Hack Showcase: Deadpool: The NES Hack with a Mouth

deadpool (ninja gaiden 1 hack)-0

Hack Showcases and RPG Hack Showcases are a series where I show off various game and rpg hacks. I try to stick with hacks that improve gameplay or add quality of life features, completely or partially change the plot and characters, along with dialogue, graphical and sound improvements. I try to stick with games that have enough changes in the beginning to show off, and when I can, try to show parts later in titles. Some of these i may stream or play on my own.

Deadpool for the NES was released by Techmoon in October of 2019, and is available either by a rompatch or downloading the rom hack itself. Deadpool is a total and complete hack of Ninja Gaiden 1, and has elements from all 3 NG games. Everything was changed for Deadpool, even the cinema scenes! Techmoon put a lot of time and love into this and it’s worth playing even if you’re not a comic fan! The graphics are great and the remixed music is fabulous, even having 8-bit renditions of DMX “X Gonna Get Ya” and George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” This game is also not for kids considering foul language in the cinema scenes. Kinda wish there were little yellow dialogue boxes though. And Deadpool on a moped. There’s also 2 difficulty levels: mercy (easy mode) and merc (hard mode) for your choosing, and I think a boss rush mode when you finish the game and a music test option. What’s also great is the game will save where you left off, so just hit load game when you restart and you’ll be back where you left off! No save states needed! At the bottom of this post are a list of links to get this rom hack and Techmoon’s sites.

So the plot involves Deadpool getting beaten in a duel with DC’s Deathstroke, then being given the Infinity Gauntlet by a mysterious young woman. Trying to keep it safe he encounters a number of enemies, including some heroes and villains across the Marvel and DC universe. Still looking for Francis, Deadpool finds himself in a larger plot involving Death herself and Thanos. There’s more but don’t want to spoil the fun. 😉

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Willow Arcade Review


I remember seeing Willow in the movie theaters as a kid and loved it. It was a wonderful and charming fantasy movie with a likable cast, great action, and comedy. Capcom released 2 different Willow games in 1989. The arcade Willow is an action platformer title with some rpg elements with the stores. Willow released for the NES was a great action-rpg that took a lot from Zelda and titles before it. Willow was chosen by the holy baby Elora Danan to protect her. Setting off from his village and meets friends and enemies to battle the forces of the queen Bavmorda.

Arade Willow consists of 6 different stages depicting parts of the movie. You start the game as Willow himself. Willow jumps across obstacles and throwing his magic acorns to defeat enemies, mini-bosses and stage bosses. Some stages let you use the knight Madmartigan who plays more of a melee fighter considering he has a sword. The stages include: Crossroads, Cherlindrea’s Forest, Fin Raziel’s Island, Sorsha’s Camp, Tir Asleen Castle, and Nockmaar Castle. Some stages you’ll switch between using Willow or Madmartigan for the stage, with Stage 5 letting you choose one of the 2, and Stage 6 starts with Madmartigan and ends with Willow taking on the mad queen Bavmorda in one of the toughest final boss fights I ever experienced.

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Star Wars Day & Mini-Reviews 2020


May 4th is Star Wars Day, with the familiar motto “May the 4th Be With You. Being a big Star Wars fan, i wanted to do something special this year so I turned to streaming. I went through what I had for emulators and found various Star Wars titles, and also took advantage of a Steam sale for some older titles I hadn’t played in years! Then I went for something different, I got the Sega supermodel3 emulator and fuddled around to get Star Wars Trilogy Arcade working! And it did!! It doesn’t run at full speed and there’s graphical glitches, but it’s very much playable, even the 2 bonus lightsaber levels.

Unfortunately due to trying to get the Star Wars games from Steam to work right in a windowed view for streaming purposes and other issues, some which stemming from the fact that SW games on Steam are quite hard to get to stream, I couldn’t do all the ones I wanted for a Star Wars games night Which left only Dark Forces and Episode 1 Racer, which is ok cause they were 2 favorites of mine. I think streaming them from gog.com purchases is supposed to be less a hassle. It sucks cause I really wanted to do Tie Fighter. I’m gonna revisit some more Star Wars content for that week being the SNES Super SW trilogy, Lego Star Wars Complete Saga, and Episode 1 Racer. I also want to do a Star Wars post regarding the various SW merchandise I own sometime.

I played 12 different games, ranging from arcade, Atari 2600, 32x, Steam Dos classics, SNES, and Famicom ending the night with Star Wars Trilogy Arcade!

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