Final Fantasy 3/6 Hacks Part 2: A Complete Hack & Brave New World

So I ended up diving into for FF3 mods, and tried out a couple other ones which I found enjoyable and a challenge. Let’s proceed with a mini-review of them, shall we?


A Complete Hack is just that, a complete rebuild of FF6. The plot is the same, but it’s been turned into a parody, with a lot of funny moments and characters, even npcs. All of the heroes were changed, with new names, sprites, and portraits. Default names are by what their class are. Gear and other equipment has been modified, some new stuff added, and better balanced then was in the vanilla game. The plot follows the vanilla game, but becomes more of a comedy quite quickly, which may not be for everyone. Some bad language is sprinkled throughout the dialogue too. Some fights are harder than the original game, even some bosses! Included with the patch is a harder mode if you so wish. Learning magic is different; the Espers act as summoned monsters like from other FF titles such as FF4. Learning magic comes from various gear and relics. I recommend this hack for something different and quite amusing at times!

You can get A Complete Hack here: ver 2.0.1 May 23 2019.

On the other hand, Brave New World keeps the plot and characters, and overhauls everything else. The dialogue and plot is cleaner. Magic is still learned from Espers, but not everyone can use all of them as in the vanilla title. So you’ll have a hero who can only use white and support magic, and someone who can only use white and black spells. Leveling up stat bonuses are now different and each hero has certain stats that can be boosted depending on how you want to build them up. This hack is hard! You’re gonna have to un-learn things you would have done in the vanilla title to survive here, such as having Locke attempt to steal from everything that moves. Status ailments such as slow, muddle and poison are useful here and the key to tackling many bosses now. Equipment has been re-balanced and dead weight items removed. The optimize option when equipping is gone, so you can manually equip your heroes with gear and relics based on your likes, not just raw power. Relics also now give stat boosts when equipped! I definitely recommend giving this a try, and reading the readme file that comes with the patch to learn how this mod works.

You can get Brave New World here: ver 2.0 January 1 2020.

So I also did a showcase of A Complete Hack and Brave New World on twitch one night to show parts of the game up to Kefka attacking Figaro Castle. With Brave New World I went farther up to South Figaro to show the different way that gear is equipped. Check it out here:

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