Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti (Famicom) Review

Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti is the 2nd game in the Splatterhouse series, only released on the Famicom system in Japan. Unlike the other games in the series, the game is in the super deformed style, and parodies various horror and sci-fi movies from Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, The Fly, and more. Locations and enemies are all parodies from movies too. There’s even a vampire that does Micheal Jackson’s Thriller dance! The game has an experience point system, where defeating an enemy adds an xp point to your list. Getting it at max will add a point of life to your life bar. The game has a password system and limited continues, and 2 hidden areas to find Crystal Orbs which will give you additional scenes in the ending, which the password will reflect when you find the 1st one. The plot goes Jennifer crying over Rick’s grave when lightning strikes it and revives Rick. Lightning also revives the Pumpkin King who kidnaps Jennifer. Rick must fight his way through various horror parodies and locations during the course of 7 stages to save Jennifer. An English translation patch for the rom can be found here.

SO HOW IS IT? This game is a lot of fun. Unlike the main games, this one is a pure platformer title unlike the beat-em ups of the other games. This game is really fun too! have fun picking out what enemies, bosses, and locations are parodies of! The game can be quite hard too which jumping and fighting enemies. The game has some jank when it comes to jumping and attacking, seems like hit boxes don’t matter. Find the 2 hidden locations to get to special areas, find your way through them and a woman will give you a Crystal Orb. Get both of them for additional scenes to the wacky ending! At times you’re gonna find yourself wondering what the heck you’re fighting and where you are! Have fun guessing the parodies!

GRAPHICS AND SOUND: The graphics from Rick, the Pumpkin King, and enemies are all in the cutesy super deformed style. They’re all large and colorful and have some great animations to them, even their death animations will make you smile! Backgrounds and stages have a lot going for them with great details to the graveyard, Diamond Lake, and the cabin stages. The background in the old church where you fight one of the bosses has creatures sitting in the pews with a flickering candle, and the candle does flicker! Some bosses are larger than Rick and quite detailed in their design and animation, especially Disco Dracula who dances around before sending goons after you in the first stage! The layouts of the 2 secret stages of Japan and Egypt(!) are very detailed too!

Music isn’t anything really special, but does the purpose of getting you in the mood, especially for boss fights. Some tracks you’ll find yourself whistling too, others you’ll get annoyed with if you’re redoing stages.

PLAY CONTROL: Play control is a button to jump, and a button to swing your meat cleaver or use the shotgun. Nothing fancy. You can jump and attack, but that can lead to missing some jumps over pits or spikes. Getting hit can result in being juggled before you have a chance to attack or dodge and find yourself with a lot of health lost in seconds.

CHALLENGE: Some stages are harder than others, some bosses are the same way. This game is pure platforming though, some jumps over pits or spikes harder than others and in some occasions you may have to take a hit to continue. The bosses and mini-bosses are all based on movie parodies, and have patterns to learn. The 3rd boss in the sewer is probably the hardest boss in the game. Refill your heath with candy dropped from enemies or found, along with burgers. The xp system replaces scoring, when you hit the max for enemies (say 10) you gain a new bar of health, starting with your initial 4. There are some spots in the game to farm enemies to gain more health, but they’re far apart in separate stages. You get 1 life before a game over and 4 continues. There is a password system and the intro to each stage shows you your current password. Restarting a later stage using the passwords doesn’t keep your heath bar at where it was when you last played, so you need to attack enemies and start refilling it all over again. There’s 2 secret stages that when you pass through, you’ll gain a crystal orb, you’ll just need to find the passage into that.


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