Final Fantasy 5 gba done (some ending spoilers)


So the other day I got around to finishing the main story of Final Fantasy 5 Advance for gba. I forgot i had this sitting around, mostly cause i use a different emulator than the John emulators for it thanks to a quirk where the games don’t properly save. When I moved my games and the .sav files over a few months ago to restart them and remake the save states i couldn’t with FF5. *sad face* But it’s ok!

So I did 2 runs fighting the final boss, the evil tree Exdeath: One of my main run and watching the ending and setting up for the sealed temple bonus content, and one where i would see how fast i could murder Exdeath with my party. My main run took longer thanks to a few deaths and took some time to steal a 2nd Ragnarok sword. For the record I did win, all 4 party members lived and best ending.

So here’s a video, remade from the first video I made when I was dipping my toe into doing these of my fast Exdeath fight, under 6 minutes not counting when he turns into Neo Exdeath and the dissolving sequence at the end. Krile is set as a mime, other 3 party members are freelancers, duel weapons with their innate abilities. Only Bartz has the gil throwing ability. For the record I do have Bards mastered and all the songs but 1, so this isn’t a showcase how Bards can be built as stone cold killers. XD

And now this..

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