My Sad Time With FF8


I’ve always loved the FF games starting with the first. My fav titles are 4, 6, 7, and 9. FF1 and Dragon Warrior 1 were my first rpgs! I even found some enjoyment in the 2 unreleased in the US titles 2 and 3. I’m planning to return to 2 via Dawn of Souls sometime, and 3…who knows. Have I finished a lot of them? Well no, I think last one was 6. I do have 10, 10-2, and 12 on PS2. Aside from the online 11 the only PS era FF I’m missing is 8, and i do have tactics through its a Greatest Hits re-release (all others black label). Now with the PS3 I can see what the love-hate relationship with the 13 trilogy is all about.

8 is the only one I’m missing from the PS era, along with a guide, and the guide for FF Anthology…which I’m not sure how I missed that one. 8…I never really got along with. I’m planning a post on my history with the FF titles, but with last week’s 8 Remastered and 7 Remake in a few months, I figure Id share why i never got into 8, and if i should revisit it once I own a new copy and/or PS3 PSN download.

So this FF is different when it comes to upgrading weapons and magic. Weapons are upgraded through found parts, magic drawn from enemies. Both I found interesting, but drawing magic to restock it was getting to be a real drag, especially if i missed something. That and it was suggested always using Guardian Forces/Summons to build them up. Fun in concept but started dragging on. I didnt have a guide and this was 20ish years ago in the early days of gamefaqs too. When I got a hold of a guide from a now ex-friend (I think the same one who gifted my the ps2 and games) I looked up to see where i way. Turned out I was near the end of the first disc, didnt know about the weapon upgrading and missed a lot.

So in my younger years i ragequit and didn’t look back. Somehow lost or borrowed into the either my old copy of FF8. This was before or around i got the collecting bug and i hadnt really decided to keep up yet on getting all the PS era FF’s, though i did have most them save for 8 and Tactics. I think this was before X-2 and online 11 and the last PS2 era game 12 was released. I do know 8’s story but never quite got into the heroes as I have with other titles. More of this I’ll mention in a later blog post on my history with the FF series.

So even though I dont have a PS4, and I could get 8 through PSN with my PS3, should I give this another shot? Or least get the remaster? Especially when I get a new physical copy.ff8whatever

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