Upcoming Stream Content: RetroRevisited, Relearning Mega Man, and Final Fantasy


So I’ve mentioned before and done a couple blog posts regarding them, RetroRevisited and Relearning Mega Man are 2 series I’m doing on stream on Twitch, and uploading to youtube later. Both these series I’ll do new editions of monthly. Unlike Arcade MAME Mondays and FF4 Fridays these series will be monthly.

RetroRevisited is me replaying series of games I haven’t played in 20 something years. The current list includes:
TMNT 1-4 -nes/snes -TMNT1 going till 1st continue, TMNT 2 and 3 using Konami Code for extra lives so stream isn’t short.
SMB 1-3, World -nes/snesplaying normally
Castlevania 1, 3, 4 -nes/snesNo Castlevania 2 since it’s an adventure title and I barely played in to begin with.
Ninja Gaiden 1-3 -nesplaying normally
Sonic 1-3 -genesisplaying normally
Donkey Kong Country 1-2 -snes –finish first world
Super Star Wars trilogy -snes –possibly use extra life codes like i did with Contra/Super C due to difficulty to prevent short stream.

Contra/Super C, MUSHA/Task Force Harrier EX/Silpheed, and Tecmo Super Bowl are done and I need to do blog posts on them eventually. Pretty much my rules are going through one set of lives till first game over/continue. Some games I’m doing additional things for. I might add DKC3 for the DKC 1-2 run later and Sonic & Knuckles to the Sonic run too. Some streams may be two parts if I have really good runs, which I’m partially expecting when muscle memory kicks in for some titles. Even though I did runs on my own a few months ago for Castlevania 1 and Ninja Gaiden 1, I’ll do them again and hope for the best once more. I’ll soon put up a poll on Twitter for which games should be next for this series.


Relearning Mega Man:
I’ve always been a big fan of the Mega Man titles from growing up. I still have my Mega Man 1-4 carts now, MM2-4 being complete, MM1 being cart and manual only. So I had gotten out of practice on a lot of them over the years so I came up with this as a reason to replay, relearn, and finish them. I’ll be doing classic Mega Man 1-7. 1-6 being the NES titles, 7 being for the SNES. I might pop in Mega Man Reloaded for the psp in there as a bonus, this being the psp remake of MM1 with the additional Robot Masters Time Man and Oil Man.

The plan with the series is at least 2 streams for each game, some cases may be 3. First stream being the Robot Masters and learning my way through Wily’s Castle, or whoever may belong to the first Castle. Next stream(s) restarting from the Castle by password and fighting our way to the end. Also depends on how late I start and if i feel like keep pushing to the end. I’m aiming for Mega Man 3 being 1 stream seeing I know that game the best between the Robot masters, Doc Robots, and Wily, and I’ll be playing the Improvement hack of MM3. Hopefully I won’t screw up as bad as i did playing the Roll-Chan 3 version with Improvement hack. lol

So far, we have Mega Man 1 done, March will be Mega Man 2 at some point:


Final Fantasy:
So I plan to get back to my SquareEnix/Final Fantasy roots on stream soon once I knock off some other content first (as of this writing), including doing another FF6 Worlds Collide seed. This will include: FF1-3, FF4 Ultima, FF6 Woosley Uncensored, FF7 Crisis Core, along with Chrono Trigger, and FF Adventure, Secret of Mana and Seiken 3, so 10 titles. Not doing FF5 since I recently finished the gba port, but may include it in the listing at a later date. I’m changing around FF4 Fridays to probably just FF4 Free Enterprise till I figure things out. FFF4 psp I still wanna do, but separate from the main FF wheel seeing I wanted to play the og game, Interlude, and After Years. I’ll be playing these alongside the FF6 Return of the Dark Sorcerer hack. Needing advice please.


If you enjoy reading any of my content and hearing of my nerdy adventures, feel free to share my posts on social media or leave me a comment. I would be forever grateful if you supported me via my Cash App or buy me a coffee via Ko-Fi. All donations are very welcomed and appreciated. I earn no income from this blog and this will help me continue in providing content and fulfilling my dreams.

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