My Final Fantasy 6 Collection (Updated 6/24/2020)


So I’ve mentioned before i love the Final Fantasy titles, 6 is actually my favorite. My top 4 being 6, 9, 4, and 7. I really got into 6 at a teen with friends. The storylines, the heroes, the villain Kefka being one of the few to actually succeed in destroying the world and so on. Offhand only faults I have are that the game can be linear at a couple points and very open ended at another, and how every party member can learn all of the same magic from Espers. You can logically keep spamming the powerful Ulitma spells to bulldoze through the later half of the quest. And Gau still sucks like Edward in FF4.

I still ship Locke x and Celes forever. ❤

So over the years I’ve been trying to build a FF6 collection. I’m still working on the games themselves, mainly the snes FF3, and the US and Japanese gba FF6 Advance ports. Aside from those 3, I’ve built a nice little set of any supplemental guides and such. Feel free to click on the photos to enlarge the FF6 goodness.

The above are all four versions of FF3/6: the US FF3 for the SNES, FF6 for the Japanese SFC, FF6 Advance for the GBA, and FF6 for the Japanese GBA. All four of them are complete with carts, manuals and anything else. The four are in game protector boxes for better storage too. The game guides are really cool! They came in a set of 3, each displaying different information on the game: the weapons and armor, the timeline and story itself, the heroes and other characters, and works as a hint book too. The artwork is beautiful! I highly recommend trying to find the 3 of them either on ebay or a Japanese auction site. I may do a video sometime showing off all of these in more detail.

This is the remastered Japanese FF6 ost. Its a remastering of the original 3 disc set with improved music quality and added tracks.

The above photos are of the 4 versions of FF3/6 carts with everything included: cart, box, manual, maps, etc. Very cool! The chibi illustrations in the Japanese manuals are cute!

The first 2 of the above photos are the Final Fantasy Anthology guide and the old Nintendo Power FF3 guide. FF Anthology being the psx ports of FF5 and FF6. I’ve had the Nintendo Power FF3 guide for years, and it shows just by the one photo. lol Both guides have a wealth of information and maps. I do kinda like how one guide can have some different information then the other.

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