Kirby Dream Land 1 & 2 Review!

So spur of the moment inspired by Hungrygoriya playing Kirby Super Star on her Meatstick Monday streaming series, I got inspired to finally play the first 2 Kirby games: Kirby Dream Land 1 and 2. Before this I had only played the NES title and Nightmare in Dreamland for gba, so I was excited to go back to Kirby’s roots!

Took 2 streams, but I finished both games! I finished Dream Land the first night and got more than halfway through Dream Land 2 before calling it a night. Rest of Dream Land 2 was a combination of failures and successes, but I made it in the wee morning hours, beating King Dedede a second time. I know Dream Land 2 has a hidden final boss upon collecting the Rainbow Drops, so I might go back to get some or all of them off-stream. Final percentage for Dream Land 2 was 78%. Review of games following videos.

So here’s the videos:

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My Final Fantasy 6 Collection (Updated 6/24/2020)


So I’ve mentioned before i love the Final Fantasy titles, 6 is actually my favorite. My top 4 being 6, 9, 4, and 7. I really got into 6 at a teen with friends. The storylines, the heroes, the villain Kefka being one of the few to actually succeed in destroying the world and so on. Offhand only faults I have are that the game can be linear at a couple points and very open ended at another, and how every party member can learn all of the same magic from Espers. You can logically keep spamming the powerful Ulitma spells to bulldoze through the later half of the quest. And Gau still sucks like Edward in FF4.

I still ship Locke x and Celes forever. ❤

So over the years I’ve been trying to build a FF6 collection. I’m still working on the games themselves, mainly the snes FF3, and the US and Japanese gba FF6 Advance ports. Aside from those 3, I’ve built a nice little set of any supplemental guides and such. Feel free to click on the photos to enlarge the FF6 goodness.

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