Signed Comics

So I’ve mentioned before i attend a few comic and anime shows a year, still trying to get to retro and gaming shows too. New York Comic Con, as much of a hassle and exhausting as it is, is my big one yearly since around its first year. A few years ago i decided to get a few comics signed, and then i got the comic signing bug. So attending shows i take a look at guest lists and see what i have to get signed, some free, some cost.

I’m more then happy to attend shows and not buy much, save for food, and get a few books signed and pay for others depending on the guest. I have a large collection from over the years, mostly being Dan Slott’s Spider-Man run. All of them are shared on my facebook, I do have a dump of them all on my Google photos, Ill share the link at the end of this post. But I wanted to share a number of them here today.


Here’s the link to these and a lot more including some Funko Pops and a print:


(I’m really more surprised at myself for not mentioning these or doing a blog post on my signed books until now. Whoops.)


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