beautiful and is essentially a big love letter to long time TMNT fans of the 1987 series and the various video games on the nes and snes. It plays like the brawlers and has a number of throwbacks to previous games, like side-scrolling levels from TMNT1, a swamp level with the stage 1 music from Bayou Billy, and more! After the training level you’re presented with a world map that’s a throwback to TMNT1 with a number of places to go. Some stages longer than others, and some may be easier than the others. Levels are based from previous games and even some new ones, I was surprised to see the Central Park snow level that was exclusive to TMNT2 for the NES, and Tetsu who was only in TMNT Hyperstone Heist for the Genesis. Finishing those levels you’ll fight Krang in his android body, then go inside him before going to the Tecnodrome for a number of boss battles to save your friends.

You’ll start out with the 4 Ninja Turtles themselves, and you can even change their look to the black & white of the original comics and have them in their darker colors with no visible eyeballs. Finishing a stage unlocks heroes and villains for you to use, some them being the bosses you faced, others…are just there. Even the mutant frogs are unlocked after the bayou level! All characters have 4 stats they’re rated in, so using some characters will be easier than others, and a few use ranged weapons instead of melee. You can choose different characters between levels, and everyone has a basic attack, jump attack, or special ability (check out Erma’s foot stomp!) The graphics are absolutely beautiful using sprites from the previous games and shows, and others made just for this. You’ll grin like a fool going through levels you remember from older games, or locations not in previous games but the tv show like the Channel 6 News building. All the music is from previous games and you’ll start recognizing them as you play. I was really surprised that the bayou level used music from Bayou Billy! Finishing 3 levels will bring you to a bonus level, after choosing a random bonus stage you’ll collect pizzas or defeat foot soldiers for extra lives. Check out the post-stage screen as a homage to the Playmates toy line when you finish a level and unlock new characters!

You start the game with 9 lives and that’s it, no continues. Earn extra lives in the bonus stages or its game over. You can find yourself stuck and having to restart the whole game if you get to a point where you have 1 life left and a number of stages yet to complete. Try to find the best route through the longer and short stages with someone strong enough to one-hit the minor enemies and do enough damage on bosses, especially when playing single player. A single player run can get screwed easily if you pick the wrong character and get cheaped by bosses. I think this is a result of how the OpenBOR engine works. That’s really the only gripe I have with this radical game. Obviously playing 2-4 players will make things a lot easier, and more fun with the variety of characters to pick too!


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  1. It’s a wonderful game. But the auto save kind of screws you over if you lose one too many lives beating a level. I REALLY wish there was a system to go back to previously beaten levels and grind for an extra life or two. 😀


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