My Sad Time With FF8


I’ve always loved the FF games starting with the first. My fav titles are 4, 6, 7, and 9. FF1 and Dragon Warrior 1 were my first rpgs! I even found some enjoyment in the 2 unreleased in the US titles 2 and 3. I’m planning to return to 2 via Dawn of Souls sometime, and 3…who knows. Have I finished a lot of them? Well no, I think last one was 6. I do have 10, 10-2, and 12 on PS2. Aside from the online 11 the only PS era FF I’m missing is 8, and i do have tactics through its a Greatest Hits re-release (all others black label). Now with the PS3 I can see what the love-hate relationship with the 13 trilogy is all about.

8 is the only one I’m missing from the PS era, along with a guide, and the guide for FF Anthology…which I’m not sure how I missed that one. 8…I never really got along with. I’m planning a post on my history with the FF titles, but with last week’s 8 Remastered and 7 Remake in a few months, I figure Id share why i never got into 8, and if i should revisit it once I own a new copy and/or PS3 PSN download.

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9/9/99 Dreamcast Day!

(I know I got this up a day late, I had some snafus getting my switch box for systems going and other matters.)20190909_085058

Happy Dreamcast Day! On this day 20 years ago Sega’s last console was released, the Dreamcast. It was a console ahead of its time released at a time when others were more powerful. There’s many reasons why the DC failed eventually, but we’re here to celebrate this wonderful little machine with the loud disc loading sounds.

How I got mine:
2002 I was a member of a large gaming and retro forum and i joined in on a game of online Survivor back when the show was big. After one the first challenges a teammate won a Dreamcast lot and gave it to me since i didn’t have a DC yet.

After receiving it and the lot of games with it, i loved it. Sold off a few of the games to get something else and started building a small library for it. I later learned of how the different models and serial codes depend on what you can do with it. I excitedly looked up the code on my machine and was happy to learn it was a first gen Dreamcast. So I could play burns and imports without a boot disc. I had always been a gamer before i picked up games for my previous systems on and off then. But getting the Dreamcast was when I started considering myself a gamer and a collector as well.

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