Star Wars Day & Mini-Reviews 2020


May 4th is Star Wars Day, with the familiar motto “May the 4th Be With You. Being a big Star Wars fan, i wanted to do something special this year so I turned to streaming. I went through what I had for emulators and found various Star Wars titles, and also took advantage of a Steam sale for some older titles I hadn’t played in years! Then I went for something different, I got the Sega supermodel3 emulator and fuddled around to get Star Wars Trilogy Arcade working! And it did!! It doesn’t run at full speed and there’s graphical glitches, but it’s very much playable, even the 2 bonus lightsaber levels.

Unfortunately due to trying to get the Star Wars games from Steam to work right in a windowed view for streaming purposes and other issues, some which stemming from the fact that SW games on Steam are quite hard to get to stream, I couldn’t do all the ones I wanted for a Star Wars games night Which left only Dark Forces and Episode 1 Racer, which is ok cause they were 2 favorites of mine. I think streaming them from purchases is supposed to be less a hassle. It sucks cause I really wanted to do Tie Fighter. I’m gonna revisit some more Star Wars content for that week being the SNES Super SW trilogy, Lego Star Wars Complete Saga, and Episode 1 Racer. I also want to do a Star Wars post regarding the various SW merchandise I own sometime.

I played 12 different games, ranging from arcade, Atari 2600, 32x, Steam Dos classics, SNES, and Famicom ending the night with Star Wars Trilogy Arcade!

So I played:
Arcade: Star Wars, Empire, Jedi
Atari 2600: Empire and Death Star Battle
Sw Arcade 32x
Steam: Dark Forces and Episode 1 Racer
Star Wars Famicom
Super Star Wars Snes
Super Jedi Snes
Supermodel 3 star wars trilogy arcade

Check it out! Sorry about any muted video.


STAR WARS: DEATH STAR BATTLE (ATARI 2600): Not much to say about an Atari 2600 title. You fly the Millennium Falcon, blasting TIEs and Imperial Shuttles till a hole opens up in the shield. Fly through it you gotta destroy parts of the Death Star 2 to expose the core. Blast the core you win the round, but you can get blown up too. The laser also tracks you. graphics and sound are good for what they are, and everything looks like what you think it is. Challenge comes from the rng of it, one round you can do great and beat a personal high school, the next you get blasted by everything including the kitchen sink. Wish i had this as a kid cause its fun! Think I’m gonna buy a copy now.

STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (ATARI 2600): This I had as a kid and played for hours along with River Raid. You’re a snowspeeder blasting AT-ATs during the Battle of Hoth. A row of Walkers block your path and you gotta keep shooting at them to damage them till they explode. Your snowspeeder and the AT-ATs change different colors as they take damage, sometimes a glowing dot appearing that will grant you a OHKO on the Walker. Graphics are great and the sound effects aren’t annoying. Challenge comes from avoiding enemy shots and blasting the Walkers as they start slow and get faster as they march towards Echo Base.

STAR WARS (FAMICOM): This game belongs in the trash compacter on the first Death Star. I don’t think even the Dianoga would eat this! It would be forgivable if it was the one that came out for the NES, but i think Namco didn’t even watch A New Hope. graphics and music are decent at least, very challenging since you die in one hit and no continues. Oh and you travel to different planets with landscapes based on places on Earth for no reason to save your friends. Least the space battles with the Millennium Falcon are cool. Yes, this is THAT Star Wars game where Darth Vader turns into different animals when you fight him. Scorpion Vader still sounds like something from Super Sentai.

STAR WARS ARCADE (32x): Oh lord, the good about this is that it’s a very solid space flight sim, taking the basics of the pc Tie Fighter/X-Wing series. The graphics and music are ok, least the TIE’s and your X-Wing look like they’re supposed to. The 32x port has the original arcade and a 32x mode that’s harder, and you can play two players: one person as pilot and the other shoots. You go through a number of stages on your way to blast the first and then the second Death Stars through waves of TIEs. The voice acting of Darth Vader and Admiral Ackbar are atrocious.

STAR WARS EPISODE 1 RACER (PC/STEAM): I had this years ago on PC and played the hell outta it and was glad I found this on Steam. I wish I had the n64 version sometimes though. This is a racing game of the famous pod racing scene in The Phantom Menace. Play as kid Anakin or any other driver, replace and upgrade your pod racer parts at Watto’s shop, race to earn cash! The graphics in this still hold up, during the races, they’re BEAUTIFUL!! Game is fast and doesn’t hit any lag or gets jumpy when you blow up or other racers are on the field. Play via controller (if you can get one to work), or keyboard/mouse. Like most Star Wars titles, this one still holds up for pc.

STAR WARS TRILOGY ARCADE: Released in 1998, this is one of the definitive Star Wars titles. The graphics and amazing and crisp John Williams soundtrack still holds up! You play through flying and first-person shooter stages during the Battle of Yavin IV, the battle of Hoth, and destroying the shield generator on Endor during the Battle of Endor from the original trilogy. Bonus stages include a lightsaber fight with Boba Fett and Darth Vader, leading to another space battle sage flying into and destroying the second Death Star. All the graphics, sound and controls on this are tight! I played this finally getting a supermodel3 emulator working and fiddling with the stats a lot. Most time splaying this via emulator the game won’t be at full space, or the graphics will glitch, and lightsabers won’t be the right colors. But it’s nothing distracting enough to turn you off from spending 20-30 minutes blasting TIEs and Stormtroopers. I’m also amused there’s a Wampa room during the Hoth stage based on a a deleted scene from Empire Strikes Back.


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