Kirby Dream Land 1 & 2 Review!

So spur of the moment inspired by Hungrygoriya playing Kirby Super Star on her Meatstick Monday streaming series, I got inspired to finally play the first 2 Kirby games: Kirby Dream Land 1 and 2. Before this I had only played the NES title and Nightmare in Dreamland for gba, so I was excited to go back to Kirby’s roots!

Took 2 streams, but I finished both games! I finished Dream Land the first night and got more than halfway through Dream Land 2 before calling it a night. Rest of Dream Land 2 was a combination of failures and successes, but I made it in the wee morning hours, beating King Dedede a second time. I know Dream Land 2 has a hidden final boss upon collecting the Rainbow Drops, so I might go back to get some or all of them off-stream. Final percentage for Dream Land 2 was 78%. Review of games following videos.

So here’s the videos:

Kirby’s Dream Land 1 and 2 were released by Hal Laboratory in 1992 and 1995 and both games are platforming titles. The Kirby games are just plain fun! Not too hard and not too easy. Kirby floats, jumps and sucks his way to victory across many worlds to save Dream Land from King Dedede and his minions. It’s weird playing these early titles when my first Kirby games were the later ones, mainly Kirby’s Adventure on the NES, where some of the gameplay elements baked into the later titles aren’t a thing yet. Like inhaling enemies to gain abilities. The first two games you can suck enemies and their ammo to shoot back at them, its not until the second one that you can start gaining abilities from certain enemies. The second game also features Kirby’s animal friends who help you fly, swim and hop across various worlds. The first game has four worlds, culminating in a boss gauntlet of the previous 4 bosses before a frantic battle with King Dedede. Dream land 2 has 7 worlds of adventure and the game is feature din more of an adventure game format. Saving your progress as you go through each level in a world and adding to your completion percentage. A second good ending awaits after gaining all the Rainbow Drops and fighting the real final boss after another frantic fight with King Dedede.

Graphics and sound:
Graphics are large and easy to see in both games against the Game Boy’s grayscale. Dream Land 2 is beautiful when you put its Super Game Boy palette! Kirby, health items, and enemies are all easy to see in both games. The music is worth listening to, and you may find yourself whistling to some of it or finding mp3 files of them on your own later! I especially enjoy the boss themes, and the music fighting King Dedede in both games.

Play control:
Kirby is easy to control in both games. Even when Kirby is riding one of his animal friends and swimming, flying or hopping to victory in Dream Land 2 they’re easy to control. Trying to keep Kirby flying in air sometimes when he has an enemy in his mouth can be tough. Some of the bosses you need to keep maneuvering to be able to hit them with a learned ability, or to inhale their ammo to do damage to them.

The Kirby games aren’t that hard and they’re not so easy you’ll blow right through them either. Some of the boss fights can be tricky and will require patience waiting for the boss to release its ammo that you can inhale and shoot back at it to damage it. Getting one of your animal friends in Dream Land 2 require beating a mini-boss, which can be tricky, and you’ll have to fight all these mini-bosses again on your way to King Dedede. Dream Land 1 you have a boss gauntlet of the 4 bosses before king Dedede, but thankfully if you lose at Dedede you don’t have to fight the 4 of them again. Both titles have unlimited continues, so you can keep trying. Dream Land 2 saves your progress after each level along with unlimited continues, so you can pick up where you left off between long car trips even.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Kirbys for both games!!



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