Happy New Year 2020!!


So 2020 was when I really got back to gaming. I’m finishing 2019 with 16 new games under my belt, most recent being Y’s 2 Chronicles on mobile. I’ve upgraded and revised my own collecting goals, and my setups too. Also learning more to record gameplay on my emulators and learning streaming!

So, here’s the list of games I knocked off:
wizards & warriors
river city ransom
wizards & warriors 3
robin hood prince of thieves
final fantasy mystic quest
soul blazer
Y’s 1 & 2 Chronicles (finished 1 and 2 separately)
Y’s 3
Y’s 4
vice project doom
mega man 2
xak: art of visual stage
zelda: link’s awakening
ff5 gba


Really hoping to do more content here and recording videos now that i brought my youtube back to life. Along with beating my own lacks of time and mental blocks to turn on my consoles.


Want to thank all my friends in the retrogaming community for the support, game help, and everything in-between!



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    • its very good! cleaned up script from the previous versions. if you played any of the other ff advance games its the same thing, along with the bonus dungeon.


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